Turkey Stew

Turkey stew, turkey breast tenderloin and vegetables gravy is a sumptuous side course. Sliced Turkey breasts, carrots, potatoes and onions, mushrooms, are stir fried till brown and then simmered in a mixture of chicken broth, red wine, thyme and pepper. Turkey stew is obtained by baking the recipe in the last stages till the constituent ingredients are tenderized. Turkey stew is a delicious accompaniment to many main course recipes.

Turkey Stew Blogs

Eggplant Stew With Rice

Eggplant Stew With Rice On : 05-Oct-2007 By : almostturkish

                            I'm still posting eggplant recipes, and I still have more, because eggplants and zucchinis are the main things we've been getting from farmers market...

Easy Tips To Poach Turkey

Easy Tips To Poach Turkey On : 22-Dec-2011 By : priyam

  Sliced turkey breast is the best form of turkey if poaching is the cooking method of choice. Turkey breast has tender meat that would become moist, juicy, and immensely satisfying to the palate. Poached food is by far one of the healthiest cooking...

Turkey Broth Health Benefits

Turkey Broth Health Benefits On : 16-Aug-2011 By : chockyfoodie

With flu season and holidays fast approaching, it’s high time to think about preparing a broth at home. A turkey carcass can serve as a healthy base for an invigorating broth. In fact many people are ignorant about the turkey broth health benefits. Turkey...

Top 12 Spices Of Turkey

Top 12 Spices Of Turkey On : 08-Dec-2011 By : FitGal

The Spices of Turkey are an eclectic mix of herbs and spices, which have been in use since ancient times. Be it a wild flower, a fruit, a bark of a tree or its leaves, the Turkish cuisine shows affinity for a variety of spices, which the Turkish cooks use...