Swiss Soup Recipes

Swiss soup is typically prepared with the local ingredients available in Switzerland and/or from ingredients sourced from the neighboring Germany, France and Italy. Historically, Switzerland was the land of farmers, ... More »
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Swiss Cherry Soup

This Swiss Cherry Soup is a class apart from the usual ones. A deliciously sweet fare consisting of mixed vegetables and yogurt, I love this chilled first course before my bread dishes. Try this Swiss Cherry Soup out in your own unique way and let me know... - 51.6545

Swiss Potato Soup

GETTING READY 1) Wash the potatoes and peel them. 2) Slice the potatoes and onion. Keep them aside. MAKING 3) Take a saucepan and add potatoes. 4) Add water, salt, marjoram, celery leaves along with the white portion of 3 onions. 5) Bring them boil and... - 48.9301

Teds Swiss Cheese Soup

MAKING 1.In a saucepan, heat butter and add flour gradually to make a reddish brown cooked mixture. 2.Put chicken stock and milk in the pan and stir. 3.Once the ingredients boil, lower the flame and allow them to cook for 15 minutes. 4.Add cheese whiz and... - 47.4201

Swiss Chard And Cabbage Soup

GETTING READY 1 Remove the stalks and wash the Swiss chard well. 2 Wash the cabbage leaves, removing the large, hard ribs, and check their weight after you have prepared them. 3 Shred the leaves. 4 Peel the onion and chop very finely. 5 Wash and dry... - 46.8105

Swiss Topped Cauliflower Soup

Quarter one onion; stuff the cloves into the second onion. In a large saucepan, combine water and broth; add onions, leeks, carrots and seasonings. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Add cauliflower; simmer, uncovered, for 30... - 46.7338

Swiss Fondue Soup

Process bread with the metal blade, four slices at a time, until coarsely chopped. Add bread and cheese to hot broth. Let stand 10 minutes. Process half at a time in processor bowl with the metal blade until smooth. Place in a saucepan and bring to a... - 41.1776

Swiss Cheese Soup

MAKING 1. In a warm soup plate, place one slice of toast. 2. Sprinkle with cheese and top it with another slice of toast. 3. In a saucepan, heat the milk to scalding point. 4. Season milk with... - 39.7425

Swiss Potato Soup

MAKING 1) In a saucepan mix soup, milk, and mustard. 2) Stir and heat until soup thaws. 3) Mix cheese and parsley. 4) Heat the mixture until cheese melts. 5) Stir often to avoid burning. 6) To thin soup, use 1/2 soup can milk and 1/2 soup can... - 39.3304

Swiss Cheese Soup

Peel the onion and slice very thinly. Fry the bacon until the fat runs. Add the onion and fry together until the bacon is crisp and the onion golden brown. Remove from the heat and keep warm. Meanwhile, heat the chicken stock to boiling. Grate the cheese and... - 38.7665

Swiss Country Soup

1. Heat butter and fry bread slices until both sides are golden. Drain. 2. Place bread slices one on each of the four deep soup plates. 3. Heat water in a fry pan and poach eggs one at a time. Carefully lift poached egg and place on fried bread. 4. Heat... - 37.9369

Swiss Potato Soup

1 Saute onion in butter until soft in a kettle; stir in potatoes, salt, mustard, pepper and water. Heat to boiling; cover. 2 Simmer 30 minutes, or until potatoes are very soft; press through a fine sieve into a large bowl; return to kettle. Stir in milk; - 33.552

Swiss Chard Soup

Saute mushrooms in butter and oil for 5 minutes. Add flour and stir until flour is evenly distributed, then add chicken stock, salt and pepper, and milk. Cook slowly, stirring constantly, until mixture is slightly thickened. Add Swiss chard and simmer for 15... - 31.9075

Brown Swiss Soup

1 Melt 1/4 cup butter or margarine in a large saucepan, saute onion until tender. Add broth and water; bring to boiling. Stir in gravy mix; simmer 5 minutes. 2 Ladle into 4 ovenproof dishes. Spread bread with butter; place one slice in each serving of sou - 28.2394

Swiss Potato Soup

Combine soup, milk, and mustard. Heat until soup thaws. Add cheese and parsley. Heat until cheese melts; stir often. - 26.4385

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