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6 Salmon Slip-ups To Avoid

Do you love fish and swear by your salmon? Well, a beautifully cooked dish of salmon is a foodie’s delight no doubt , but are you sure of your salmon knowledge? Or do you often get confused while grilling, poaching, and searing your fish? Check out the... -

12 Tricks For Baking The Perfect Biscuit

Are you a baking enthusiast? That means that you have graduated from cakes and pies to cookies & finally biscuits of the American kind . The first time is bound to be a disaster in the form of lumpy, misshapen doughy mass that even the most optimistic... -

How To Peel Your Egg With A Spoon

Peeling the shell off a hard boiled egg is certainly not an easy task . You do have to reconcile to the fact that your finger tips would elucidate a ‘eouw’ from you as the hot shell comes in contact with it. You might even have to cool off your fingers... -

Cooking Hacks For A No Mess-no Stress Life

Are you a reluctant cook who would love to spend the time doing other things besides peeling garlic and cleaning kitchen equipment? Here’s some good news for you at last! Whether it’s keeping your grater blemish free or serving a huge plateful of well... -

How To Make Edible Chocolate Bowls Using Balloons

  You have probably seen some cool tableware that people show off during parties. Now, what if you could make some on your own? Some edible dessert bowls ,   for instance? Who has the time for all that – you ask? Well,... -

How To Become A Better Cook

Cooking is an art that is tried by all but mastered by very few.  Again, you may get perplexed when confronted with tips on how to cook. While some may want you to flip your pancakes  more than once, others ask you to avoid it... -

10 Tips To Get Your Formal Dinner Table Setting Right

Laying a table with the napkins, dinnerware and cutlery in their designated places may not always be high on your agenda, but you do need to know the basics for hosting a formal dinner. Sure, this isn’t Victorian England where your guests are likely to walk... -

Beat Your Egg Whites: Don’t Spoil Em’

You do need to beat your eggs now and then, particularly its white part. No, this has nothing to do with bad eggs and licking them into shape but you do need that glutinous albumin of the egg white to make your desserts and soups perfect. Don’t fret! ... -

The Ten Commandments Of Nacho Making

The fun tortilla chip with a layer of gooey cheese on top is Mexican or Tex-Mex food at its best . Yes, it is the yummy nachos that help you to pass a boring evening alone or display your love for your significant other by feeding him/her with the crunchy... -

Are You Scared Of Pruning Your Plants

We know it is a dreadful ordeal for you to take care of your plants, what with the busy schedule and you trying to fit in everything into the 24 hours. As a result, your plants are dead because of neglect. So, what to do? Well, how about a simple guide that... -

How To Peel N Devein Shrimps In 5 Different Ways

Feasting on fresh shrimps grilled  on a spit fire or nibbling on a shrimp tail  placed on a stick happen to be tiny moments of happiness that make life worth living. Yet you cannot hope to savor these superlicious dishes unless you... -

5 Timely Tips From Food Hackers

Hacking is serious business and considered to be an offence more often than not. Food hackers are exempt from being labeled similarly though. They are, in fact, much admired for their innovation and for the ability of taking a perfectly acceptable dish or... -

5 Tricks For Cutting Veggies Like A Chef

Do you spend some time cutting, chopping and dicing veggies everyday, just before cooking dinner? Well, this part of food preparation seems to be a necessary evil but you can certainly make the task less arduous by following a few rules . Learn to cut the... -

Simple Life Hacks To Make Dorm Living Easier

  Do you or your loved ones live in a dorm? While being away from home is a pain in itself, it can be quite frustrating to live on your own with just a few basic equipments at hand. If that is what you are going through now,... -

These Watercolor Cookies Are Fun To Make And Eat!

  Looking for some fun edible artwork to do with your kids? Try making these watercolor cookies with them! Wonder what they are? A very creative mom called Brittany from onecharmingparty figured out a way to paint... -

Why You Should Have A Wedding Buffet

Weddings and good food go hand in hand! You think of weddings and in the next moment, you think of the spread available. Well, we won’t talk about weddings here but about the food served on such occasions, and also about how you should serve it. Wedding... -

How To Cut A Pineapple Properly

Pineapple, the exotic, tropical fruit has the power to make you go weak in the knees. A taste for the sweet pineapple has the high & mighty flocking to Asian restaurants more than once too. However, it is difficult to reach the soft, juicy flesh by... -

How To Make 14 Dosas In 5 Minutes

You don’t need to travel to India to learn how to make dosas faster than you can eat. Thanks to YouTube, it is possible to make fast dosas, right inside your kitchen. And these are not just some regular dosas. These are filled with spicy mixture,... -

Open A Bottle Without Bottle Opener: 2 Cool Tricks!

  Ever felt handicapped without simple things such as a safety pin or a pencil just when you need them? A bottle opener is one such object that you don’t bother to think much about or carry around. However, imagine a... -

How To Make Dishes Better With Avocado

The culinary talent of avocados is not hidden from anyone. We are not talking of just guacamole but an array of dishes, which taste better when avocado is added. Just like you have that dash of hot sauce, an extra pinch of salt or pepper and a handful of... -

The Right Way To Open A Champagne Bottle

Have you had nightmares whenever someone invited you to open a bottle of bubbly at a get together? If you imagine yourself wrecking your hostess’s new couch or your own set of brand new china, whenever someone hands you a champagne bottle, just read this,... -

Baking A Cake? – Some Tips From Pros!

  Baking is an exciting project in itself. But it can sometimes throw nasty surprises at you when the outcome isn’t exactly what you were expecting. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned baker, the baking journey is full of... -

5 Common Cookie Problems Solved

Trying your hand at baking cookies for the first time? You had to throw them away, they were so bad? Aww! What a waste! Get your problems solved by checking out the answers and do it once again. You are sure to come up with soft, chewy, nutty, chocolatey... -

Easy Tips For Frying Novices

Hanukkah brings with it an array of fried foods and you don’t really have to be Jewish in order to try out the delicious latkes and sufganiyots . Fries are also great for dispelling winter chills . But wait a minute! Are you the happiest working... -

Spank To Enjoy A Pomegranate

You certainly have many reasons to love pomegranates . The cut section of the fruit looks radiant and lovely for one, and you will find yourself salivating at the thought of getting your teeth on those luscious, juicy seeds that happen to be nutritious ... -

Don't Throw Away Your Empty Beer Bottles

  Have lots of empty beer bottles to throw away? Wait before you do that! You can easily  convert them into drinking glasses  within just a few minutes, and you don’t have to shell out money on new glasses anymore. Now who... -

Butter Up Your Popcorn

An avid movie-goer and his popcorn can never be parted! Right? Well, that may be so but what about buttering it properly instead of just piling on the gooey mess on the top few kernels? Most men (and women too of course) would do anything to cover each... -

How To Rip A Pack Of Chips

Well, life is fraught with problems but nothing can beat the frustration of having a big bag of chips handy that you are unable to open. Ripping it open is the best way of course and it succeeds too but you are liable to get a stubborn pack of chips every... -

Growing Colossal Pumpkins Made Easy

Fall and pumpkins can never be separated. One follows the other as sure as day follows night. It is also the time to grow monsters in the form of pumpkins and take away cash prizes . Scott Armstrong, the winner of the largest pumpkin in Long Island, was... -

9 Mistakes Not To Make With Scrambled Eggs

We all love scrambled eggs , right? But do we all know how to make the perfect dish? Not really! So, what is keeping us from turning out a perfectly creamy, delicious dish of scrambled eggs? Perhaps, these 9 mistakes! Read them carefully and ensure that... -

How To Recreate Food From Leftovers

When you are cutting and chopping your fruits and vegetables for daily cooking, you often throw away a lot of seeds, scraps, stumps and peels without giving it a second thought. Well, how would you feel if never ever had to throw these scraps away? Instead,... -

Wanna Make Cheese At Home

  With the recent incident of Listeria outbreak in a Wisconsin cheese company's products, doesn't it sound better to be able to make your own cheese at home ? We know making cheese at home looks like a tedious process and not everyone... -

Just 3 Ingredients Make A Pickle

Why buy pickles from the store, when you can actually make them yourself? It is no big trick and if you even have just three ingredients and a basic know-how, you are good to go.   Salt-based pickles are made by a technique called... -

Are You Scared Of Pickling At Home

Who doesn’t love a bit of pickle in his sandwich or burger? But the store-bought pickles don’t always tickle your taste-buds. They sometimes turn out to be too sour or pungent for your taste. So, the next best thing to do is make your own pickle at home.... -

How To Enliven Summer Dishes With Olive Oil

Olive oil is known for its health benefits as well as for its efficacy as a cooking oil. However, the Coldani family, who are known for their brand, Calivirgin olive oil, produced in California, have come up with some unique ideas to use this light oil even... -

For The Steak Nerd In You!

If you are a steak nerd, you perhaps have something in common with the beast – after all you both love meat, right? However, you like your meat cooked and the grilled steak is perhaps the most awesome way to eat your meat . However, when it comes to... -

Speedy Tips To Learn How To Bbq Right

Wanna prolong the spirit of BBQ in the wake of the Memorial Day weekend? A book titled, “America’s Best BBQ – Homestyle”, could well hold the answers to all the BBQ-related questions that are struggling in the recess of your mind regarding barbecuing... -

Cooking In A Banana Leaf

  As it has been reiterated several times, human beings share a close and personal relationship with food. So of course, the true gourmand will leave no stone unturned when it comes to exploring food. There are examples of foodies trying everything... -

Find Success In The Cookie Industry

  Are you brilliant at making cookies? Do you have a secret recipe that friends and family can't get enough of? If the answers is yes, then the opportunity is certainly there to make a career out of cookie manufacturing. ... -

An Eggcellent Method Of Separation

Ever tried to separate egg   whites from the yolks? You must have if you are a whiz at cooking especially soft and fluffy desserts. But the entire process of separating the two prominent contents of an egg need to be handled with care. You... -

Tips To Make Date Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

You have this really great dinner party planned but you want to serve a sweet appetizer before the meal that would require the least cooking. One of the first and easiest recipes that pop to your mind is date balls. This fruit is incredibly nutritious and... -

Tips To Make Ham Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

If you want to make your dinner party impressive, you should start off with ham ball appetizers which are guaranteed to be a surefire hit. These tiny bites of flavor are absolutely essential during Christmas time as pre-dinner snacks but they can also be made... -

Tips To Make Crab Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

The right appetizers can make or break a dinner party as you need to make a dish that is tasty but light in texture. Light appetizers made with a few ingredients but with a delicate taste like crab balls are ideal. They will titillate the taste buds of your... -

Tips To Make Tapioca Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Cooking for a dinner party is a stressful event as you want to impress your guests without overwhelming them with food.  A simple but delicious appetizer would be tapioca balls that can be served in a vegetarian as well as a non-vegetarian version.  ... -

Tips To Make Potato Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Most people like potatoes as they can be served with anything. Potato balls are  versatile in taste and texture and they can be used to make a range of different appetizers for dinner parties and other special events.   Potato is... -

Tips To Make Paneer Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

If you want to make a quick starter for your dinner party, paneer balls are an ideal dish to start with. Paneer is a wonderful high protein cottage cheese that is prepared without rennet. It is completely vegetarian and can be served to lacto-vegetarians... -

Tips To Make Marzipan Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Cooking for special dinner guests can be difficult and the most difficult course is dessert. Most guests don’t want anything heavy or too sweet and marzipan balls are ideal for this reason. Marzipan is made by combining almond flour or almond meal with... -

Tips To Make Fish Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Not everyone likes fish but fish balls are a delicious alternative that everyone will love. Fish meat is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are excellent for skin, bone and body health. It also picks up flavors and tastes easily from the spices and herbs that... -

Tips To Make Blackberry Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Berries ar e very high in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals with a very tart taste. Chefs love to combine tart tasting blackberries with sweet dates or fatty nuts to form sweet appetizers or desserts for dinner parties.   These ... -

Tips To Make Pasta Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

If you like pasta, you can easily make a luscious pasta ball as a snack or appetizer for a special dinner. This dish is very easy as you can boil and season the noodels beforehand. All you have to do is roll them with a range of ingredients and deep fry... -

Tips To Make Chicken Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Nearly every one likes chicken and it can be cooked in a range of different ways. However, chicken balls are a quick and simple way of combining chicken meat with a range of ingredients to make super-delicious but beautifully simple finger foods. You can... -

Tips To Make Rum Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Who would have thought that rum balls would be an ideal dessert for a dinner party? These simple indulgences are quick and easy to make and they are incredibly fragrant depending on the rum and ingredients that you have used. Most chefs prefer to make a... -

Tips To Wrap Orange In Bacon

Planning on making a simple appetizer for a dinner party? Orange and bacon wraps should make an ideal accompaniment to any main dish that you have planned. These simple bite-sized parcels are not only filled with flavor and taste but are... -

Tips To Wrap Dressing In Bacon

Preparing an unusual starter is possible by combining bacon with dressing and other ingredients. You can make a great bacon, salad and dressing wrap which can be consumed in a single bite. The dressing may be liquidy though and it cannot be served by itself.... -

Tips To Wrap Paprika In Bacon

Capsicum or whole bell peppers are commonly referred to as paprika in Europe and bacon wrapped paprika is a very popular pub dish in many European cities. Paprika can also refer to the dried and powdered capsicum which is used as a spice. The whole pepper may... -

Tips To Make Peanut Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Crunchy roasted peanuts are an ideal snack for parties. However, peanut balls are a fun and interesting way of serving flavored peanuts for special occasions. Sweet peanut balls can be created by combining sugar-coated peanuts with toffee, raisins and... -

Tips To Make Corn Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

There is nothing more satisfying than a warm snack on a cold day and piping hot corn balls are just right for this reason. Any variety of corn can be used for this recipe and the corn balls are very easy to make. You can use frozen, cream of... -

Tips To Wrap Zucchini In Bacon

It’s difficult to make children eat vegetables like zucchini but we have a foolproof method which literally guarantees that your children will eat all of it and ask for more. Bacon wrapped zucchini is a wonderful way of adding flavor to a simple vegetable.... -

Tips To Wrap Mozzarella In Bacon

Cheese and bacon are great in sandwiches. However, cheese with bacon wrapped around it as an appetizer is an easier way to consume both! Bacon wrapped mozzarella is a very popular pub favorite simply because it provides an instant hit of... -

Tips To Wrap Blackberry In Bacon

Blackberries have a very high nutritional value and they are particularly rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K and manganese. The berries are available all through the year and wrapping them with bacon can make a wonderful appetizer. The sweet and tart taste of... -

Tips To Wrap Mango In Bacon

Fresh fruits can impart a lovely bright taste to absolutely any meal. Tropical fruits like mango are the best as they have a unique taste. Most chefs serve the fruit as a dessert but you can create a unique starter with it.  You can wrap mango with bacon to... -

Tips To Steam Clam

There are many ways of consuming clams – these can be eaten raw or you can prepare clam diggers . But the  simplest of them all  is to just steam them. Steaming clams is considered to be an old fashioned way of having it, but those who feel... -

Tips To Make Rice Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

You may be thinking about serving steamed rice at your dinner party but how about making something really different. Rice balls are a delicious but different way of serving rice. Steamed rice can be seasoned with sauces, shaped and even stuffed to form... -

Tips To Make Sausage Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Wondering what to make as dinner party appetizers? Simple and easy sausage balls are delicious and appetizing tid-bits that can be made quickly. If you choose the meat and make your own sausage meat, you can ensure that they are low in fat but high in taste.... -

Tips To Make Turkey Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Meatballs are an eternal favorite. Turkey meatballs are particularly popular as turkey meat is low in fat. If you have the time, you can make and store them beforehand. Now you can also find readymade packaged turkey meatballs which can be prepared in several... -

Tips To Steam Scallops

If you have cooked scallops earlier you will know that cooking these are simpler than clams since these are available without  shells. Steaming scallops  is quite convenient since you do not have to spend extra time in removing their shells to extract... -

Tips To Make Chocolate Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Chocolatiers make several versions of chocolate balls that are usually served as snacks or desserts. These delicious balls may seem complex and difficult to make but they really aren’t all that difficult.   To impress your dinner... -

Tips To Wrap Tuna In Bacon

Tuna is a great fish and it can be prepared in a variety of ways. However, amateur cooks tend to overcook the fish resulting in a dry fillet that requires a range of sauces to pep it up. Wrapping the tuna with bacon is an excellent way of cooking the fish... -

Tips To Make Cheese Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Cheese balls are a perennial favorite with adults and children alike. Unfortunately, there are so many variations of the recipe that it can be hard to create the perfect  ball made with cheese . In our quest to make the perfect cheese balls for... -

Tips To Wrap Tomato In Bacon

If you are wondering how to make a simple and luscious starter for your dinner party, you should think about combining tomato and bacon together. Fresh or sun-dried tomatoes can be combined with fatty bacon, flavored bacon and... -

Tips To Make Nut Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Nut balls are a perfect finger food item that can be served during dinner parties. As there are several different varieties of nuts, a large variety of nut balls can be created with a range of different flavors and tastes. One major advantage of this dish is... -

Tips To Wrap Tofu In Bacon

Tofu is a very popular ingredient in vegetarian cuisines as it is a rich source of protein. Chefs season chunks of tofu   with a range of sauces and ingredients and then wrap it with bacon to make a luscious appetizing starter. Most people think... -

Tips To Wrap Meat In Bacon

Nearly everything tastes better with bacon or bacon wrapped around it. In recent years, the bacon mania has swept the US and Canada making it very popular with chefs and consumers. To please these  consumers, chefs  have created a range of ... -

Tips To Wrap Cream Cheese In Bacon

Can you imagine hot creamy cheese squirting out from a hot bacony shell? That’s exactly what a bacon n’cream cheese wrap does inside your mouth. Some anonymous but brilliant chef came up with this innovative recipe. Somehow, he managed to wrap a cube of... -

Tips To Wrap Chili In Bacon

We can almost hear the thoughts running through your mind, “Who on earth is going to eat a chili wrapped with bacon?” Yes, chili and bacon may seem like an odd combination but it does work.  To tell the truth, bacon makes everything taste... -

Tips To Steam Yam

Sweet potatoes and yams are often confused but yams are known to date back to thousands of years when they were cooked at homes on a regular basis. Steaming yam was preferred then and even now, since it is the only way its nutrition count is retained.... -

Tips To Steam Artichoke

One of the most unusual vegetables available just two times in the year is artichoke. There are many ways of preparing the vegetable, out of which steaming is considered to be the healthiest and most nutritious. It does not need additional oil and retains... -

Tips To Wrap Salmon In Bacon

Salmon is a delicious fish that is rich in essential vitamins and minerals. To add a smoky flavor to the fish, some chefs use bacon and wrap it around the fish fillet. The fat in the bacon can make the fish soft and flavorful and it also ensures a rich meaty... -

Tips To Wrap Avocado In Bacon

If you want to make a simple but luscious appetizer, you should consider combining avocado and bacon together. The dish is unbelievable simple but is loaded with taste and flavor. Professional chefs use slices of avocado seasoned with salt and lemon juice.... -

Tips To Wrap Ham In Bacon

Wondering how to make a simple combination of ham and bacon to be served as an appetizer? Well, look no further. Ham and bacon are two ingredients that can be purchased readymade from supermarkets. They require minimal preparation and cooking and can be... -

Tips To Wrap Spinach In Bacon

Spinach is a very nutritious leafy green vegetable that is particularly high in iron content. It is commonly combined with other vegetables and wrapped with bacon to form a delicious appetizer. Spinach is usually consumed raw in the form of baby spina ... -

Tips To Steam Pork

If you have trouble making pork or looking for an easy way to prepare it, we have an interesting option for you. Steaming pork is  a preferred way of cooking, since it makes the meat tender and quite moist which is tough to get in other ways of cooking.... -

Tips To Steam Celery

Fond of steamed veggies? Here is something which is surely going to interest you. Steamed celery is a hot favorite - it has a subtle sweet flavor and  makes a nutritious addition due to its antioxidants and vitamins to several items like salads a ... -

Tips To Cover Bacon With Chocolate

It’s really difficult to imagine that any one could actually eat savory fatty bacon strips covered with chocolate. You could be surprised though; as chocolate bacon is hugely popular as a snack all over the US. In the last decade, a bacon - popularity wave... -

Tips To Wrap Shrimp In Bacon

Searching for the perfect bite-sized appetizers for your dinner party? Well-seasoned plump shrimps with slices of fatty bacon wrapped around them are just the thing. You can find a huge variety of shrimps at the fishmongers and they are even available as... -

Tips To Wrap Fish In Bacon

Fish is really easy to cook and it has a simple fresh flavor that is delicious with the least amount of seasoning. To create an extraordinary dish, chefs wrap pieces of fish with bacon and serve it with tart sauces as appetizers or as main courses. The... -

Tips To Wrap Beef In Bacon

Are you planning a dinner party for guests? Wondering what to cook?  Wrapping bacon around beef is an excellent method of livening up lean or tough cuts of beef. The bacon forms a thick fatty blanket around the beef and ensures that the meat remains... -

Tips To Wrap Rice In Bacon

Rice is a very versatile ingredient and it combines particularly well with bacon. Rice cakes are wrapped with meat or bacon and they are very popular appetizers that are served in Korean-themed restaurants and pub. Several variations of the basic recipe... -

Tips To Wrap Egg In Bacon

Everybody loves bacon and eggs but imagine wrapping strips of bacon around an egg and then serving it as an appetizer or breakfast dish.  There are many variations of the basic recipe which means that you can prepare several different varieties with the same... -

Tips To Wrap Cheese In Bacon

Cheese wrapped bacon is an ideal appetizer or starter for parties. Slices of bacon are wrapped around chunks of fresh cottage cheese or processed cheese to make cheese and bacon wraps. These tiny wraps are ideal finger foods and they are super-simple to make.... -

Tips To Wrap Bacon In Bacon

Anything tastes divine when it’s wrapped in bacon. Imagine Pigs in a Blanket in reverse! Can you imagine what would happen if even bacon was wrapped in bacon and served as a dish? It might seem like an overdose but believe us it makes sense. With the... -

Tips To Wrap Vegetable In Bacon

Who knew that you could wrap vegetables in bacon? You could say that chefs have actually managed to make a completely guilt-free snack.   Eating a bacon wrapped vegetable is delicious and it does contain... -

Tips To Wrap Turkey In Bacon

Turkey meat can dry out very quickly during the cooking process but wrapping parts of the bird in bacon seems to be the best way to retain its flavor, moistness and texture. This is particularly important during Thanksgiving when you have to roast a whole... -

Tips To Wrap Chicken In Bacon

Busy day? Why not try making a bacon and chicken wrap as a quick snack. Simply put, this  is a thin slice of meat stuffed with a range of fillings and then wrapped with bacon. To simplify the recipe, we just seasoned the meat and then wrapped it with bacon.... -

Tips To Steam Lime

One of the juiciest fruits used in a number of drinks and in many herbal medicines is lime. Steaming lime is recommended since most of its juices can be easily squeezed out when it turns soft after being well steamed.  Here are some ways to... -

Tips To Steam Sausage

One of the main reasons for the popularity of sausages are their  shapes, sizes and variety of uses. The easiest and the most common way of cooking it is steaming that ensures complete cooking since it heats the sausage from all sides. Moreover,... -

Tips To Steam Trout

One of the most delicious and nutritional freshwater fishes which can be caught wild or even farmed is trout . Steamed trout is highly nutritional since it is low in fat and a great source of vitamins which includes B6, B12, selenium and phosphorous.... -

Tips To Steam Cauliflower

Preparing cauliflower according to different recipes is quite easy. Steaming is the most preferred method since it makes it less soggy  and helps to retain all its nutrients. Just like all other vegetables, cauliflower too loses its vital nutrients and... -

Tips To Steam Acorn Squash

Food experts and chefs believe that acorn squash is one of those foods which is considerably easy to steam. Cooking  the vegetable by this process helps to retain all its nutrients, does not add to your calorie count and even makes it taste delicious.... -

Tips To Steam Eggs

Do eggs tend to crack when you boil them? Try steaming the eggs instead! You will notice that the chances of eggs cracking is far less and the task of cooking the eggs becomes easier too. That is not all!  Eggs which are steamed... -