Torte, pronounced “tohrt” and also known as torta, is a cake with a rich texture, most often multilayer and baked with breadcrumbs or ground nuts, sugar, egg yolk, hard beaten egg whites using minimal amount of flour. The torte recipes usually involve fillings which can be made of jams, mousses, buttercreams or similar such stuffs. Tortes traditionally belong to the European cuisine, but today they have become a popular part of the entire western palette. Torte can be of several types and one of the most common amongst them is the savory torte. Some of the most traditional European torte dishes are Gâteau Mercédès, Napoleon Torte, Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (or Black Forest cake), St. Honoré Cake and Sacher torte.


History of Torte Recipes

The delicacy torte has originated from Central Europe, while the word itself has been derived from a German word of the same pronunciation, which has but, a completely different meaning. It is also believed that the German word itself is a derived form of an Italian word “torta.” The word torta in Italian language is used to signify a round shaped bread or cake.


Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation of Torte Recipes

Torte is basically a dessert cake and while this cake can come in different forms and variations, the basic formula of making this dessert remains the same. So, basically the key ingredients of these baked items are sugar, eggs, nuts and flavorings. While some recipes out of these may use a little amount of flour, the rest may not use flour at all and depend on similar binding ingredients instead. These cakes are generally baked in springform pans or pans with detachable sides. The basic method of making torte is to mix the key ingredients to a smooth batter and bake it in a greased springform pan before spreading the filling or the flavored cream in each of the cake layer.


Serving and Eating Torte Recipes

Torte is mostly chilled after completion, which is then cut into pieces or wedges and served frozen. The most popular ways of serving these desserts are with berry sauce, simple or sweetened whipped cream topping, or ice cream topping. Often these baked desserts are served garnished with fruit slices, especially berries and citrus fruits. Another popular way of eating torte is with assorted crackers.


Popular Variations of Torte Recipes

While the sweet icing can be said to be the most common element in torte preparation, there are some exceptions to this. Some popular exceptions in this regard are the French tortes like Gâteau Alcazar and Gâteau Mercédès. When the cake has multiple layers, the layers are cemented one on top of the other with a thick icing. Besides, these desserts are always covered with icing on the top and at the sides. However, several European variations of torte do not have layers. The variations often also come in the ingredients as in the use of bread or cookie crumbs instead of some flour.


Health Facts of Torte Recipes

Even while many torte desserts may contain the goodness of fruits and nuts, on the whole, these cakes can be said to be extremely fatty because of the icing (which is mostly creamy), the toppings (commonly ice cream and whipped cream) and the ingredients like sugar, butter or cheese.


Torte: Trivia

In America, sometimes a wedding cake is called torte.

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