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Thakkali Chutney

A very tasty chutney that complements the bland taste of idly or dosai. Whats more, it is made with lots of tomatoes and onions, which provide numerous health benefits. Both are rich in potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6, all of which are necessary for... - 46.9223

Thakkali Milagu Rasam

This a simple yet spicy rasam recipe, which tastes real good. It is a light dish, without much oil or fat used. It digests easily and is good for kids. It is also usually given for people who are recuperating from illness such as fever. You can reduce the... - 46.8045

Thakkali Poondu Thokku

Tomato garlic pickle is my favourite. Tangy, spicy, tasty tomatoes with garlic combines in to a delicious pickle. Try and enjoy! - 45.6644

Thakkali Kichadi

To make this clear at the outset, this kichadi is not the kichdi from North India. It is a tomato-based side dish for idlis. The dish tastes spicy and mildly sour, which goes really great with the bland taste of idlis. Try this once and I am sure you will... - 43.8005

Vengayam Thakkali Thokku

Tomatoes Onion chutney is very simple to make by just tossing some onions and tomatoes together.If your tired and want to fix your dinner you can make this dish fast and enjoy it. - 43.2211

Tomato Spicy Curry (thakkali Kulambu)

Tomato spicy curry is a hot, spicy, tasty dish. Try and enjoy!! - 43.0051

Vengayam Thakkali Chutney

This is another type of onion chutney that you can make. Onion is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, and dietary fiber. Tomato is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. So this chutney can be one way to get a small dose of these vitamins into your system. - 41.644

Thakkali Rasam

Rasam is an appetizing soup served during sadhyas. This is sometimes offered as an appetizer towards the end of sadhya or as a side dish. - 32.94

Thakkali Kadalai Paruppu Saadam (tomato And Chana Dal Rice)

Craving some home cooked meals to end your day? This rice recipe will give you the taste of home without the hassle of slaving on the stove. - 31.3973