Sweet Potato Summertime Recipes

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Grilled Summer Vegetables

Preheat grill. Arrange assorted vegetables on grill rack or grill pan with holes. Combine butter, Parmesan and Garden Blend; brush over vegetables. Set pan on preheated charcoal or gas grill. Grill 10 to 15 minutes over high heat or until vegetables are... - 45.3782

Easy Southern Potato Salad

A wonderful 'no fail' potato salad. This video prepares outstanding southern style creamy potato salad by mixing the right seasoning to provide that zesty taste. This salad is hearty enough but is not loaded with sugar or butter. Try it and be pleasantly... - 113.963

Vegetarian Cold Potato Salad

A creamy potato salad with a rainbow assortment of veggies and an old fashioned flavor of dill and chives, A summertime staple! - 127.363

Bar B Que Baked Beans

Want a side dish for your summer barbeque grills? Scott has Southern baked beans dish that would go well with any of your smoked meat dish. When you see how easy this recipe is, you will probably make it very often and even take it everywhere you go including... - 116.48