Sweet Corn Masala Recipes

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Masala Sweet Corn Raita

Heat the oil in a heavy-based saucepan over a medium heat and fry the onion seeds, chillies and onion for about 1 minute. Add the sweetcorn, then the chilli powder, ground coriander and salt. Fry for about 2 minutes, stirring occasionally. Once all the liquid... - 41.4562

Tangy Corn Masala

This is a simple dish made with corn, spiced up with red chili powder, with a tanginess of lemon juice. The dish can be enjoyed during snack time along with tea or coffee and can be offered during small and big parties. Really a very good variation from... - 31.4725

Dry Spiced Sweet Corn

Dry Spiced Sweetcorn has a luscious taste. Dry Spiced Sweetcorn gets its taste from potatoes mixed with sweet corn and flavored with spices. Dry Spiced Sweetcorn is loved by many food lovers. - 38.7945

Vegetable Cutlets (masala Burger Patties)

In a mood of making cutlets, then you should surely check this out. Chef Bhavna shows how to make these tasty cutlets which can be baked or fried. They are easy to prepare and a mouth watering snack. You can serve the cutlets with chutney or ketchup. Don't... - 113.083

Cheesy Corn

Heat butter in a kadhai. Add chopped tomatoes and capsicum, cook for 2 mins, add sweet corn, salt and cook for 4-5 mins or until cooked. Turn off the flame and add chat masala, lemon juice, mix well. Remove it in a plate while its still hot and sprinkle with... - 21.3413

Palak Methi And Corn Subzi (pregnancy And Calcium & Iron Rich) By Tarla Dalal

You can't do without enough calcium and iron throughout the nine months of gestation. All great sources of calcium - fenugreek, spinach and curds add a distinctive flavor to this corn subzi, helping you ensure your baby is born with strong bones. - 123.809

Corn And Vegetable Bhajee

GETTING READY 1. Clean the vegetables and peel them. 2. Cut vegetables into small pieces. 3. Clean and chop spinach and chowlai. MAKING 4. Grind ginger, chillies and coconut. 5. In a large vessel heat 4 tablespoon oil. 6. In a bowl mix ground coconut paste,... - 46.9135

Corn Curry By Tarla Dalal

A creamy paste of onion, coriander, coconut and poppy seeds with spicy green chillies and ginger is the focal point of the corn curry. And of course, there is soothing coconut milk and a bouquet of spices to complement the green masala. - 100.272

Crispy Corn Pakoras

Corn pakoras are an ideal tea-time snack. Corn is a rich source of essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium and iron and is also a rich source of proteins. Corn has no cholesterol at all and considered ideal for people who suffer with high cholesterol... - 29.7365

Indian Crunchy Corn Fritters

Indian style crunchy corn fritters make for a yummy and delicious treat! - 48.2349

Palak Corn Subzi By Tarla Dalal

The palak corn subzi is a mellow preparation of nutrient-rich spinach and sweet corn. These two star ingredients complement each other well not just in flavour and texture, but in looks too. The corn kernels look like shiny pearls laid on bright green silk.... - 126.009

Sweet Onion Rings

Sweet Onion Rings are a crispy, puffy, sweet, quick snack to relish on a bore day with family. Enjoy! - 47.766

Sweet And Sour Vegetables Side

Vegetable sides are always a sought after food with most mains. Watch Chef Aarsi showing how to make Sweet and Sour Vegetables using some fresh vegetables, Asian seasonings and flavors. Ideal with Naan, Chapati, Bread and Rice. - 117.705

Makai Galouti Kebab By Tarla Dalal

A vegetarian adaptation of the galouti kebab! The specialty of a galouti kebab is its ability to completely melt in your mouth and this makai galouti kebab does just that. Adding paneer gives these kebabs a great creamy texture and the potatoes help in... - 124.589

Bhel Puri

Bhelpuri is a popular snack on the beaches of MUMBAI!!! - 45.5939

Matar Paneer By Chef Sonali

Matar Paneer is an Indian dish consisting of cheese and peas in a sweet and spicy red sauce. - 51.9066

My Mother's Day Party Menu 2010-chhole Chaat, Chocolate Strawberries Bouquet, Short Cake Dessert

For the Chhole Chaat: GETTING READY 1. Take a bowl with 2 cups of cooked chhole/chana and coat it with Punjabi garam masala, chaat masala and chhole masala. 2. In another bowl mix the potatoes with the Punjabi garam masala, chaat masala and the chhole masala.... - 81.0899

Cheat's Chicken Curry

An easy and economical curry that tastes good is what a Cheat's Chicken Curry is all about. Have a look at this simple recipe in this video and learn how to prepare this dish. If you have never tried a curry give it a shot now. - 92.5351

Raw Mango Rice Medley

Grind the masala very fine and reserve the water with which you wash the grinding stone or mixie. Wash the vegetables and raisins. Place 1 cup ghee in a large vessel and over a medium heat. When hot, add the masala and fry till it becomes red. Add the... - 31.9161

Bisi Bele Huliyanna

Wash and soak rice in water for 1 hour. Cook in plenty of briskly boiling water till it is just cooked. Add salt and 1 cup water. Remove from fire and drain in colander. Spread rice on a tray to cool. Set aside. Boil chana dal in salted water. When it is... - 42.5582

Ragada Patties

Chutney (Green chutney) : 1. Clean the bunch of coriander leaves and pudina and put it in the blender. 2. Then put curd, green chillies, salt and blend them into a fine paste. Red garlic chutney : Take a blender and put red chilli powder, garlic flakes and... - 45.7024

Orange Peel Chutney

The peel of orange has its place in the cuisine of food in traditional indian dishes, and one such dish is the Orange Peel Chutney. But before that let us go step by step. How to dry orange peel:- Peel 2 fresh oranges with a vegetable peeler, taking care not... - 47.6482

Classic Paneer Pasanda

Paneer pasanda is a delicate Indian preparation, which you might have tasted in the Indian eateries. Watch this video, if you want to cook this awesome cottage cheese preparation for your special Indian menu. Serve over saffron rice preparation and enjoy a... - 126.06

Ragda Patties Chowpatty Style

1. Soak the white peas overnight. Or if you are in hurry, soak them for 4 hours in hot water. Wash and add some salt and water. Pressure cook till soft. 2. Dip bread slices in water for just a moment and squeeze them to remove excess water. Mix them with... - 44.8238

Mumbai Frankie

These delicious and easy to prepare Indian wraps are just perfect for a light meal or as a snack. - 44.9484

Hyderabadi Haleem

Hello everybody...I've been going through soooo many wonderful recipes on this website since the last few weeks and today i finally decided to post a recipe myself.Its a famous Hyderabadi dish called "Haleem" which is usually prepared during the holy month of... - 85.6306