Tomato Cake

Tomato cake, a spongy nutty fruity flavorful baked food with fresh tomato pulp as the predominant ingredient, is a toothsome snack. The basic cake is a baked blend of tomato pulp, nuts dates, seedless raisins, nutmeg, all purpose flour, vegetable shortening, eggs, baking powder and baking soda. The tomato cake, frosted with cream cheese, is a delectable snack

Tomato Cake Blogs

A Cake Or Not A Cake?

A Cake Or Not A Cake? On : 14-Aug-2013 By : seasonal_foodie

Is it a sandwich? Is it a cake ? Well, it is both! Confused? Well, that is exactly what a smörgåstårta is. It is a confusing but yummy savory sandwich, prepared to resemble a cake , icing and all. This Swedish delicacy isn’t actually a new dish...

Easy Tomato Cupcake Ideas

Easy Tomato Cupcake Ideas On : 28-Dec-2011 By : festivalfoods

The tomato cupcake recipes explained in this write-up offers you a wonderful opportunity to try baking something novel. While one of these ideas calls for the inclusion of tomato soup, the second one is a delicious treat for the sweet tooth. Read the blog to...

How To Make And Use Tomato Powder

How To Make And Use Tomato Powder On : 08-Oct-2010 By : ifoodiee

In dire need of tomatoes for your new Bolognese sauce recipe and cant get your hands on these quintessential vegetables because they are out of season?  Now you know why you need to figure out how to make and use tomato powder. Trust me! This fairly...

What To Serve With Tomato Soup

What To Serve With Tomato Soup On : 30-Aug-2011 By : oatmeal

  Creamy and delicious, a hot cup of tomato soup is the perfect warm up for a cold winter day. Being a light soup, it is not filling on its own. So, what to serve with tomato soup       for a belly filling...