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Thai Chicken Burgers

Perfect for a more exotic barbecue, these Thai chicken burgers combine ground chicken with sweet, tangy peanut sauce and red chili curry paste. - 40.1343

Thai Shrimp Burgers

This Asian-inspired burger is seasoned with fresh ginger, jalapeno pepper, cilantro, and peanut sauce. Serve in a pita with peanut-flavored slaw mix. - 37.56

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Thai Pork Burgers

A simple to make Thai Pork Burgers recipe. - 117.107

Barbecue Chicken Burger With Thai Spices

Nothing can beat barbecued food during summer season, so Chef Scott makes a delicious Barbecue chicken Burger With Thai Spices for his fans. This recipe would give everyone a nice break from the regular burger. He is also making a green chili relish with... - 79.912

Thai Style Turkey Burgers With Pickled Cucumbers

Make the pickled cucumbers: In a small bowl stir together the vinegar, the brown sugar, the salt, and the red pepper flakes until the sugar and the salt are dissolved, add the cucumber, stirring to coat it well with the marinade, and let the mixture stand for... - 35.1751

Spicy Thai Style Chicken Satay Burger

For all chicken satay lovers, here is an Asian style burger with a spicy peanut butter spread and an Asian slaw that you are sure going to love. The chef has taken enough care to make the burger totally succulent. Great to make for your Asian friends or for... - 92.3403

Superhealthy Salmon Burgers

MAKING 1. In a food processor bowl, combine the salmon with the curry paste, ginger, soy and chopped coriander. 2. Pulse the mixture until coarsely minced. 3. Divide and shape the mixture into 4 burgers. 4. Use a swivel peeler to peel strips of carrot and... - 44.5897

Veggie Masala Burger

This is the best-tasting veggie burger I have ever eaten! The spice and veggie combination gives a wonderful flavor and terrific texture. - 46.2592

Teriyaki Burger

GETTING READY 1) Place beef into large mixing bowl and combine stale bread broken into crumbs. 2) Stir well before adding egg and chopped chives and coriander. 3) Slightly crush OXO cube in and mix well. 4) Now add pepper and dark soy sauce and stir again. 5)... - 44.0834

Personal Naan Pizza

In an effort to encourage Canadians to take a good, hard look at their eating habits, celebrity chef Michael P. Clive recently joined forces with Clover Leaf Seafoods to “re-invent fast-food”. The result is a number of new recipes that challenge popular... - 35.5514

Hooked On Tuna Burrito

With a little creativity, you can re-invent several fast-food favourites using nutritious, low-calorie, high protein ingredients. Now you can serve your family pizza, tacos, Pad Thai, shawarma, burritos, and even the classic burger with bacon and cheese,... - 38.7193

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