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Swiss Recipes, known for their compelling taste, visual appeal and nutritional worth, are a collection of culinary contributions from the neighboring cuisines of Italy, France and Germany, apart from the cuisines of the native inhabitants of Switzerland. The Swiss cuisine is amongst one of the Haute cuisines of the world. The chocolates and fondues of this beautiful European country have made a special place for themselves in the world and are much coveted Swiss foods in the entire world. The Rosti (a potato dish) is considered to be the national dish by many Swiss people. Recipes for Rosti( a potato dish made with cheese topping), Raclette( a potato dish) , Fondue( an accompaniment dish made with a melted cheese base) and the distinctive Swiss chocolates are some of the most popular Swiss recipes


Classification of Swiss Cuisine

Swiss recipes comprise of dishes from four different cuisines of the country namely:


1. French – Swiss food from this region is mainly characterized by the abundant usage of cheese. The Fondue, an accompaniment dish made of melted cheese, is a communal dish of the region and it is believed to be the most popular dish of the region. Bread or potatoes can be savored with a bowl of cheese fondue as a filling meal. Papet Vaudois is a dish primarily made of pork sausages and leeks along with potatoes in the hotpot style. Raclette, a potato dish with cheese dripping as the topping and served with seasoned onions and gherkins, is another widely eaten dish from this part of the Swiss cuisine.


2. German – The influence of this cuisine on the Swiss cuisine is no less than the French. In fact a lot of major main dishes of the cuisine are contributions from the German cuisine. Zopf( bread), Rosti( a filled dish similar to the hash browns, of which the Emmen Valley specialty, Apple Rosti is a very popular variety), Fotzel slices( a traditional dish made of stale bread), Birchermuesli( a cereal dish made of oats and eaten as a filling meal for breakfast), Alplermagronen ( a filling macaroni meal made including potatoes, cheese and bacon) and Tirggel( a flour biscuit made of honey especially during Christmas), Riz Casimir( a rice fruits and pork dish served with curry sauce), and Cut Meat are the contributions from this German region of this cuisine.


3. Italian – The influence of the cuisine of this region existed on the Swiss cuisine for long. Polenta is the most famous contribution from this region. Though corn recipes were made known to the Swiss from the early 17th century, polenta, made of flour was made in the cuisine for a couple of centuries after that. It was only after that when the dish was started being made from cornmeal that it became a major meal of the Swiss people of the region. Saffron Rissotto is a rice dish that gained immense following in the Ticino region of Switzerland.


4. Graubunden- This South Eastern region of Switzerland has its own typical dishes. The meat pie from Chur, the Bunder Nusstorte ( a nut cake specially famous in the Engadine region), and the famous Barley Soup from this region, and Pizokel With Cabbage are some of the most popular dishes from this region.


Apart from all the Swiss recipes from the regional cuisines, the innumerable varieties of Swiss chocolates and beverages like apple juice, white wines like Sylvanar and Chasselas are popular throughout the world today. The famous chocolaty nutritional drink Ovomaltine, popular in America as Ovaltine, is originally a Swiss beverage which gained worldwide prominence in due course of time.