Tuberculosis Diet


Tuberculosis diet is the diet to be followed by patients suffering from tuberculosis, an infectious disease caused by mycobacterium which usually infects the lungs but may infect other parts like intestine or uterus as well. It is a common but serious ailment which may sometimes be fatal, and a balanced and nutrient rich diet is recommended for fighting the infection and regaining lost energy. A healthy diet should be followed during as well as after the treatment of this disease.


Diet for Tuberculosis Patients: Foods to Consume

·         Fruits like apples, melons, grapes, pears, oranges and pineapples should be eaten throughout the day, in gaps of five hours.

·         The patient should drink lots of water. Unsweetened lemon water can also be taken.

·         Calcium rich foods should be included in a tuberculosis diet. A good option is low fat milk, preferably fresh and non-boiled, whose quantity can slowly be increased in the diet depending upon how well the body digests it. Fat free or low fat yoghurt or lactose free milk are other options for people who do not want to consume milk.

·         Whole grains and fiber rich foods

·         Potassium rich Vegetables: Various types of vegetables should be included in the diet, and green leafy vegetables, legumes, starchy vegetables, etc. should be a part of it.

·         Protein rich foods like fish, beans, peas, seeds, nuts and lean meat.


Diet for Tuberculosis Patients: Foods to Avoid

·         Salt rich foods: Sodium content should be limited in the tuberculosis diet, preferably to a teaspoonful of salt in a day, and should be included in minimum quantities in meals.

·         Sugary and carbohydrate rich foods: Fruit juices should not include artificial sweeteners, and carbohydrates should be included in manageable amounts so as to not cause excessive weight gain. Most of the carbohydrate consumption should be from foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Desserts, puddings, etc. should be avoided.

·         Refined flour foods like white bread, cakes, pasta, white flour tortillas, etc.

·         Fatty foods: Fat consumption should be kept at about 20 to 30 percent of the daily diet. Fish, nuts and vegetable oils should contribute most part of the fat of a tuberculosis diet, and trans-fats should be avoided as much as possible. Trans-fats are most often present in packaged foods like chips which have to be kept fresh for a long time. Meats eaten should include low-fat meats like lean meat and poultry.

·         Coffee

·         Alcohol

·         Preserved and canned foods: These include pickles and condiments.




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