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Thai sticky rice is an extremely popular dish in South East Asia, especially in countries like Thailand, Laos, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. It is also known as glutinous rice, sweet rice, mochi rice, waxy rice and pearl ... More »
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Thai Dessert: Sticky Rice Balls In Coconut Milk (bua Loy) - Hot Thai Kitchen!

A classic dessert of Thai cuisine that's fun to make and is a great recipe for kids. Get creative and make them into different colors using different vegetables and juices! - 127.124

Thai Sticky Rice With Mangoes

How about a traditional Thai dessert after a scrumptious Thai meal? Chef has a simple, easy to make and heavenly dessert, Thai Sticky Rice With Mangoes. As the host says, this dish can also be made with black or brown rice for a nutty flavor. The combination... - 126.106

Sweet Sticky Rice With Mango

This is a classic Thai dessert. It is simply delicious and very easy to make. Those who have a sweet tooth must surely try this amazing dessert. - 103.659

Black Sticky Rice Pudding-hot Thai Kitchen

A heart-warming and bowl-licking dessert! Perfect for the Holiday Season that's approaching. Super easy and delicious, this dessert is an ancient Thai recipe that continues to be popular among Thai people today, including myself. A must-have for me every time... - 99.1241

Mango And Sticky Rice Part 2

Bored of custards and fudges and looking for a sweet change? Then you can’t go wrong with the refreshingly fruity and creamy mango and sticky rice. This sweet delicious Thai classic is something that none can resist. Plus, it’s quite a cakewalk to make... - 94.1936

Mango And Sticky Rice Part 1

What could be a wonderfully fresh way to conclude an end-of-the-summer celebratory meal than with the quintessential mango and sticky rice. With flavors straight from Thailand, this simple, heavenly Thai classic is a treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.... - 94.0048

Hot Thai Kitchen - Laab And Sticky Rice - Part 2

Watch "Hot Thai Kitchen - Laab and Sticky Rice - Part 1" for the complete list of ingredients and cooking method. - 84.7891

Thai Sticky Rice

Rice is the staple food of Thailand and here is unique and traditional way to cook it. Check out the chef in the video showing how to cook Thai Sticky rice using a basket along with utensil. Great rice to have with curry! - 83.238

Sticky Rice With Mango And Star Fruit

GETTING READY 1. Take a bowl of cold water, add rice and allow to soak overnight. MAKING 2. Using a muslin, line the steamer’s top. Drain soaked rice and add to the steamer. Steam, covered, for about 25 minutes till the rice becomes just tender. 3. Take a... - 38.7001

Sticky Rice And Mango

1. Drain rice, place in a colander and rinse under cold running water until water runs clear. 2. Place rice in a saucepan and pour enough cold water to cover. Cover pan with a tight-fitting lid and and cook over a low heat for 15-20 minutes or until water... - 30.7077

Mango & Sticky Rice (full) - Hot Thai Kitchen

Arguably the most popular Thai dessert! Luscious mango served beside sweet, silky coconut sticky rice, topped with a salted coconut sauce and crunchy mung beans. - 0

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