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Life Is Good

It is important to realize that life is good and simple things are the most important ones. No amount of money will ever be able to buy health, true friends or love. Like the old saying goes "The best things in life are free!" Many people... -

A Gastronomic Quest - My Exodus To Ireland (part 2) "who Am I Anyway? Am I My Resume?"

I remember the first time I went to a live show, The Musical, “A Chorus Line”.  It was 1978, in New York.  I was 7-years-old and had not yet uttered a word in my life as of yet, (for personal traumatic reasons). They called it hyper muteness, if memory... -

A Gastronomic Quest - My Exodus To Ireland (part 1) "awakenings"

My story begins long before this account.. However, I’m going to bring you back to a time a place Twenty-One months ago, in a Sunny suburban town of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - The City of Sunrise.  It was Monday, the 24th of August 2009, on a rainy and... -

Foodie Seo: The 4 Parts Of Running A Successful Food Site

This is a broad overview of the most important factors to consider when it comes to running a food blog or website. Some of these topics will be covered in-depth in later entries, but if you see anything of particular interest, feel free to let me know in the... -

Freshly Picked Rhubarb From My Garden....

My son just walked in with fresh rhubarb from my organic garden, it is perfect for the picking. The tart, sweet taste of this wonderful nature's gift is so amazing at this time of year. Of course this means that I have to bake something to enjoy it at... -

Movie Night Caramel Corn

  Ben’s love of popcorn began when he was a toddler and we lived in San Francisco. We popped popcorn every Thursday night when his best friend Sebastian would come to play. It’s a tradition we continue even though... -

Odd Pairings

They say love is in the eye of the beholder and who are we to argue. A quick look around any restaurant and you’ll see an astonishing array of weird and marvelous couples proving that other old adage that opposites attract. So if people from such different... -

I'm Not Just Cheap, I'm Also Easy

At the Wine Portfolio studios we drink wine like water. In fact our water cooler is filled with Château Lafite Rothschild. I know what you’re thinking, typical spoiled media-types, but just to assure you the Lafite in our cooler is 1985 vintage or newer so... -

London To Become World's First Sustainable Fish City

London to become world’s first sustainable fish city – claims some news reports. It is believed that London has decided to place its bid to become the first sustainable fish city. The experts believe that London has planned this move in time to... -

Happy Birthday

Born at 16 days in July , at the best time 1:30 am, or dawn, just discovered this at age 16 , also known as the wee hours , my , their all Sao Paulo city that ... -

Jamie Oliver Shares His Views On Fighting Obesity

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Jamie Oliver Shares His Views On Fighting Obesity! Yes, he shared his thoughts on Ted Talks. America needs Jamie Oliver more now than ever before. It is a pity that his plea to work with the school cafeterias in... -

Indian Paratha Lands In Air

Catch the delicious fun in this  amazing paratha video…   This, perhaps, is the coolest things anyone would have ever seen,  the Indian Paratha Lands in Air.   This is basically a type of Indian... -


Used to buy (African slaves, also sold to North America to earn cash to buy grain of wood and the Caribbean farm 59] [In the long run, from the north American free area of export products, but also May 1860, the later. And as McCusker Menard and, for a very... -

South Africa World Cup

South Africa World Cup Like any country, South Africa also has its own cuisine, based on its menu red meat, in addition to exotic foods. A social event name braai, you can eat grilled meats, but they never are prepared by women. Men... -

My Test Blog

row 1, cell 1 row 1, cell 2 row 2, cell 1   (Thoughts) -

Hello World

Hello world. Found this place through Killer Startups , and I'm loving it so far! (Thoughts) -

The Journey Begins

Hola, my name is Erica, and I am a twenty-something Angelina who is passionate about two things: her Mexican Culture and the FOOD that comes along with it. Like most Latina's I spent  my early years in the kitchen with mi Abuela hanging on to her skirt... -

Pictures Of Indian Food Before And At My Wedding

I am getting married on november 3rd. The wedding will be held in my hometown of patna, India. It is exciting to see all family and friends beginning to get here from all over the world. My mom is a very good cook and we are going to have  almost a party... -

The Start Of Sweet Corn Season In Michigan

We had our first batch of Michigan sweet corn. It was great! You can see my preferred method of butter application too. This batch was cooked in water for about 10 minutes. Allowed to cool a bit and rolled on a stick of butter and lightly salted.... -

Mustard As Condiment For Fried Fish?

Hi There,   I am wondering about Mustard use as a condiment in fried fish .  Is this something that originated in the Soul Food Era, or is it something people have done all over the world for many years.    I am an army... -

Guest Blog - Keep The Dialogue Going

Keep the Dialogue Going By: Tracey Thibodeau Serebin   In all ages, across the board, the biggest gift that you can give your child is the gift of open communication.   By getting your child to dialogue about their... -

Refrigerator - Windows To Your Soul!

Isn’t it surprising that clues to a person and their  lifestyle can lie in mundane things like how their  refrigerator looks and what it contains . In his exploration of hunger, Mark Menjvars attempts to connect a person with his food... -

What Is Your Signature Dish?

          Everyone has a specialty recipe and what is yours – the dish you are known for? Well, mine is Choco-Vanilla Pie, and every time I bake it I can see a twinkle in Jeffs’ eyes. He just loves this – not only Jeff the... -

I Found Gold In My Refrigerator

Do you see it, its right in front of you. Just like real gold, it isn't always obvious. There it is sitting just to the right of Mary's disgusting cooked greens. It's left-over baked potatoes, just waiting to be turned into ... -

Popping Corn With Cell Phone Power

Popping corn with cell phones is a rather interesting video. It is actually a revelation that cell phones actually generates so much heat so as pop corn. Got me worried about what it can actually do to our health when we spent so many hours a day on the... -

Should Tipping In Restaurants Be Banned?

  Tipping restaurant waiters is something that many of us cannot avoid. You might be rewarding a waiter for his/her good service, you might be being simply courteous, or you might be trying to convey your social status and give the tip as a... -

Revelers Spooked By Ghost

  A party in Crotia was disrupted when a Ghost showed up on the scene. I couldn't believe the story, but the picture leaves little to the imagination. See for yourself. It appears ghosts love booz party as the regular folks are not gonna trust the... -

Bus Shelters May Leave You Embarrassed!

So, when in Amsterdam, be sure to watch your weight, coz, it may so happen that you walk into some bus shelter to catch your route-bus and have to walk off embarrassed! Yes, these days the bus shelters in Amsterdam comes with weight... -

Drying Papad On A Car Roof

Papad is a thin Indian wafer/cracker/flatbread. Recipes may vary, but typically it is made from lentil, chickpea, black gram or rice flour. Salt and peanut oil are added to make a dough, which can be flavored with seasonings such as chili, cumin, garlic or... -

Extratasty Takes Bartending Online

Drinks, hot or cold, you have your online bartender to help you with!  Whether it’s a booze party or a formal dinner get-together, now you needn’t worry about what drink to serve and probably how to mix it!  Last weekend it was my... -

I Hate Cilantro

I hate Cilantro, do you? Does this statement shock you? This was of course a shocking revelation to me as I am a great fan of this tasty herb that adds a very special taste and flavor to the dish. Cilantro is one that I use very generously in my cooking... -

Are You A Baker Or Cook?

Do you like – baking or is it cooking for you? Surfing through the internet and food blog hopping I have come up with an observation that although all of us are hard core foodies there are yet major differences. There are food bloggers who are great cooks... -

Valentine's Recommended Blogs

  There's quite a bit on the site about Valentine's Day. These are some of the blogs that talk about the celebration of love. I'm sure I've missed some...especially those that haven't been tagged with the... -

Subway Sandwich Or A Pepperoni Pizza From Pizzahut?

Why is it always too difficult to choose between the two? Every time we plan to eat out, these are almost the only choices I and my peers got to choose from; or is it just we are so obsessed with both Subway and PizzaHut that... -

Shark Repellent Alla Julia Child

It was a friend’s birthday party, it was a crab feast, and it was under a tent in the same location where Julia Child had her first crabs (and I was there). This stirred a conversation about all the current hoopla about Julia being OSS in World War II. If... -

So Long Paul

Well Today the world lost a friend, not only an actor who was nominated for 10 academy awards and was seen in some GREAT Films of our era. But also a foodie who not only developed all kinds of products but then give the profits to charities to date these... -

Big News For Old Stu

I was recently offered and I accepted the position of executive chef at the Mars Hill Cafe in Mobile.  The cafe is a revolutionary concept in that it is subsidized by the Mars Hill Church who plans to use the profits, all of them, to feed the hungry.  For... -

French Toast And Hugs

  Today is the first day of the rest of your life, start it right with french toast! – says the home page of . It’s an initiative that was started by Shyam Yadav some years ago. He celebrates love and friendship by... -


Curious creature caught off Keahole Point The animal, dubbed an "octosquid," is found off the Big Isle It's a squid, it's an octopus, it's ... a mystery from the deep. -

Chicken Without Sexual Life And Other Funny Chinese Dishes

Beijing is set to host the Olympics in August. As the Chinese capital readies for an influx of visitors, it has offered restaurants an official English translation of local dishes whose exotic names and alarming translations can leave foreign visitors... -

So Does Anyone Know Who Is With " The Tortilla Guy" ?

(Thoughts, New Orleans, New Orleans, Wrapping with the Tortilla Guy) -

Pubs: Dog Days

Any chance of a pork scratching? Photograph: Sean Smith Over in G2 today, Zoe Williams has done a great piece on pubs that welcome her dog , Spot - a service to dogs and their owners everywhere. Who knew there were so many? I'm not really... -

Keep Doctor Away

An apple a day Sends the doctor away Apple in the morning Doctor’s warning Roast apple at night Starves the doctor outright Eat an apple going to bed Knock the doctor on the head Three each day, seven days a week Ruddy apple, ruddy cheek. ... -

The Road Not Taken

Early in my high school days I read this poem when I was studying great American poets. The words spoke very loudly to me at the age of 14, an age of the beginning of many choices in life.  It has been my mantra ever since.  My husband experienced the same... -

Where Did They All Go ?

Hey where did you all go ? Nikko  R.C.   Mary-Anne    Cinnimon Red      ChefShri        Shakti           Raw Food Media              The Tortilla Guy Where did you all go ?      ... -

Low Carb Cocktails

Okay, I am Irish and although I normally am a non-drinker, I do tend to drink myself green on St. Patty's Day. My normal low carb drink is Bacardi and diet coke but I found this interesting low carb cocktail recipe book and I think I will be mixing some... -

When Is A Goulash Not A Goulash?

The answer is: when a chef's ego gets in the way.  My wife is Hungro-Canadian, and if something like Goulash or Chicken Paprika doesn't follow the stanard, then you're in trouble.   I thought I was being smart, doing a variation, my... -

Picky Eater: Tumaro's Tortillas Better Than Sliced Bread

This from my local newspaper Picky Eater: Tumaro's tortillas better than sliced bread Jolene Thym Staff writer Contra Costa Times - Article Launched: 02/25/2008 10:12:36 AM PST ... -

Redesign Of Online Cooking

  I've been a little out of touch lately, been busy working on a redesign of my site.  It heavily features content from iFood.  I wanted to ask everyone if they would mind if I posted some of their recipes on Online Cooking.  Full credit of... -

In The Big Apple

Online scalping's next territory: High-end restaurants? NEW YORK--What if you could get that coveted table for two at one of the hottest restaurants in paying $25 for the reservation? New York's famed ... -

I'm Back And Ready To Rock N Roll

OK guys after a nice vacation over the holidays i'm back and in full swing, i've came up with a recipe for banana butterfinger cheesecake that i'll be adding within the next few days. i tried it out on my dinner guests on New Years Eve and it... -

My Work Per 5 Years In The Brazil, Natural Foods For Animals, Today I Am Working With High Gastronomia.

    My work per 5 years in the Brazil, natural foods for animals, today I am working with high gastronomia.     (Thoughts) -

Undiscovered Cooking Tip !

Undiscovered Cooking Tip ! This Monday, I discovered a cooking tip I haven't seen listed in any website. While you are preparing the food, and after the guests have arrived, you contrive to fill the house up with... -

Uno & Due - Chicago, Il

Uno’s is one of my favorite pizzas.  I will never forget the first time I was able to go to the first Uno’s in Chicago - the pizza was great!  It’s the same pizza at all of their restaurants but there’s something about sitting in the main store that... -

Varsity Club - Columbus, Oh Io

My mom always said if you can’t say something nice - don’t say anything at all... Well here’s what I will say - by definition it is pizza - crust, sauce, cheese, topping... This came from the Varsity Club in Columbus Ohio down on Campus right before... -

Uno’s - Daytona, Fl

For the first time ever I ordered a Numero Uno! Normally I’m a Chicago Classic guy. It was no CC but it was good. I know it’s a chain but they have a good thing going... (Thoughts) -

I Like Poubaji

I would like to more about paubjji they way they make in Mumbai (Thoughts, Maryland, part--1, Rockville, usa) -

Mango Is My Favourite.

Mangoes are king of all fruits I think everybody will feel my smoothy and sweet taste . Can u peoplwe reconize me who am I? Oh yeh i give few hints U peolpe to reconize me I am king of fruits. Wow U all right I am MANGO. ... -

Happy Thanksgiving To All Of My Firends Here At

I just wanted to take the time and wish all my friends here a safe , happy holiday today. Lets blog about how good the Turkey was later !!!   (Thoughts, holidays, Thanksgiving, usa, Wrapping with the Tortilla Guy) -

I Hate Kadhi

KADHI ..the yellow dish with basic smooth texture was never liked by me to eat...but it reminds me of beautiful delight memories of college... i with my friends [[ who love kadhi like anything..that they may also deny the free lunch... -

Just Beginning

I've been reading and wondering what to do for a blog. never done one before. However, I love cooking and learning, and putting these two together will be exciting for me. It is a new reality for me since I've been diagnosed with MS. yes, a... -

My Wall

I wanted to thank all who put something on the wall that Sharib set up for !!! and include it here if anyone else wanted to check out this cool idea !!!  October 30, 2007 9:47 am To: ... -

That Animal Is This?

After the vegetable and of the fruits, the organic meats and other derivatives of animals arrive at the market, all produced in the possible way most natural. Until point valley the penalty to pay more for consumiz them? (Thoughts) -

Holiday Episodes Of Smokin Chefs

We're already in the process of filming our Holiday Episodes, these are gonna be good ones, we'll be smoking turkey's, fixing delicious desserts and we'll be filming it all. i have several guests lined up to appear on Smokin Chefs... -

The Culinary Cast

Chef Chris ALbano's insight into cooking restaurant style preparations   that you won't need a kitchen brigade to execute                 Image... -

In India, Cricket = Religion

There are no two ways about it. In India, Cricket = Religion. Infact, the various religions that we follow, at times, pull us apart...but there's one that gets us together - CRICKET. The 25th of September was the final day of the 10 day long... -

Monica's Weekend Update - Avon Walk For Breast Cancer

Even though it feels like August, fall is in the air! If you want to get some fresh air for a good cause, the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer starts tomorrow at 6:30am. Join them at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, taking place at: ... -

Landmarks - The 10000th Comment Was By? by Ginny69 Do you know that you can read last 1000 comments at . (Thoughts) -

Ifood On The Radio!

Robert Lang from WBAL am 1090 in Baltimore did a great story on iFood and some of our members. Lizzie Marie, Lauren Groveman and Fun Food with Monica were all highlighted! My interviews with Patricio Sandoval of Mercadito in Manhattan can be... -

10 Reasons Why People Are Up After 2 A.m Logged On

1) Hooked on learning new recipes 2) Hooked on learning about foods from other cultures 3) Hooked on the food videos 4) Hooked on blogging 5) Hooked on commenting 6) Hooked on... -

Vikas On Kitchen Nightmares!

Congratulations Vikas! For those of you that missed it, Vikas was on the Fox show "Kitchen Nightmares" last night. He turned around the menu at Purnima at 245 West 54th Street in Manhattan. I can say first hand that Vikas is an... -

Vikas & Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares

  I for one think Vikas did an amazing job coming up with the new menu for Purnima. It was great to see a local star on Ramesy's Kitchen Nightmares. I can't get over how dirty that kitchen was or how poor the manager was. I applaud... -

Love Thy Food

Food is to the mouth as air is to the living.Food has a charm of its own.Over years people have devoted their lifetime in the research of food and that enigmatic charm that is associated with its fragrance,taste ,texture etc..Yet what actually constitutes... -

Mario Gone?

I'm sure this is old news to some because it happened back on the 5th of the month but the Food Network dumped Molto Mario and his other shows and in return he split from the Iron Chef show?  All I can say is Dang...  Some 221 episodes of Molto Mario -... -

Spend Happy Life

  A  happy &   pleasant life is also a fun. Some spend their life happily , some spend with   sorrow & grief. To spend a happy life there are some most   effective   principles. ... -

Global Community Mourns 9-11

  Beams of light mark the spot of the missing towers. Although this is a food site, it is much more than that we are a Global Community and each of us is expierencing saddness on the anniversary of that tragedy against all mankind 6... -

The Baker Mets "the Tortilla Guy"

I had the opportunity to met another great Chef & Baker Chef Henrietta who owns and runs "The Art of Baking in Key West". She has been featured in the Dean Boys Book along with quite a few pictures , also has been seen on the Food Network... -

Kids And Dogs

The photographer did a great job of matching up the kids and dogs.  This is adorable!! A friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift -

A New Juice Box...

I want to start out by saying this is wrong on all types of levels, but I haven't tried one so I can't speak to what I don't know...  That being said it still feels wrong!  Wine from a straw?  Heck wine from a box?  Now these people may be... -

One Second Shy

Today's Run: 3.0m Run Time: 27:01 (9:01 minutes per mile) Total Miles to Date: 613.4 Thoughts on the Run: Today's run was later in the day. I escaped the heat by descending into my basement. I came home, munched on a granola bar and drank... -

The Next Iron Chef?

I ran across an old press release to day that mentioned a new show being filmed by The Food Network - The Next Iron Chef...  This will be a new reality show to see who will stand with the current Iron Chefs...  I guess 4 Iron Chefs weren't enough.... ... -

Our Rationale

MRS DORLING WRITES fiveadayz team, I am writing to express my disappointment at what could be a fantastic educational website. I would firstly like to point out that i do feel that you have good intent and that there is potential for 5adayz to... -

Creamsicle Margaritas?

When I drink a margarita I want it straight up on the rocks with salt on the rim.  I don't need them frozen, I don't like the with any additives (strawberry, blood oragne, etc).  I'm also not a fan of premade mixes - get some limes, simple... -


Here's and article from The Arizona Republic showing some ways to beat the summers heat the Middle Eastern way.  I was most shocked that drinking hot tea on a scortching day can cool you down...     ... -

Health Is Wealth

No question about that - Health is wealth.  Eat right. (Thoughts) -

Sweet On Tomatoes

  "Waiter, there's a tomato in my dessert!" That didn't actually happen. But such an objection isn't all that far-fetched, because tomatoes, no matter how summery sweet, always seem destined for savory dishes -... -


The Orlando Sentinel ran this article today - I'm not sure where they got their recipe from but it's not one I would have chosen to showcase...  I've seen so many more flavorfull recipes out there and many good ones on this site! Here are a... -

Wine Flights?

 Wine drinking continues to soar in it's popularity.  Instead of the Old Fashioned or Gimlet it's what are the wine flights.  Wine flights have become a very popular way to get to know wines -

One For The Tortilla Guy...

Since The Tortilla guy has been talking about them so much lately I had a Mojito in his honor last night... It hit the spot after a 12 hour work day...   Cheers...   (Thoughts, Marco Island FL, mojito) -

What Is Indian Food To You?

I found this article to be quite fitting to share here given the nature of this site...  It's very interesting to read...  I've always thought of  Indian food is fresh and bold that tantalizes all the senses no matter what region it comes... -

Do Food-focused Films Get It Right?

I never get very persnickety when I see cooking in movies.  I'm usually so happy that they have cooking of any sort in the movie to complain.  Some don't take my stance on this...   I found this while surfing the Washington Post today. Check... -

Ifood Wishes For Chef Johns Mother

We have all missed Chef John on the site. His last recipe was posted over a month ago, and I was wondering what was keeping him busy. When I went to his website ( a few days ago,  I came to know that he was in NYC with his mother who had to... -

Food Network Chefs Spill The Beans

I've never read a Ladies' Home Journal but I might pick up the August issue - they're featuring Giada De Laurentiis, Emeril Lagasse and Ina Garten.  From the short clip they had in the below link it looks like it will be an interesting... -

Starting A Food Business

Starting a Food Business Starting a food business is a formidable task. Expensive research must be done to derive a suitable recipe for commercial production. This is followed by tests that have to consider shelf life as well as the cost of... -

Drink In The Scents Of Summer

Drink in the scents of summer Over-oaked white wines are out. Bring on the aromatics: jasmine and peach blossoms and verbena and thyme.   Aroma therapy         ... -

You Don't Know Where That's Been...

I've always wondered why my phone has a camera on it.  I guess it's so I can take photos of goofy things and post them here...  I was doing some shopping at my local Costco - I needed some 50 pound trays of ground serloin to make monster burgers... -

I'll Spin You Round Round Baby...

I love pizza. You start with basic dough: 2 ½ Cups Flour 1 .25oz packet yeast 2 tbl Oil 1 ts Sugar 1 ts Salt 1 Cup Warm water about 110 degrees Place Flour in a medium sized bowl and... -

I Love Hot Sauce But This Is Ridiculous…

At the Fancy Food Show I had a chance to stop by the Extreme Food booth and try some of Blair’s Mega Death sauce.   Let me start by saying I love hot and spicy sauces/foods.   I’ve tried all types of hot sauce and you’ll rarely find me without a... -

The "shake Shack" Is Worth The Wait!

If you've walked by Madison Square Park, you've probably noticed a huge line at all hours of the day.  Well, it doesn't get more fun than The Shake Shack at Madison Avenue and 23rd Street. The burgers are so tender, the meat melts in your... -

Awareness Is Key.

Hi everyone, Here is a documentary I thought would be worth your while. It's a very eye-opening movie that reveals some aspects of life, food, and pets that most of us live oblivious to. I'm not suggesting vegetarianism but please take the time... -