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Rice Phirni

Creamy rice based Indian dessert which is easy to make and liked by all. - 131.381

Kofta Curry

A delicious vegetarian version of kofta curry prepared with pumpkin. - 127.789

Jaggery Malpuas By Tarla Dalal

A classic recipe from a by-gone era that continues to rock the charts! Replace sugar with jaggery in your daily diet wherever possible to get enough iron. - 123.689

Chick Pea Tikkis (protein And Calcium Rich For Pregnancy) By Tarla Dalal

A traditional Indian snack made nutritious with the addition of protein and calcium-rich ingredients-chick peas and mint, which helps in the development of healthy teeth and bones of your baby. - 121.476

Rava Sheera By Tarla Dalal

A wonderful dessert that can be prepared in minutes. It does not require much advance preparation, and can be whipped up even at short notice. Rava sheera is traditional, yet modern in its simplicity, making it a sheer delight. - 121.438

How To Make A Red Masala Paste

My mommy's not so secret recipe, a blend of red chillies, cumin, pepper, turmeric, ginger and garlic simply ground together with salt and oil. A great staple to keep on hand to marinate fish or meat or use as the base of a delicious curry. - 118.841

How To Make Peanut Chikki (peanut Brittle) - Makar Sakranti Special-indian Sweets

Learn how to make Peanut chikki at home which is a popular Indian snack during winter months and specially during Makar Sakranti. It is also known as Sing chikki, Gachak or moongfali Chikki (Mumfali Chikki), homemade Peanut bar or sengdana chikki, Chikki is... - 118.607

Traditional Potato Halwa

This rather uncommon but authentic and traditional halwa is commonly prepared by south Indian Hindus during fasts and for puja’s. This is a really simple recipe, using ordinary boiled potatoes. You can substitute them with sweet potatoes if you like. This... - 118.299

How To Make Dal Makhani In Slow Cooker-indian Lentils Curry

One of the best dishes that I love preparing in my slow cooker is Dal Makhani. I cook Lentils in bulk and then fry them as required. Dal Makhani is a popular Indian Lentils Curry with lots of flavour from Garlic, Tomatoes and Toasted cumin and coriander... - 117.812

Traditional Kaju Katli

if you thought making the traditional kaju katli was difficult, then this recipe is for you. Chef Bhavna shows this recipe step by step and so patiently. Kaju katli is a very famous and tasty Indian sweet. Indians normally make it during festivals. Before... - 117.221

Traditional Gobi Paratha

Finally, we have a healthier verison of the Gobi Paratha. It might seem a bit difficult, but it is not. It is also very tasty. Anyway, if you haven't tried this yet, then you are in luck. You can now watch and learn from this video from Manjula's Kitchen.... - 115.42

How To Make Til Chikki- Sesame Brittle (makar Sakranti Special)

Til Chikki or gachak is a Sesame Seeds Brittle (Sesame Seeds Candy) made using jaggery, coconut, dry fruit of choice and Sesame Seeds. It is a popular Indian Sweet enjoyed during winter months especially during festival of Lohri and Makar Sakranti. This... - 115.259

How To Make Dosas At Home

I really enjoy South Indian food and sometimes make Dosa's at home. They are so yum..a bit of work to make batter from scratch but so worth it. Next time, you have some time on your hands on the weekend perhaps, try this tasty Indian Savory crepe in the... - 115.141

Famous Gujarati Instant Snack - Khaman Dhokla

Khaman Dhokla is a Gujarati fast food made with a fermented batter of chickpeas. - 114.74

Til Ladoo (sankrati Special)

Traditional sweet prepared with sesame seeds! - 113.63

How To Make Til Ladoo - Indian Sweets (lohri Special)

Til Ladoo (Sesame Seeds Candy) is a popular Indian Sweet enjoyed during winter months especially during festival of Lohri and Makar Sakranti. This Nutritious sweet is great as a gift, good for sharing with company and to ward off chills and cold during... - 111.094

Puran Poli (holi Snacks) - Indian Flatbread Stuffed With Lentils And Coconut

Indian flatbread stuffed with lentils, sugar and coconut is called Puran Poli. It's really tasty and can be enjoyed anytime during the day. In India, it is specially made during the Holi season. In this video I am collaborating with my friend sruthi from... - 110.979

How To Make Dosa- Idli Batter At Home- Fermented (healthy) Food Ideas

Learn how to prepare Dosa and Idli Batter at home. All you need for the batter is Rice (any kind is fine...don't be stereotypical and go for idli rice only.), Urad Dhal, Fenugreek seeds and salt. The ratio for rice: urad Dhal for the batter is 4:1 Process is... - 110.727

Traditional Cucumber Raita

If you're looking for the perfect recipe of Traditional Cucumber Raita, then look no further. The Chef explains how to make Cucumber Raita in the video. You can always add other vegetables to the yogurt besides cucumber. So, surely check out the video. - 107.287

Khandeshi Dal By Tarla Dalal

Organize an outdoor lunch-dish up hot bajra rotis and serve with khandeshi dal-they make an amazing pair. Moong, masoor, toovar and urad dals are cooked with a spicy paste made of onions, dry coconut, chillies, pepper and more. A fiery tadka adds deeper... - 103.09

Besan Doodh (traditional Punjabi Drink) / Indian Drink

Learn how to make this traditional Punjabi drink which is excellent for cold winter months as well as during pregnancy. It is a well known desi cure for Sore throat. It is really simple to make this drink by adding chickpea flour in ghee, roasting it and then... - 99.985

Doodhi Halwa By Tarla Dalal

A traditional mithai that everybody has a reason to like—some for the taste, some for the goodness of doodhi and milk, and some for the warm feeling it instils on a rainy day! i know some busy-bees who would stop over at a sweetmeat stall, have a cup of... - 99.0913

Instant Lemon Pickle Vs Traditional Lime/lemon Pickle-limbu Achar

Are you craving for some pickle? Then do try this lemon pickle. Chef Bhavna shows this simple recipe of making lemon pickle. It is a great combination of hot, sour and sweet. You can enjoy it with your meals. Don't forget to watch the video. - 98.9143

Nimbu Achar (lemon Pickle) - Traditional And Sweet

If you're in the mood of making some Indian pickles, then you must try this lemon pickle. Chef Bhavna shows the traditional way of making lemon pickle and you can store it the whole year at room temperature. Watch the video for the detailed recipe. - 97.3594

Jalebi - Instant Vs Traditional

MAKING To make regular traditional batter : 1. In a bowl mix 1 cup maida, 1 tablespoon cornstarch and 1 pinch turmeric powder and mix with yogurt. 2. Add water and mix to get a lump free batter. 3. Cover and allow it to ferment for 2 -24 hours. 4. Add the... - 93.1828

Pudina Chutney (mint Chutney) By Tarla Dalal

This pungent accompaniment will surely tease your taste-buds. - 90.5111

Traditional Pulissery

Most homes in Kerala make Pulissery on festive occasions, for large meals, for auspicious occasions and a lot during the hot summer months. There are many versions of this traditional curry but this one is the basic recipe using sour curd and grated... - 81.2059

Mom’s Creamy Kaju Chicken Curry

A classic creamy and rich chicken dish. This dish is rich in terms of taste, feel and texture and definitely a dish which will be savored by food lovers. - 48.344

Grandma's Traditional Chicken Soup

Place the chicken or chicken carcass into a large stockpot. Fill with water to cover. Add the remaining stock ingredients and cook over very low heat for 8 to 10 hours. Strain the broth, discarding the vegetables but reserving the carcass. Place the broth... - 45.6362

Tangy Sweet Aam Panna For A Refreshing Relief

This is a classic beverage made during summers. It is sweet sour with a touch of spice. This recipe makes use of mint as well, so it gives a very refreshing feel. - 45.5146

Traditional Indian Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh has the merit of being a dish for royal families. It was originated from Mughal families who treated this dish as a specialty and gave much attention to its preparation. - 43.908

Traditional Curry Sauce

Place steel blade in work bowl. Add apple and onion pieces; process till coarsely chopped. Remove and set aside. Insert slicing disk; slice green pepper and celery. In 1 1/2-quart saucepan melt the butteror margarine; stir in the curry powder. Add the apple,... - 42.8033

Traditional Kanji Vadas

Wash and soak all dals in water for four to five hours. Drain and grind to a fine paste. Add rest of the ingredients for vadas. Heat oil in a frying pan. With wet hands take a teaspoonful dal mixture on one hand, flatten slightly and make a hole with a finger... - 42.6239

Bhang (traditional Indian Drink)

The most favourite drink of Holi (Indian festival). Bhang can also have an aphrodisiac effect. - 41.1765

Traditional Upma

Wash the chana dhaal, boil it until soft, drain and set aside. Heat the oil in a large frying pan until hot and fry the mustard seeds and curry leaves for a few seconds. Lower the heat and add the peanuts and cashew nuts, frying them quickly before adding the... - 40.4216

Bapaiji Imi Dhansakh Nidar ( Traditional Parsi Dal )

1. Clean the drumsticks, cut each into 3 to 4 pieces and boil in salted water. Drain and set aside. 2. Wash the dal and soak it in water for 15-20 minutes. 3. Wash and chop the spring onions, chillies, methi bhaji, brinjal, pumpkin and radish leaves. 4. Wash... - 38.7335

Aloo Paratha With Curd

Aloo paratha is a dish made of wheat dough stuffed with aloo mixture. The aloo mash can be prepared as per your taste, with the help of seasonings and spices of your choice. The recipe that I am sharing here is the common aloo paratha recipe, which would... - 36.7826

Prawn Delight

Curries are cooked all over the Indian Subcontinent with some variation. This is my take on the traditional North Indian Prawn curry. Addition of fenugreek leaves adds flavor and makes the dish unmistakably different yet delicious. Cream has added color,... - 36.0028

Traditional Tandoori Marinade

MAKING 1. Combine all dry ingredients. 2. Add the yogurt and lemon juice. 3. Mix thoroughly. SERVING 4. Use to coat the chicken or fish thoroughly and allow to marinate overnight in the refrigerator. - 34.9487

Cardamom Flavored Badami Rabdi

This is a nutty dish made with milk and almonds, flavored with cardamoms and sweetened with sugar. The dish is quite popular in Indian cuisine and is mostly relished with malpua or jalebi. - 34.9177

Filter Coffee Using Traditional Filter

Filter coffee is popular in Tamil Nadu and several homes prefer to make this instead of using the instant coffee powder. The latest business in Chennai is to supply strong filter coffee decoctions to people's home early in the morning, just like how regular... - 34.8273

Vegetable Biryani

This is one of the classic recipes usually prepared on special occasions. The dish is rich with a medley of vegetables, each having a good amount of nutrients. The recipe does contain ghee. So people with diabetes may need to eat in moderation. - 33.8629

Decadent Chicken Biryani

Simply melt in mouth chicken with this flavorful rice gives an amazingly refreshing biryani.The Secret is the liberal use of cashews and cream, to marinate the chicken. Liberal use of mint gives the refreshing taste. - 33.742


Gujia is a traditional sweet dish that is made in all North Indian household during festivals, it is an absolute must in Holi but is also prepared in other festivals. Its crispy on outside with a sweet and soft filling inside. - 33.7181

Traditional Sweet Puris

Mix semolina, flour, salt and sugar. Rub in ghee and add enough water to make a pliable dough. Knead well. Roll into a sausage and divide into thirty small portions. Roll out each portion into a puri and deep fry in a karai, in hot oil. - 33.5868

Fish Curry

This is my Mom's (and my Mom's Mom to be precise), fish curry recipe. Fish, typically Rohu or any other cat fish is shallow fried and simmered in mustard curry. To me this is divine and I have literally grown up eating this. If you like mustard sauce, you are... - 33.1106

Homemade Bhature

Chole bhature is a popular Indian dish available in almost all Indian eating outlets and also prepared during special occasions in the kitchen of many Indian households. Here I shall tell you how to prepare bhaturas, which you can enjoy with chole. - 32.7213

Peanuts Chicken Keema Matar

Keema matar is a classical dish which has been served from the Mughal period. A combination of soft peas with ground meat and spices, works really well. I have added peanuts for extra crunchiness. You can avoid it if you like. - 32.4421

Traditional Paalappam

Palappam or paalappam is a traditional dish from Kerala, made from a fermented batter of rice and coconut milk. Hence the name ‘paalappam’ – meaning milk bread. The paalapam is made in a special mold called the ‘appa kal’ or the ‘appa chatti’. - 32.3841

Traditional Valsad Masala Green

Grind all ingredients and store in an airtight glass jar. This will only stay for 2-3 days, and a little longer in the refrigerator. - 32.1754

Traditional Valsad Masala Dry

Pound all ingredients and store in an airtight glass jar. It can be kept for 5-6 days, and longer in the refrigerator. - 31.4727

Traditional Kofta Biryani

Kofta Biryani is a traditional preparation during Ramzan. It is a variation of the regular biryani, which is quite delicious. - 30.8255

Traditional Theepi Gavvalu (shakkar Para)

My son loves this snack, which my mom generally makes for most festivals. Because he loves them, she makes a batch once in a while for him to gorge on. Its not very difficult to make. - 30.3588

Light Chicken Tikka Masala

Succulent pieces of boneless chicken breast in rich spicy tomato gravy. Great dish to serve on celebrations. Vegetarians can replace chicken with low fat cottage cheese. - 29.2756

Delicious Tomato Puree Rasam

I learnt this recipe from my mom-in-law. She used to make this rasam in a jiffy and serve with plain rice and mutton fry. Its an absolutely out of this world combination. A must try... - 28.7891

Andarse Ki Goli

It is a sweet snack made of rice flour. Use of sesame seeds enhances the flavor. It is a great option for a rainy evening munch. - 28.7656

Chickpea-chicken Tikka Masala

Created for Green Valley Organics by Pam Anderson, who along with her daughters, blogs at She is AARP’s official food expert and a contributing columnist for Runner’s World magazine. She is former Executive Editor of Cook’s... - 28.229

Traditional Indian Kheer

Kheer is considered an auspicious dish in India. It has a great rich flavor and loved both by kids and adults. - 26.6714

Aate Ka Churma

This is a simple to prepare churma made with ghee, wheat and sugar as the only ingredients. The dish can be made flavorsome and a little nutty by adding almonds and cardamom seeds to it. However, here I have made a simple churma. - 26.287

Vrat Ke Aloo

It is a very commonly made dish during vrats, generally served with curd and/or kuttu poori. A great recipe, offering delicate taste and flavor, in spite of using only few ingredients. - 24.8822

Meethi Boondi

It is a traditional prasada preparation. I am not a sweet loving person, but I cant stop myself munching over boondi. - 23.8546

Arhar Dal

Its a classic everyday simple dal recipe. Served with roti, rice along with other side dishes. - 23.0567