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Tarla Dalal is the cookery legend of India born in Pune and married in Mumbai. The chef is the best selling cookery authors for years. Apart from the series of cookbooks, she has also written some health books relating to pregnancy, toddler, low calorie sweets, calcium rich food and diabetic which inculcate both the recipes and important facts on the subject. Tarla Dalal recipes books are not only part of the book shops but of some peculiar places like boutiques, video parlor, toy shops and departmental stores. To cater to the demands of the thousands of hers fans she has started up with a bimonthly magazine which has facts on many other household topics other than cooking.


Professional Life of Tarla Dalal


Tarla Dalal started with the cookery classes from home which was a grand success. Countless students waited to be associated with the chef. Her cooking classes were the passport of marriage in India. ‘The pleasures of Vegetarian cooking’ published in 1974 was her first book which swayed the Indian housewives. Tarla Dalal’s recipes are a part of some popular journals, newspapers and magazines and some television cookery shows. She underwent a series of cookery shows in India and abroad especially in Jakarta, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, New York and many more.


Noteworthy Works of Tarla Dalal


Tarla Dalal owns a personal website www.tarladalal.com an extensive cookery blog and amongst the top rated culinary sites of the world with over 11000 online recipes. It enumerates not only all the Tarla Dalal recipes but has an online feedback section to keep her fans and food lovers updated and in touch with the chef. She explored the spicy Sinhalese Cuisine which is primarily linked to the Ayurveda with its basic five elements.




Tarla Dalal is the first Indian in this category to be honored with the Padmashree Award in 2007 by the President of India, Sri Abul Kalam, for her contribution to the cookery world. The chef was presented the Women of the year award 2005 by the Indian Merchants Chambers for her potential skills and cookery books, magazines and website.


Tarla Dalal Cookbooks


The legend is known to be one of the best cookery authors respected all round the globe. Some of her cookery books have been translated into Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi and also Dutch and Russian. Tarla Dalal has also contributed to the field of specialized cooking with Exotic Diabetes Cooking, Kebabs and Tikkis, Mughlai Khana, Non Fried Farsans and Growing kids Cookbook.


Numerous miniseries collections of Tarla Dalal recipes include Baked Dishes, Curies and Kadhis, Chinese Cooking, etc. Recent launches are the Golgappu series which includes easy cooking dishes of kids’ choice. Popular Food Shows The name of the chef is associated in the culinary world with great respect. The Cookery show “Cook it up with Tarla Dalal” was a successful show on Sony Entertainment Television which broadcasted unique Tarla Dalal recipes not only in India but also in South East Asia, UK, Gulf and the U.S.


She was the part of ‘Fame Gurukul’ another show on Sony Television as a trainer for the five finalists.




Tarla Dalal, the renowned cookery author of India is proud to be associated with numerous cookery shows India and abroad. Cooking Indian food and make it renowned globally is her passion. With full dedication and expertise knowledge she brings out reforms in the culinary world. Tarla Dalal recipes have gained worldwide fame.

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