Tikka Masala Sauce Recipes

Tikka masala sauce is an essentially Indian condiment which is used for flovoring many non-vegetarian dishes like chicken or mutton tikkas. Tikka masala sauce adds a tangy yet spicy taste to the tikkas. Tikka masala ... More »
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Chicken Tikka Masala

Barry has a go at making chicken tikka masala, a curry with a mild kick. Missed the 'r' out of the virginkitchen on the caption for this video but never mind! - 113.925

Spicy Chicken Tikka Masala With Basmati Rice

Welcome to my new series, First Time Recipes. Today I try making Tika Masala. Let me know if you enjoy this episode and please forward me your recipes and ideas for the next show! - 102.252

Chicken Tikka Masala / Indian Curry

Learn how to make chicken tikka masala at home with Indian spices and other fresh ingredients. - 102.494

Sophie Michell Cooks Chicken Tikka Masala With Tefal Actifry

Chicken Tikka Masala is an Anglo-Indian invention and is one of the U.K’s favourite dishes. We all know that ordering takeaway food can be very bad for your waistline and pocket, so with this recipe you can really have a authentic, quick version at home,... - 42.8687

Basmati Rice With Low Fat Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken tikka masala with basmati rice is a delicious main course dish. The video here shows how to make it and that too by making it with low fat ingredients. Have a look at the video and treat your family and friends with this amazingly delicious low fat... - 121.921

Chicken Tikka Masala

Want to treat yourself with a delicious Chicken Tikka Masala? This video shows how to prepare authentic Indian chicken in spicy sauce. Made with chicken chunks and aromatic spices, this dish is now available worldwide and is regarded as one of the most... - 85.6996

Chicken Tikka Masala

This is an easy recipe for Chicken Tikka Masala / Murgh Tikka Masala / Murg Tikka Masala. Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices and then served in a tomato cream sauce. Chicken tikka masala stimulates the senses on even the most beer-hazed Friday night. - 112.834

Veal Tikka Masala

1. In a nonstick 12-inch skillet over medium-high heat, heat 2 tablespoons oil. Add 3 or 4 slices veal (whatever will fit without crowding the pan), cook 1 minute, turn and cook 1 minute longer. Transfer to a plate, arranging in a single layer, and repeat... - 27.7674

Indian Chicken Tikka

Indian Chicken Tikka / Murg Tikka is an authentic Punjabi starter and can be made into a main course gravy, called Chicken Tikka Masala. It goes well with Butter Garlic Naan.Try this out and you and your guests will love it. - 122.14

Chicken Tikka Masala & Bombay Potatoes

Chicken Tikka Masala & Bombay Potatoes Chicken Tikka Masala 600 g chicken, skin removed and diced ½ red onion or 2 shallots, finely sliced 6 cherry tomatoes, quartered 1 jar Patak’s Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce 1 tablespoon vegetable oil juice of ½... - 50.0132

Prawn Tikka Masala

1. In a bowl, mix together the tomato puree, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, ground coriander, cumin, chilli powder, oil and salt. Using your hand, stir the prawns into the spice mixture, then cover and set aside for about 30 minutes. 2. Place the prawns on a... - 35.7109

Chicken Tikka Masala

This is an easy recipe for Chicken Tikka Masala - Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices and then served in a tomato cream sauce. - 44.6406

Fish Tikka Masala

For all fish lovers out there, this recipe is highly recommend by me. A special treat for your taste buds. Baked or grilled fish chunks in a spicy and creamy masala sauce. I cooked fish tikka masala and it turned out the be utterly delicious. - 40.3346

Paneer Tikka Masala(as Bbq Snack Or With Gravy)

Are you looking for some famous Indian appetizers? If yes then you have to try this delicious recipe. In India we call it Paneer Tikka. This is an amazing appetizer and it's very famous in India. Don't forget to watch the video for this amazing recipe. - 95.5918

Chicken Tikka Masala

In the work bowl of a food processor fitted with the metal blade and the motor running, process the garlic, onion, and peppers until smooth by dropping them through the feed tube. Remove to a bowl. In the same work bowl, process the ginger, tomatoes, and... - 43.0935

Paneer Tikka Masala : Indian Vegetarian

Demonstrating how to make delicious Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese) Tikka Masala at home using simple Indian spices. You can cook your paneer for this dish in a grill, oven or on a pan/skillet. - 103.733

Dry Chicken Tikka Masala

Put a little bit of flavour into your dinner with this week's winner of the food fight, that's dry chicken tikka masala. This quick and easy recipe is a simple way to liven up the week. It's so rich and hearty, that it's delicious to eat and kind to your... - 108.847

Paneer Tikka Masala

GETTING READY 1. For marinate – in a large bowl, add in mustard oil and all the spices and salt. Whisk well, and add in the cottage cheese, stir well and set aside. MAKING 2. In a pan, heat mustard oil and place the marinated cottage cheese. Brown from... - 107.109

Classic Paneer Tikka Masala

The classic Paneer Tikka Masala is a typical dish that served on special occasions that call for pomp and pagentry. That is because the dish is pretty rich enough to suit the occasion. But you can make this dish when ever you want. Watch and learn how to make... - 119.664

Paneer Tikka Masala (revisited)

Marinated Paneer is pan fried and simmered in a creamy tomato gravy. YUMMM!!! - 135.097

Paneer Tikka Masala

Yummy Vegetarian version of Chicken Tikka Masala. This recipe used barbequed paneer chunks simmered in a Tikka Masala gravy and topped with green peppers and red onions. - 127.584

Aroma Palace's Chicken Tikka Masala

Melody Kettle visits Aroma Palace in Montclair, NJ. - 96.9588

Tofu Tikka Masala

Learn how to make Tofu Tikka Masala. - 103.32

Chicken Tikka Masala

A restaurant style dish where chicken is marinated in yogurt with spices and served in a rich creamy tomato sauce. - 126.199

Chicken Tikka Masala

Tikka Masala is a very popular Indian dish and we're not the only country claiming it's origin. Pakistan believes that they invented it and Britain proclaims that it is their National dish. While they fight it out, let's learn how to make it. This recipe... - 125.997

Paneer Tikka Masala - All Time Favorite

Paneer Tikka Masala is a delicious and most selling dish in the restaurants. Its a multi step process, but all efforts are worth of all final sense of satisfaction. - 132.74

Light Chicken Tikka Masala

Succulent pieces of boneless chicken breast in rich spicy tomato gravy. Great dish to serve on celebrations. Vegetarians can replace chicken with low fat cottage cheese. - 29.2756

Japanese Style Chicken Tikka Masala

This video will show you how to make Japanese Style Chicken Tikka Masala. Chicken Tikka Masala is the most popular dish in British restaurants. London 2012 Olympic is coming soon, so this is the perfect dish to entertain your family and friends during the... - 99.9253

Fish Tikkas

1. Cut fish into 2-inch pieces. 2. Mix all the masalas in the worchestershire sauce along with vinegar and lemon juice. 3. Marinate the fish pieces in the mixture for an hour. 4. Heat a gas tandoor, an electric tandoor or an oven. Put 3 to 4 pieces of fish on... - 33.1542

Methi Malai Tikka

A melt in the mouth starter of boneless chicken marinated in hung curds cheese and cream, flavored with fenugreek and grilled or barbecued. - 46.556

Meat Tikkas

1 Apply ginger, garlic, lime juice and salt to the meat cubes. You may also add 1 tbsp raw papaya juice to tenderise the meat. Let stand for a couple of hours. 2 Grill in an oven, or cook in a tandoor or barbecue the tikkas, skewered, till tender and golden.... - 33.316

Singapore Noodles With Tofu

1. Put the noodles in a bowl and pour over boiling water to cover. Leave for 4 mins, then drain and rinse under running cold water until cold. Drain well, then snip into short lengths with scissors. 2. Rinse the tofu in cold water, then cut into small chunks.... - 36.4144

3 Yummy Meatball Sliders

Steve cooks 3 tasty meatball sliders. 1.Barbecue 2.Tikka masala 3.Eggplant Parmesan - 122.087

Murgh Makhani

It is a dish made by marinating a chicken overnight in a yoghurt and spice mixture usually including garam masala, ginger, lemon or lime, pepper, coriander, cumin, turmeric, chilli, methi and garlic. It is in some ways similar to chicken tikka masala. The... - 59.6418

Creamy Egg Curry

1. Heat oil in a pan, then fry onions over a low heat for 10 mins until golden. Add the curry paste and sizzle for 2 mins, stirring. Add the tomatoes and 200ml water, season to taste, then bring to the boil. Simmer for 10 mins until you have a rich sauce. 2.... - 34.8914