Sushi Sauce

Sushi sauce

Sushi sauce is a kind of sauce used in most of the sushi recipes. Sushi sauce may be sweet in taste or sometimes it is chilly in taste as it contains chili oil. It can also be taken as a condiment with Japanese sushi.

How to make sushi sauce?

Sushi sauce can be used in Japanese sushi roll, avocado roll or volcano rolls. It is a Japanese sauce but in America, it is considered as a side dish. It is prepared by boiling the ingredients. Vinegar, chili oil, Soya sauce, sugar, salt and mustard are some of the basic ingredients of sushi sauce.

Sushi sauce recipes

Sushi sauce can be used in making sushi rice, sushi rolls and burgers. It is best eaten as a condiment with many foods. Tuna sushi sauce, orange sauce sushi, teriyaki chicken sauce and strawberry sauce sushi are some of the sushi sauce foods.

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