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Thai Dessert: Sticky Rice Balls In Coconut Milk (bua Loy) - Hot Thai Kitchen!

A classic dessert of Thai cuisine that's fun to make and is a great recipe for kids. Get creative and make them into different colors using different vegetables and juices! - 127.124

Thai Sticky Rice With Mangoes

How about a traditional Thai dessert after a scrumptious Thai meal? Chef has a simple, easy to make and heavenly dessert, Thai Sticky Rice With Mangoes. As the host says, this dish can also be made with black or brown rice for a nutty flavor. The combination... - 126.106

Halloween Special Ep. Custard In A Pumpkin! - Hot Thai Kitchen

This Halloween you can carve a pumpkin and eat it too! Watch me make this traditional Thai dessert in a bunny costume :) Life is more fun in costumes! - 109.521

Thai Luk Chup

For all the sweet teeth here is a master piece of desserts. Thai luk chup is an out of the world dessert, which was served in the royal palaces in ancient times and even now it has high regard among Thai people. This video shows how this truly artistic,... - 108.283

Thai Black Beans In Coconut Milk

A simple to make Thai black beans in coconut milk recipe. - 104.04

Sweet Sticky Rice With Mango

This is a classic Thai dessert. It is simply delicious and very easy to make. Those who have a sweet tooth must surely try this amazing dessert. - 103.659

Chocolaty Peanut Butter Squares

Want to make something interesting for your kids? Try the recipe shown in the video here. These chocolaty peanut butter squares are just amazing and can be made in a very less time. So watch the video to know more.. - 103.016

Thai Banana In Coconut Milk

A simple to make Thai banana in coconut milk recipe. - 100.476

Black Sticky Rice Pudding-hot Thai Kitchen

A heart-warming and bowl-licking dessert! Perfect for the Holiday Season that's approaching. Super easy and delicious, this dessert is an ancient Thai recipe that continues to be popular among Thai people today, including myself. A must-have for me every time... - 99.1241

Fried Bananas Part 2 - Frying The Bananas

This video is in 2 parts this is Fried Bananas Part 2 - Frying the Bananas. Please watch part 1 for complete recipe. With the batter ready, it is time to proceed further with the frying of bananas. In the video the chef shows how to dip and deep fry the... - 95.9519

Fried Bananas Part 1 - Preparing The Batter

This video is in 1 parts this is Fried Bananas Part 1 - Preparing the Batter. Please watch part 2 for complete recipe.Thai cuisine is rich with typical Tropical ingredients and plantain is one such ingredient. Chef Pailin shows how to make Fried Bananas using... - 94.4112

Mango And Sticky Rice Part 2

Bored of custards and fudges and looking for a sweet change? Then you can’t go wrong with the refreshingly fruity and creamy mango and sticky rice. This sweet delicious Thai classic is something that none can resist. Plus, it’s quite a cakewalk to make... - 94.1936

Mango And Sticky Rice Part 1

What could be a wonderfully fresh way to conclude an end-of-the-summer celebratory meal than with the quintessential mango and sticky rice. With flavors straight from Thailand, this simple, heavenly Thai classic is a treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.... - 94.0048

Thai Sungkhaya Fuhktong

Looking for exotic desserts? Check out this Thai sungkhaya fukhtong, which is an amazingly light dessert and the way it is cooked makes it really exotic. In this video you can see how simply it is made and you will realize that how cooking is not only about... - 91.4289

Frozen Coconut And Chocolate Pops

If you adore frozen desserts, you will love these Frozen Coconut and Chocolate Pops. These charming little frozen treats are easy to make, delicious, and low in calories and fat. Take a look at the video clip and give it a go. - 89.5449

Khao Neeo Mamuang

Bring Thailand to your kitchen by making Khaao Neeo Mamuang. If you have never heard of it watch the video here and learn how to make this dessert dish. It tastes wonderful and can be prepared in very less time. So do tune in… - 88.6775

Deep Fried Thai Bananas In Coconut Batter With Vanilla Ice Cream

Exotic dessert simplified! This is the description for this Deep Fried Thai Bananas in Coconut Batter with Vanilla Ice Cream. If you have a sweet tooth and love to spend time in the kitchen, try it out. This video will guide you through the recipe. - 80.0282

Thai Lawt Chong

You must try this dessert to experience the uniqueness of Thai food. It is so simple but yet so delicious. - 66.7183

Golden Threads

Foy Thong also called Golden threads, means treasure and the long threads are considered as long life. This dish is served on auspicious occasions. - 63.3089

Thai Water Chestnut Dessert

GETTING READY 1) Fold the banana leaf to make the shape of a small cup. 2) Chop water chestnuts into small dice. MAKING 3) Put water chestnuts and pandan leaf juice into the banana leaf cup. 4) In a pot mix coconut milk, sugar, salt and agar-agar powder. 5)... - 43.3668

Custard With Caramel Syrup

GETTING READY 1) Preheat oven to 350°F. 2) In a non-stick pan, cook brown sugar and water until thick syrup is formed. 3) Pour evenly into the bottom of 8 custard cups. Turn the cups to coat the caramel on sides of cup. MAKING 4) In a bowl beat together... - 42.732

Tapioca Pudding With Figs

1. Place tapioca, cardamom, pandan leaves and coconut cream in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes or until tapioca swells slightly. Remove pan from heat and stand for 5 minutes. Remove pandan leaves. 2. Place palm or... - 41.2928

Tahb Tim Grob

GETTING READY 1) Chop water chestnuts into small cubes. MAKING 2) Dredge water chestnuts tapioca flour and red colouring. 3) Place in a pot of boiling water and cook for 6 mins. 4) Drain coated water chestnuts and dip in a bowl of sugar syrup. 5) Pour... - 40.4058

Kao Niow Ma-muang (stickey Rice With Mangoes)

This is an amazing Thai recipe and so addictive. There is nothing like warm coconut sticky rice with a sweet juicy mango. - 39.4401

Thai Custard

Beat eggs; beat in sugars. Mix remainder of ingredients except coconut. Grease bottoms of 2 (9 x 12-inch) cake pans. Pour in custard. Sprinkle coconut on top. Bake at 325°-350° for 45 minutes. When cool, cut in squares. Refrigerate. - 36.9901

Bananas With Pineapple Sauce

Bananas With Pineapple Sauce has a Luscious taste.The Pineapple juice and Brown Sugar gives the Bananas With Pineapple Sauce Magnificent taste. - 36.13

Black Rice Pudding With Grilled Mangoes

Black rice is commonly found in Southeast Asia and you could find black rice pudding served at every meal, you could eat it for breakfast or as dessert after food. Although I quite liked the black rice pudding served in Thailand and loved the coconuty flavor,... - 35.5015

Sangkaya Fakthong

With the simple Sangkhaya Fakhthong recipe you no longer need to worry about what to make for dessert. Sangkhaya Fakhthong to put it simply is a great tasting custard with a difference. It is a healthy easy to make dessert that is fit for your special... - 31.0055

Mango & Sticky Rice (full) - Hot Thai Kitchen

Arguably the most popular Thai dessert! Luscious mango served beside sweet, silky coconut sticky rice, topped with a salted coconut sauce and crunchy mung beans. - 0

Young Coconut Ice Cream

This coconut ice cream is so light and refreshing it’s almost like a sorbet. Serve it Thai-style with sweet sticky rice! - 0

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