Trout Fillet

Trout Filet refers to a cut of the Trout fish which contains the flesh from the neck till the tail. In order to prepare a Trout Filet, The fish is laid on a wooden board and using a sharp knife, the flesh is removed from the tail onwards to the gills. The head is removed and the fish is cleaned with cold water. Small pin sized bones from the Trout Filet can be removed by making v-shaped incisions along the backbone area.

Trout Fillet Blogs

How To Fillet Trout?

How To Fillet Trout? On : 09-May-2011 By : Ecofoods

        Trout is a light flavored fish and is not a heinous task to learn how to fillet trout . The best and the most simple way to fillet a trout is using the right technique. There are two techniques to fillet trout:...

How To Fillet Rainbow Trout?

On : 22-May-2011 By : Ecofoods

Rainbow fish is one of the delicacy and you are going to be applauded only if you decide to learn how to fillet a rainbow trout and will not regret for the rest of your life! They are much like the salmon and are anadromous. Read further on how to fillet...

Trout Menu

Trout Menu On : 30-May-2011 By : Shivani99

Preparing a trout menu ? Trout are a toothsome addition to any meal. Known for their delicious and tender meat, the trout is easy to prepare as it is not a bony fish.  A quick tip for those working on this menu is to wash the trout before beginning the...

5 Reasons To Eat Trout For Breakfast

5 Reasons To Eat Trout For Breakfast On : 17-Apr-2012 By : delictika

  Several health practitioners agree that consuming a fatty fish like trout for breakfast can help improve and vitalize your body. It is filled with heart healthy fatty acids, lean protein, and several other nutrient benefits. If you still wish...