Twinkie Cake

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Twinkie cake is a cake containing cream filling inside it and is popular in the United States. The outer crust is a soft sponge cake incorporating flavors of vanilla, pineapple, etc. The cake can also be made in sandwich layers with the cream being one of the layers. There is no standard Twinkie cake recipe and variations exist in plenty. Sometimes the cake can also be made to resemble attractive special occasion cakes such as wedding and birthday cakes. Popular Twinkie cake recipe variations include:
Grandpas Twinkie Cake, Hostess Twinkie Cake, Deep-fried Twinkie and Twinkie Pudding Cake.


History of Twinkie cake

Twinkie cake was created by a baker called James A. Dewar who worked with Continental Bakeries presently known as Hostess in 1930. It so happened that once most machines engaged in making strawberry shortcakes were lying idle due to shortage of strawberries. This urged James to come up with the idea of filling cake with banana cream which he named as Twinkie. Further, in due course of World War II, the supply of bananas became limited causing Hostess (bakery) to change over to vanilla cream, which prevails over till date.


Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation of Twinkie cake

The Twinkie cake recipe can be split into two parts - one being the making of the cake and the other being the making of the filling. As said earlier the cake which forms the outer crust is very soft and spongy made out of 16-ounce box golden pound cake mix, beaten egg whites and water. The filling comprises vegetable shortening, butter, powdered sugar, granulated white sugar, evaporated milk,vanilla and lemon extracts. The cake ingredients are beaten, made into a batter and baked to form the cake. The cake is allowed to cool, pierced in the middle to make holes to contain the filling. The filling ingredients are whisked together to form a smooth paste, added into a pastry bag and squeezed inside the hollows in the cake. This final step in the Twinkie cake recipe makes the cake ready to be served on a plate.



Serving and Eating Twinkie cake

Twinkie cake can be served immediately or stored in a container. While making in a commercial scale, the Twinkie cake recipe suggests the use of preservatives and certain chemicals.


Popular Twinkie cake Variations

Hostess Twinkie Cake is the basic twinkie cake recipe and here are two popular variations -Grandpas Twinkie Cake consists of Twinkies, pudding, fruit and Cool Whip in its layers with toppings of chopped pecans.
A deep-fried Twinkie is where the cake is frozen, dipped in batter and deep fried in oil.