Tenderloin Leek Sauce Recipes

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Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin With Leek Sauce Red Onion Puree And Grilled Asparagus

Who said restaurant style dishes were complicated and intimidating? This is one of the dishes that is a definite crowd pleaser. It is a simple and elegant recipe that should be pulled out when you have company. The leek sauce is so rich and creamy and... - 124.619

Pork Tenderloins With Leeks

–  Preheat oven to 350 °F (175 °C). –  In an oven-proof skillet, melt 2 tbsp (30 ml) butter, saute but do not brown the leeks, half the onions and celery, then remove from heat, add breadcrumbs and seasoning, and let stand to cool. –  Slice pork... - 39.5221

Beef Tenderloin With Carrots & Leeks

Place bacon in 2-quart casserole. Microwave at High for 2 to 3 minutes, or until brown and crisp, stirring once. Stir in flour, bouillon and bouquet garni seasoning. Blend in water, wine and bouquet sauce. Stir in carrots and leeks. Cover. Microwave at High... - 41.0684

Pork Fillet With Sauted Leek

GETTING READY 1. Using a sharp knife, trim off any sinew from around the pork fillet and cut into about 2cm lengths to get six evenly sized pieces. 2. Taking one piece at a time, lay the pork flat on your board and cover with cling film. 3. Then, using a... - 75.6974

Pan Roasted Pork Loin With Leeks

1. Remove roots and tough upper leaves from leeks. Cut each leek in half lengthwise. Cut each half crosswise into 1/2-inch-thick slices (you should have about 6 cups). Soak in cold water to loosen dirt; drain and rinse under running water. 2. Combine chopped... - 37.3558

Teriyaki Beef Tenderloin

Teriyaki beef tenderloin is prepared from thinly sliced beef tenderloin cooked on the grill and then simmered to a finish. Seasoned with teriyaki sauce, and added leek julienne, the teriyaki beef tenderloin is served with sprinkled sesame seeds. - 25.1987

Pan Seared Tenderloin With Port Jus

GETTING READY 1) In a bowl, mix the dried currants and brandy and let soak covered for at least 1 hour and upto 3 days. 2) Coat the steaks with oil, pepper and sage mix. Place covered in the refrigerator. MAKING 3) In a small pan, dry toast the peppercorns,... - 44.1596

Pork Tenderloin Saute

Trim meat of fat and slice on the bias 3/4 in (2 cm) thick. Place in bowl with soya sauce and sherry; marinate 30 minutes. Remove meat from bowl; reserve marinade. Heat 1 1/2 tbsp (25 ml) oil in frying pan. Cook half of meat for 3 to 4 minutes over medium... - 43.8898

Pork Tenderloin With Cider And Mustard Braised Lentils

GETTING READY 1) Season the pork on both sides. MAKING 2) In a frying pan heat half olive oil over medium heat. Fry the pork on both sides for 5 minutes each side, until the pork becomes pink and moist at the middle. Keep it aside. 3) In a pan, heat up the... - 47.2054

Pork Pieces With Chili Sauce

Mix the pork slices with the soy seasoning ingredients and let them stand for 10 minutes. Combine all of the chili-garlic sauce ingredients in a bowl. Heat 2 tablespoons [30 ml.] of the oil in a skillet or wok. When it is very hot, add the green pepper and... - 42.0223

An Elegant Sit Down Beef Dinner For Twelve

Ahead of time, order the beef tenderloin (sometimes called a whole fillet of beef) from your meat market. Early on serving day, stuff the roast and prepare the vegetables (you ll need 8 to 12 each new potatoes and leeks, 1 1/2 pounds mushrooms, and 2 pounds... - 27.535

Oriental Pork And Peas

Cut pork or tenderloin crosswise into thin strips. Prepare marinade by stirring together soy sauce, rice wine (or sherry), MSG, egg white, and cornstarch until well-blended. Season to taste with salt and white pepper. Pour marinade over meat, cover, and... - 41.753

Boiled Lamb

This Boiled Lamb is one of best tenderlion dishes that I have ever tasted ! Try out this lamb gravy dish with rice or noodles for your next meal and tell me if you've liked it ! Your suggestions for this Boiled Lamb dish are welcome ! - 40.4341

Testy Marinated Japanese Beef

GETTING READY 1) Cut the beef into thin slices. 2) Arrange on paper towels and drizzle with the cornstarch. 3) In a medium bowl, combine the soy sauce, sake, and sugar. 4) Now add the meat and stir to mix well. 5) Cover with lid and allow to stand for 20... - 42.5505


Cook rice according to directions; keep it warm. Beef tenderloin must be cut into paper-thin slices. To achieve this, place meat in freezer for about 2 hours, or until partially frozen. You then will be easily able to slice it thin. Arrange meat slices on... - 41.7518

Speedy Singapore Noodles With Pork And Peppers

1. Cut pork into thin 2- by 1/4-inch (5 cm by 5 mm) strips. In a wok or large nonstick skillet, heat oil over high heat. Brown meat on all sides; remove to a plate and set aside. Add leek, garlic, pepper strips, chicken stock and curry powder to skillet;... - 32.7606

Spinach Stir Fry With Pork Eggs And Ginger

Spinach Stir Fry With Pork Eggs And Ginger tastes awsome. Spinach Stir Fry With Pork Eggs And Ginger can be prepared easily. Spinach Stir Fry With Pork Eggs And Ginger must be tried by pork lovers. - 42.8722

East West Sukiyaki

To piepaie and present ingredients, cut and arrange ingredients as directed following. Arrange each food separately, side by side, on large trays or flat baskets. Cover and refrigerate until ready to cook. If you plan to serve the eggs as sauce, break each... - 40.3768