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Jerky Dressed In Gold

Gourmet meals are supposed to be expensive and movie stars thrive on shocking the world with their tales of extravagance. However, a new company marketing jerkies has gone the whole hog by producing gold plated jerky this time. Yes, it’s edible gold... -

Mikee Shitake Teriyaki Wins Big At Kosherfest

Beating out 130 other new products, Mikee Shitake Teriyaki took home Best in Show honors at the Kosherfest 2007 New Products Competition. Produced by Exotic Sauce Packaging in Farmingdale, N.Y., Mikee Shitake Teriyaki sauce won in the Best New Savory... -

Your Vote Goes To Which ‘meathead’

It is becoming impossible not to talk of President Barack Obama and the foods he likes in the same vein. No, we are not talking of his favorite food – beef chili. Rather, this blog is about the beef jerky portraits of Obama and his Republican rival, Mitt... -

Gadget Converts Food Into Healthy Snacks

‘Food dehydrator,’ the name is not exciting in the least, especially for kids. Yet the machines are selling like ‘hot cakes’ simply because mothers can finally get their young kids to wolf down the mandatory 5-portions-a-day veggies and fruits ... -

Ra Sushi Menu – Hungry For Sushi And More?

Are you hungry for some amazing Japanese fusion cuisine? Then Ra Sushi is the place to be. This lively restaurant offers you a vibrant crowd, innovative cocktails, and, as they say, “the best sushi this side of Tokyo.” Probably... -

5 Chocolate Mishaps

With Christmas coming up shortly and New Year’s Day looming large thereafter, it’s raining chocolates! From sweet nibbles, to cookies, cakes and even savory dishes, there is no dearth of the warm, brown, sticky surface that gladdens the heart and brings a... -

Las Vegas Boasts Of $750 Cupcake!

  How much would you shell out for a cupcake - $5? Well, here’s a cupcake for the richest of the rich, sold at a whopping $750 per piece ! This affluent treat called " Decadence D’Or" stands tall at "Sweet... -

7 Healthy Airline Snacks

Snacks are a ubiquitous part of air travel. However, waiting for the airlines to serve them may not always be wise as most of them tend to be sold out by the time the flight attendants reach your row. It is, therefore, a good idea to carry small packets of... -

Eight Worst Convenience Foods

Just when we thought that nothing worse could top the Hormel's pickled eggs ... along come some more of the variety. We finally got hold of Eight Worst Convenience Foods, which you should avoid like plague next time you come across:   ... -

Irish Appetizer Ideas

Need some change in your normal appetizer items?   If yes, then why not go for Irish appetizers. In this article you will find plenty of scrumptious Irish appetizer ideas which can be easily prepared in your kitchen.   ... -

Eat Swordfish - An Easy And Nutritious Addition To Your Meals

Recently, swordfish has been identified as a good source of omega 3 fatty acid and has shown a considerable success in combating a number of diseases. So there is an opportunity for an easy and nutritious addition to your meals , which is to eat... -

Ny Strip Con Chiles Verde

If you are a regular reader of the Chef Benwa Cooks blog then you will know my fondness for green chilies. From my Chili Verde con Cerdo to my Chile Verde con Carne y Tomatoes . I just love the chilies. Another favorite of mine is Jack Link's... -

Top 10 Spooky Halloween Treats For Kids

Halloween is another name for spooky, especially when it comes to food. Now what have you planned for your kids and their friends this year? If you haven't made any plans already, here is a list of top 10 treats that will keep your kids and their mates... -

10 Interesting Burgers

A meat patty, couple of buns along with condiments and some pickles usually constitute a burger. But what about dishes that do not conform to the rule, yet get to be classified as burgers ? Highly interesting, isn’t it? Well, you do not really have to go... -

Canadian National Foods

The Canadian National Foods have their roots in three major cuisines, the Aboriginal peoples in Canada, the English and the French. As the former Canadian, Prime Minister Joe Clark once said, "Canada has a cuisine of cuisines. It is not a stew pot,... -

Tips To Tackle Food Cravings With Ease

How many times have you suffered from food cravings, given in to the same and then felt guilty about eating that pizza or bag of chips? More often than not, food cravings cause your health to suffer. Therefore, instead of denying, face them, and get armed... -

Ten Popular Food Ideas For Father’s Day

It is never too late to appreciate your Dad, the man who has been there like a rock of Gibraltar, supporting you in every day life. It is Father’s Day on June 16 and it is time to show him that you love and respect him. And what better way to show your love... -

10 Best Super Bowl Chicken Wing Recipes

Do not underestimate the power of chicken wings when it comes to a Super Bowl Sunday .  Almost 63% Americans have marked their preference for crisp fried wings by describing it as a must-have food item while their favorite teams clash reported the... -

Mcdonald's Employees To Open A “health Food Chain”!!

The concept of  health food chain  seems to be taking the fast food industry by storm with the former McDonald's employees opening a health food chain named – “LYFE Kitchen.” The health food chain is the idea of Mike Roberts,... -

Au Bon Pain Menu – At A Light & Breazy Note

When businessman Louis Kane thought of making fresh baked breads and croissants available to everyone in the city, it was because of his chance encounter with Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall marketplace, where he saw French bakery ovens showcased in shops. ... -

Katy Perry's New Diet Plan

    Right now, Katy Perry is busy planning to create her own record label and is reinventing her diet and music. What is she up to, by the way?      With “Part of Me” – a 3D biopic film on her life being... -

The Melting Pot Menu – For Conversation, Laughter, Togetherness

Are you a fondue fanatic? Are you always on the lookout for fondue parties? Are you the one who wants to keep on hosting fondue parties for friends and family? Your search ends at The Melting Pot. This restaurant prides itself in being called a “premier... -

6 Worst Fast Foods Of The World

Before you hit your favorite fast food joint for the next time, you should know about these 6 worst fast foods of the world . According to the nutritionists and physicians, most of the fast foods are harmful for your health, when consumed in a regular... -

Penn Station Menu - Delightful Subs Your Way

Did you know that the Penn Station serves 14 different subs, right from its trademark Philly Cheesesteak to “create it yourself” Dagwood? Well, if you didn’t, then here is your chance to know more about the Penn Station Menu . This would help you to... -

Top Japanese Restaurants In London

       Size doesn’t matter –some of the top Japanese restaurants in London —are examples of this saying, as they rule the food scene in Europe, despite coming from a small island country, Japan. As chefs turn... -

Trimming Calories In The New Year

Don't think of it as going a diet - just trim calories and make healthy choices for the New Year Here we are almost to the beginning of another year - 2008-time just seems to zip by. Many say this time of year - "I... -

Low-fat Party Foods With Nutritional Facts

One thing that is common among all parties is rich food and indiscriminate consumption of food. Since there are very few among us who can control themselves from over-indulging in food at a paty, it is better to invest time and effort in preparing some ... -

Sugary American Foods Are Popular

Eating sugar isn’t always nice! This is what doctors say. It needs to be followed even more fastidiously now, when the Americans are battling with obesity like never before . Yet, the common branded foods that you come across everyday may not quite be... -

How To Make Wine Marinades – Add Flavor In Style

The wine marinades can be just perfect to cook your meat or chicken, when you know how to make wine marinades . Usually, the wine marinades are prepared using two types of wine, red or white. Along with the wine, different types of spices or herbs are... -

5 Best Minneapolis Restaurants

People come to Minneapolis – a city famous for offering some of the finest dining in the world. Here is the list of 5 Best Minneapolis Restaurants. 112 Eatery: Under the supervision of Chef Isaac Becker, is the top Minneapolis restaurant - 112... -

How To Keep Cooked Rice Fresh For Long

  Now quickly learn how to keep cooked rice fresh for long . Rice is one of the basic meal of the Asian cuisine. It is served as the main course dish curry, chicken teriyaki, or sweet and sour pork. However, the only problem is that it loses... -

Tips To Wrap Tofu In Bacon

Tofu is a very popular ingredient in vegetarian cuisines as it is a rich source of protein. Chefs season chunks of tofu   with a range of sauces and ingredients and then wrap it with bacon to make a luscious appetizing starter. Most people think... -

How Healthy Is "healthy Fast-food"?

    How Healthy Is " Healthy Fast-Food "? Have you ever pondered this question? With an increasing concern related to heart disease, obesity, and diabetes more and more people are... -

Tips To Make Rice Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

You may be thinking about serving steamed rice at your dinner party but how about making something really different. Rice balls are a delicious but different way of serving rice. Steamed rice can be seasoned with sauces, shaped and even stuffed to form... -

How To Use Cola To Marinate A Steak

  If you have some cans of coca cola lying around and wondering how to finish them off, use the remaining coke to marinate Steaks. Go through our tips on how to use cola to marinate a steak to learn how!                     ... -

Top Ten Starters For Dinner Party

You’ve decided to call your friends over for a dinner party but now you are a little stressed out . You have no idea what kind of starters to prepare for them!  Worry not, we’ve listed a few simple and easy starters that you can prepare well in... -

Top 10 Prisons Serving Veg Food

Food of choice is the right of every citizen and it seems like some prison inmates are making very good choices when it comes to food. PETA has complied a list of US prisons that best cater to the diets of vegan and vegetarian inmates. The... -

Tips To Make Chicken Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Nearly every one likes chicken and it can be cooked in a range of different ways. However, chicken balls are a quick and simple way of combining chicken meat with a range of ingredients to make super-delicious but beautifully simple finger foods. You can... -

Smokey Bones Menu – ‘hope You’re Hungry’

The Smokey Bones Menu hopes only for one thing – you should be hungry enough to enjoy their mouth-watering collection of popular flavors.  The Menu names themselves are interesting as you will see for yourself:   Fire Starters ... -

Simply Ming

Ming Tsai is one of my favourite chefs as his treatment of food is fresh and exciting.  He is simply brilliant in the kitchen.  I love his smoked tea rub - combines the deep smokiness of a classic bbq with the exotic, vibrant flavors of Asia, and well just... -

How To Use Black Rice In Your Daily Diet

Black rice has originated from Indonesia and Philippines, but today it is popular all over the world for its healthy nutrients and great taste. I guess you too have become a fan of black rice as you are reading this article, so let me guide you on how to... -

How To Organize A 50th Wedding Anniversary Party?

It’s that time of the year when your parents or grandparents are about to celebrate their 50th anniversary and you are wondering how to organize a 50th wedding anniversary party ? Why not plan the menu first, for once this is planned, the rest will... -

Top 5 Most Famous Baked Chicken Dishes

How about I tell you now, what are the most famous 5 baked chicken dishes. And what if I were to give you these famous baked chicken dishes recipe also? Since long now, I have been writing and giving just about all the tips on how microwave cooking is... -

Diary Of A Wannabe Tv Chef: Once More Unto The Breach . . .

Originally posted August 8, 2007 on Edible TV (edibletv.net). This is the latest installment in a continuing series that documents my personal quest to become the host of my own cooking show. Since this is a relatively new... -

Boston Pizza Menu

Boston Pizza (Bo Pi or BP) is a Canadian-based restaurant chain, which has outlets in the US and Mexico as well. Started in Edmonton, Alberta on August 12, 1964, the restaurant has come a long way with the Boston Pizza Menu, which is about much more than just... -

Sizzler Menu – Get Sizzlin’ With Food

Wanna have a sizzlin’ dining experience outside your kitchen? Come to the Sizzler restaurant, which has, over the years, added depth to its menu in the form of a variety of “sizzlin’” items that will leave you wanting for more. Take a look: ... -

Types Of Salt

There are many different salts of the world.  I especially like using Maldon salt as a finishing salt and French Sea Salt for much of my cooking.  Steve loves using various finishing salts often in conjunction with special herbs. This is an... -

20 Foods Your Cardiologist Won't Eat

Salty food may seem like the least of your worries, especially if you're among the 40 percent of people who mindlessly shake salt on every dish. An extra dash here, a few sprinkles there—what's the big deal? A lot, when you consider the fact... -

What Is A Sushi

In Japanese cuisine, Sushi ( Sushi ? ) is a food made of vinegared rice combined with various toppings or fillings, which includes seafood and can also include vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, or meat. Sushi topping -

Diabetes Mellitus

What is diabetes? Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by high blood sugar ( glucose ) levels, which result from defects in insulin secretion, or action, or both. Diabetes mellitus, commonly referred to as diabetes... -

Space Menu - Astronaut Food By Nasa

SHUTTLE MENU STS-116 SUNI WILLIAMS, MS-5 (PURPLE) Meal DAY 1* DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY 4** A Breakfast Roll (FF) Breakfast Roll (FF) Breakfast Roll (FF) Oatmeal w/ Raisins (R) Cornflakes (R) Granola w/ Raisins (R) ... -