Tuna Salad

Tuna Salad is a savory irresistible fish salad that is mostly eaten as a sandwich filling by Americans. Tuna Salad sandwiches are a fondly eaten lunch staple across the country. This variety of salads are not made dry, as they use mayonnaise based cream, which is most often used as a filling for bread, crackers, and vegetables. Tuna Salad is popular with the Japanese as sea chicken salad or tsuna sarada, the way it is locally known.


Ingredients and Preparation of Tuna Salad

The Tuna Salad is a creamy savory spread made with tuna, mayonnaise and eggs. Though the this salad can be made at home, interesting commercial varieties, such as the preserved, canned or precooked, are available in the meat or deli sections of grocery markets. The homemade version of tuna salad generally excludes egg, and uses dill salad cubes or relish instead. If used as Tuna Sandwich filling, the salad is made by blending mayonnaise with tuna. Low quality tuna salad has more amounts of mayonnaise whereas the high quality version has less mayonnaise and is chunkier in texture. One can also buy fresh handmade tuna salad from the delis. Tuna Salad recipes like Tuna Sandwich use the spread as a filling between layers of bread. Tuna Salad recipes are a craze with children and the younger age group who munch on Tuna Sandwiches for lunch, especially when out on a picnic. Fresh tomatoes stuffed with Tuna Salad are another lunchtime favorite of Americans. Though they do not typically belong to a party menu, tuna salad recipes also make up an enjoyable sumptuous meal.


Health Benefits of Tuna Salad

Tuna Salad recipes are replete with fish proteins which are beneficial for the health.

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