Tendli Bhaji Recipes

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Tendli Bhaji

Gherkins known as Tondli in Marathi is a simple yet delicious vegetable. These are tiny oblong shaped green vegetables. This vegetable tastes great cooked by itself, or as a combination with other veggies. - 41.9242

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Batatyache Kaap

My son is fond of potato so sometimes i prepare Batatyache Kaap for him.We generally tend to prepare batata chi bhaji or paratha or some curry.Try this out!You can also give Batatyache Kaap in lunch box for school. - 26.1953

Dudhi Chi Kheer

I had fresh dudhi kept in fridge.Generally we always tend to make dudhi chi bhaji or soup.I had the required ingredients in my kitchen so prepared Dudhi Chi Kheer. - 28.5111