Sweet Cuban Recipes

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Mango Daiquiri

It's sweet. It's sour. It's fruity. It's fresh. It's a mango daiquiri, and it's perfect for bringing a twist of the tropics to any occasion, from big backyard barbecues to cocktail time for two relaxing by the pool! Easily make a restaurant quality mango... - 143.156

Mocktails: Nojito And Shirley Temple

In this video, Alia is gonna show you how to make Mocktails (cocktails without alcohol). The non-alcoholic Mojito (also called Nojito) and the original recipe of Shirley Temple. These drinks are perfect to be served anytime around the year. Enjoy! - 128.232

Cuban Mojito

Have drink with your friends and be careful because this drink could be as dangerous as fireworks! Make this delightful drink with Shea in her kitchen! See the video for more! - 121.847

Ice Cream Caramel Fried Plantains

Scrambling for healthy, tasty, and highly gratifying snack ideas? Opt for the classic Cuban favorite — the crispy, crunchy, and mildly sweet fried plantains that would fill you up and gratify your hunger pang without spoiling your appetite before dinner.... - 119.326

Cucumber & Green Tea Mojito

It's that time of year when almost every food item seems to turn green. There's green beer, green cakes, green eggs, and even green pizza (ewe!). I dunno, it seems that green occurs naturally in so many foods that you don't really have to dye anything. Sure,... - 119.326

How To Make A Blueberry Mojito

All of you, who are crazy about mojito, here is something exotic for you. Watch the video to learn about the ingredients and process. Gather all items and fix a gorgeous cocktail for you and your friends to spend a fabulous evening together. - 119.092

Cuban Flan De Calabasa

Nothing says holiday like a lip-smacking dessert. This holiday, add a unique touch to your dessert time treat by preparing a low-fat, luscious and soft egg-custard. To make your dish all the more innovative and drool-worthy, just try this pumpkin variation as... - 118.972

How To Make A Havana Moon Tea

MAKING 1. Steep the black tea in the water for 4 to 5 minutes. 2. In a bowl, mix the honey and warm water 3. In two teacups, pour equal parts of the rum, lime juice, honey water and sugar and stir till the sugar dissolves. 4. Fill both teacups with the black... - 115.049

Easy Egg Custard

Making egg custard is no child's play. However, with this recipe, you can easily cook up a quick, rich, velvety custard at home. Juan Montalvo prepares this Cuban flan and trims down the fat by replacing whole eggs with egg whites. So, if you conscious of... - 115.003


Refreshing mojitos are much loved during summers and what better than this delicious Cuban mojito cocktail can make your day! Get a hang of the picturesque Florida Keys region and try your hands on the quick and easy cocktail pepped up with fresh flavors. A... - 113.593

Cuba Libre

This spin on the Cuba Libre is one that can open the minds of your friends who don't drink cocktails -- except for Rum & Coke or Jack & Coke. The original goes back to just after the 1898 Spanish-American War in Cuba. U.S. soldiers stuck around and brought... - 108.919

Refreshing Mojito

Refreshing mojito is another recipe for this famous drink that has an edge over the other recipes for the way it is prepared. Take a look at this wonderful recipe and be rest assured, it will wriggle your parties or lift up those moody evenings when you are... - 107.674

90 Second Blackberry Mojito

Cheers to the blackberry-mint combination! Two fresh-from-the-garden favorites come together to give the classic Mojito a whole new reason to celebrate. - 106.624

How To Make A Cortadito - Khloe Kardashian's Favorite Coffee!

MAKING 1. Fill espresso machine or pot with water and add espresso powder in it. Pat it down with a spoon. Set aside for 5 minutes. 2. In a mixing cup, drop sugar and pour little hot coffee on top. Mix well and then add the remaining coffee. 3. In a coffee... - 105.664

Floridita Daiquiri

Floridita daiquiri is a fabulous recipe from the famous Floridta bar of Cuba. This spirited zippy drink can become the hot topic of your house parties. Watch this famous recipe as its very easy to go! - 104.469

Blackberry Balsamic Mojitos

MAKING 1. In a cocktail shaker, add in ice cubes, lime pieces, blackberry syrup, mint leaves and balsamic reduction. 2. Shake vigorously for a few minutes. 3. Pour the mixture in a tall glass. 4. Stir in soda water and mix. SERVING 5. Garnish blackberry... - 102.939

Strawberry Basil Mojito

Strawberry Basil Mojito Recipe Since the weather is warm, I have Mojitos on my mind. This combination of basil and strawberries is my favorite Mojito - 97.4865

Lady Kook's Strawberry Daiquiri

GETTING READY 1. In a saucepan take water and sugar together and boil, until sugar get diluted. MAKING 2. In a muddler take rum, simple syrup, lime juice and strawberries. Crush all the ingredients well. 3. Strain the Daiquiri in a glass.... - 94.7334

Platanos Maduros A La Parilla

If you love your deep fried ripe plantains, but avoid it for all the extra calories it brings to your plate, then you will surely love this recipe. Juan Montalvo shows how you can enjoy this Cuban favorite dish at home by substituting the deep-fried method... - 81.1856

Cuban Cascos De Guayaba

The Cubans love their guavas and knows how to eat them too! Here is a Cuban dish that pairs well with almost all dish. Juan Montalvo whips up low-fat cream cheese and tops the guavas with it that indeed makes for a quick and easy dessert recipe any day. - 79.9154

Cinnamon Sugary Tortilla Chips

Want to have a sugar rush? Make this simple sugar craving by frying the tortillas and then simple sprinkling over some sugar and cinnamon! Voila done in minutes. Watch Vicki show you how! - 75.3446

Sweet Corn And Chile Soup

MAKING 1.Put the kettle on gentle flame, and add the olive oil. 2.Once warmed well, add the onions and garlic,saute well till they are translucent 3.Toss in corn kernel, stir and cover. Cook for upto 4 minutes. 4.Add the chiles and water.Cover and simmer for... - 48.5492

Raspberry Mojito

The Mojito originated in Cuba in the early part of the twentieth century, and Ernest Hemingway was an early fan of the elegant cocktail served at La Bodeguita del Medio in Havana. - 41.4782