Swedish Almond Tart Recipes

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Swedish Almond Tarts

Are you looking for a great Swedish Almond Tarts recipe? The most essential ingredient in Swedish Almond Tarts is always almond. The European Swedish Almond Tarts has an unique characteristic of addicting you to it on the first bite. Dish up this Swedish... - 39.7236

Almond Tarts Swedish Sandbakelsen

With a wooden spoon, mix butter, sugar, egg yolk, and almond extract until well blended. Mix in flour and almonds; wrap and chill 1 hour. Preheat oven to 325° F. Press 1/4" layers of dough into buttered and floured 1 1/2"-2" tartlet tins. Stand tins on a... - 41.5262

Swedish Almond Tarts

Heat oven to 375°. Prepare tart shells; reserve pastry scraps. Beat egg whites until foamy. Gradually add sugar; beat until stiff peaks form. Fold in almonds. Spread 1 tablespoon jam over bottom of each tart shell; spoon in 1/3 cup almond filling and spread... - 36.834

Swedish Tea Tarts

Prepare the pastry by creaming the butter, sugar, egg and flavorings together then stirring in the flour. Chill mixture until firm enough to press into bottom and sides of small or large tart tins. When all the dough has been used spoon a heaping teaspoon of... - 37.4662

Swedish Sand Tarts

Cream butter with extract; add sugar gradually, beating until fluffy. Add egg and beat thoroughly. Add flour in fourths, mixing until blended after each addition. Stir in almonds. Chill dough thoroughly. Remove a small portion of dough at a time from... - 40.7396

Swedish Sand Tarts

1. Beat butter or margarine with sugar until light in medium-size bowl with electric mixer at high speed; beat in egg and almond extract. Gradually sift in flour and salt, blending well. Chill dough overnight, or until firm enough to handle. 2. Pinch off... - 30.3558

Swedish Sand Tarts

1. Cream butter or margarine with granulated sugar until fluffy-light in medium-size bowl; beat in egg and almond extract. Gradually sift in flour and salt, blending well. Chill dough overnight, or until firm. 2. Pinch off about a half teaspoon-ful at a time;... - 30.232


Sandbakelser is a Swedish tart prepared with flour, almond extract and lemon filling. If you're looking for a straight-forward method of preparation but also something out of the ordinary, Sandbakelser recipe, may be just what you're after. It hardly takes... - 35.5746