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Tennessee Food preparations from the state in South Eastern USA include traditional dishes, farm based dishes as well as classic barbecue preparations. The city hosts a number of food festivals every year showcasing the cultural heritage and tradition of the region. The region is also famous for its exotic eateries catering soul food, appetizers, specialty food and classic meals. Popular recipes include- Ambrosia Ice Box Cake, Bananas Foster, Corn-Crusted Catfish with Remoulade, Hushpuppies and Fried Greens.


Influences Found and Ingredients Commonly Used in Tennessee Cuisine


Vast influences from the cuisines of Europe and Africa blended with the traditions of Native America is the specialty of  food in Tennessee. Typically the frequent usage of pork, inclusion of beans and cornmeal or corn and barbecuing and biscuit making traditions in food come from European, American and African cuisines respectively. Tennessee was also known for its massive production of hog and hominy during the time prior to civil war in America.Corn, melons, squash and beans are major vegetations in Eastern Tennessee. Sorghum, black-eyed-peas, yam, okra, collard greens and watermelons are crops brought in from Africa and West Indies by the black immigrants. Fish, bison, black bear, elk, rabbit, turtles, squirrel, birds and frogs are the commonly used meats in traditional Tennessee food.


Popular Tennessee Recipes


  • The Chattanooga region in Tennessee is famous for pies and snacks such as Moon Pies and Snack cakes.
  • The Nashville region is famous for confections such as Chocolate coated caramels, roasted peanuts, Goo Goo clusters and marshmallows.
  • The Memphis region is famous for exquisite barbecue recipes.
  • Ambrosia Ice Box cake is an exotic cake seasoned richly with pineapple curd, egg yolk, cornstarch, lemon juice and unsalted butter.
  • Backyard BBQ'd Spareribs is a specialty from Memphis where spareribs are smoked with a seasoning of garlic.
  • Country Captain Chicken Fricassee is a specialty Tennessee Food where sliced toasted almonds, garlic, curry powder, thyme and cayenne pepper are used to season the chicken.
  • Hushpuppies are gooey snacks made out of cornmeal, flour, egg, buttermilk, sugar and a little cayenne pepper.
  • Southern Greens with Whole Spices is an exclusive specialty of Tennessee where bacon, collard greens, mustard greens, onions and carrots are cooked with a seasoning of garlic, kosher salt, black pepper and pickling spice.


Places Famous for Tennessee Foods


  • Blackberry Farm is a luxurious farmhouse resort that caters traditional food amid lush green and misty locale.
  • Watermark is another holiday resort which is specialized in making seasonal Tennessee food through French cooking Techniques.
  • Chez Philippe is a four star restaurant in Memphis where food is cooked through a combination of Asian and French practices.
  • Flippen Fruit Farm an old establishment is the world's leading producer of the best "Fried Pies".
  • Obion County,in Tennessee is the home for many orchards and production units in making peach-pie filling.


Special food Events of Tennessee


  • Memphis in May – Memphis, May International Festival
  • Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue – Lynchburg in October
  • Grainger County Tomato Festival – Rutledge in July
  • White Bluff Apple Butter Festival – White Bluff in October.                            

The above are festivals showcasing Tennessee Food.

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