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Tomato pickle is an Andhra style pickle that is prepared by preserving tomatoes in tamarind and sesame oil. It is a tangy pickle that is particularly served as in South Indian cuisine especially in Andhra Pradesh. ... More »
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Green Tomato Pickle

Slice the tomatoes and onions thinly. Remove membranes and seeds from peppers. Cut the peppers into rings or strips. Sprinkle the salt over the vegetables in layers. Let stand overnight. Drain the vegetables, rinse thoroughly in cold water, drain well... - 46.5383

Green Tomato Pickle

Combine sliced green tomatoes and onions. Sprinkle with salt. Let mixture stand for 12 hours. Pour fresh water over mixture and drain. Heat vinegar to boiling point, and add green and red peppers, garlic, honey, dry mustard and ginger. Then add tomato-onion... - 45.6316

Hot Green Tomato Pickle

Wash and stem tomatoes. Peel onions. Slice tomatoes and onions thinly. Sprinkle salt over vegetables in layers. Let stand overnight. In the morning drain thoroughly. Tie whole spices, garlic, and dried red pepper in cheesecloth bag; add to vinegar along with... - 44.2385

Sweet Tomato Pickles

GETTING READY 1. Chop onions, tomatoes and peppers finely. 2. Mix them, cover with salt and allow them to stand overnight. 3. Drain the mixture. MAKING 4. Add to this mixture vinegar, spices and salt which have already been heated to boiling. 5. Cook it for... - 43.8677

Crystal Tomato Pickles

Cut tomatoes into 1/4 inch slices and put in bowl. Dissolve lime in 4 cups water and add to tomatoes. Stir. Let stand overnight in refrigerator. Next day, drain; rinse tomatoes in several changes of cold water; drain again. In kettle mix sugar, spices tied in... - 42.4282

Green Tomato Cucumber Pickles

Green Tomato Cucumber Pickles is one of the most well loved pickles at home. My husband takes it with almost everything and the speed at which a jar of Green Tomato Cucumber Pickles finishes makes us wonder if he is stealing some at odd hours too! Try this... - 42.161

Green Tomato Pickle

Wash vegetables well, chop skinned tomatoes into small pieces, break cauliflower into small flower-ettes. Peel and chop onions, place all vegetables into a large bowl, sprinkle with salt, cover with water, stand overnight. Drain, rinse well in cold water.... - 40.8907

Green Tomato Pickles

Wash and core tomatoes; slice 1/4 inch thick. Measure 16 cups. Mix tomatoes, onions, and pepper; set aside. In saucepan mix remaining ingredients; bring to boil. Pack vegetables into hot, clean pint jars; leave 1/2-inch headspace. Pour hot liquid over... - 40.5401

Green Tomato Pickles

Core tomatoes and slice 1/4 inch thick. Measure 16 cups. Combine tomatoes, onions, and green pepper; set aside. In saucepan combine remaining ingredients; bring to boil. Pack vegetables into hot, clean pint jars; leave 1/2-inch headspace. Pour hot liquid over... - 40.405

Green Tomato Bread And Butter Pickle

This Green Tomato Bread And Butter Pickle is a side dish. Enjoy this amazingly delicious Green Tomato Bread And Butter Pickle and share your feelings with us! - 40.1339

Spicy Green Tomato Pickle

Did you know Green Tomato Pickle can make a bland meal taste amazingly flavorful? Try this simple and easy-to-follow recipe for Green Tomato Pickle. A great way to pep up your meal and to impress your guests! - 39.8058

Green Tomato Pickles

Put tomatoes and onions into separate bowls; sprinkle tomatoes with 1/4 cup salt and onions with 2 tablespoons salt. Cover and let stand 12 hours. Drain vegetables thoroughly; discard liquid. Tie whole spices in a spice bag and put into a large kettle; add... - 38.8307

Green Tomato Pickles

Soak the tomatoes in 2 gallons water with lime for 24 hours. Drain and soak in clear water. Change water every hour, all during the day. Cover with clear water and soak overnight. Drain and soak again if necessary to be sure all the lime is removed. Combine... - 38.4203

Green Tomato Cocktail Pickles

Combine water and vinegar in large heavy kettle. Add tomatoes, sugar, salt, garlic and pickling spices tied in cheesecloth bag; bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Pack tomatoes loosely into hot quart jars. To each quart add 1 hot green... - 37.9231

Green Tomato Pickle

Arrange the vegetables, in layers, in a bowl, sprinkling each layer generously with the salt. Cover with water and set aside overnight. Drain and rinse under cold running water. Put 1 1/4 L / 2 pints of vinegar and the sugar into a saucepan and bring to the... - 37.3724

Whole Green Tomato Pickle

Peel your tomatoes. Let stand overnight in salt and water. Drain. In a large pot, bring vinegar, sugar and pickling spice to a boil. Add tomatoes; reduce heat; simmer until a fork will slip into the tomatoes easily. Remove tomatoes with a slotted spoon and... - 36.4823

Dill Green Tomato Pickles

Pack tomatoes into sterilized quart jars. To each jar, add 1 garlic clove, 1 celery stalk, and 4 quarters of green pepper. Mix remaining ingredients and boil for 5 minutes. Pour into filled jars and seal at once. This amount of liquid fills about 6 quarts. - 35.3888

Sweet Cucumber And Green Tomato Pickle

1. Arrange alternate layers of cucumbers, green tomatoes, onions and salt in a bowl. Let stand six to eight hours, or overnight. Drain. 2. Combine the remaining ingredients in a four-quart kettle and bring to a boil. Add the cucumbers, tomatoes and onions and... - 33.4958

Spicy Orillia Green Tomato Pickle

Combine the above ingredients and bring to boiling point. Add tomatoes and onions and simmar slowly uncovered for 30 minutes. Add 1/2 cup flour mixed with cold water and cook, stirring continually until thickened. Pour into sterilized jars and seal. - 33.465

Sweet Green Tomato Pickles

Chop or grind tomatoes and onions, and bring to boil in their own juices. Turn heat low, and simmer 30 minutes. Add remaining ingredients, and simmer, uncovered, until thick, stirring occasionally. Ladle into hot sterilized jars, and seal. Makes 8 pints. - 32.9492

Spanish Green Tomato Pickles

1 Use pear-shaped or round tomatoes. Wash, remove stem ends and blossom scars, and slice. Pack tomatoes and onions in alternate layers with salt sprinkled between layers. Let stand overnight. Drain. 2 Add green peppers, spices and sugar. Add vinegar almost to... - 32.7805

Prawns And Tomato Pickle

1. Wash and drain the prawns twice. Apply coarse salt, turmeric powder and set aside for an hour. Then place in a flat bottomed vessel and cook till soft in one and a half teacups of vinegar. Cook till prawns are tender. 2. Grind the spices finely with the... - 26.8161

Orillia Green Tomato Pickle

This green tomato pickle is prepared with tomatoes and onions. Prepared with salt and vinegar, the orillia green tomato pickle can be served as a side. - 25.0875

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