Surat Food

The uniqueness of Surat food can be implictated with a Gujarati proverb that says it’s fortunate enough to have food in Surat. Food in Surat  typically belongs to the Indian Gujarati cuisine. The day to day cooking in this Gujarati city involves the traditional dishes called ‘Gujarati rasoi’ prepared by the womenfolk of the family. Even  group cooking including neighborhood women is also a popular tradition in Surat.


History of Surat Cuisine

Surat is a city that is famous for being the city for rest of Lord Krishna at the time of Mahabharata. The traditional Surat food is restricted to vegetarian foods, but with the introduction of modern food culture, the classic dishes are being transformed into contemporary dishes with the use of modern ingredients.


Ingredients Used in Food of Surat

The typical Surti cuisine involves all the ingredients belonging to Gujarati cuisine. Sweets, vegetable curries and mixed vegetable dishes are highly popular in this cuisine. The food culture in Surat involves traditional home cooking, but street food also enjoys a higher popularity in the city.


Classic dishes such as locho, undhiyo and kahaman are day to day delicacies of Surat households. Gram flour, wheat flour, lentils and various vegetables are the important components of the food of Surat.


Though it’s a highly spiced food, but like traditional Gujarati cuisine little sweet flavor is always there in the Surat food. Classic sweet dishes such as ‘Ghari’ is a festive delicacy that is either prepared at home or available in almost all sweet shops in Surat.


One of the specialties of this region is ‘ponk’. This is a kind of roasted cereal that is exclusive to this region only.


Places to Eat Best of Surat Cuisine

Surat is a place where food serving tradition is age-old and Gujarati people living here believe that serving food is a great deed that should be done with proper hospitality. Here the restaurants are usually vegetarian and serve typical Gujarati and Surti cuisine. However, with the introduction of Western culture, the fast food and continental cuisines are also gaining popularity. Some of the best Surat restaurants are as follows:


  • Saatvik restaurant – Located in Malvi dharamshala In Surat, this restaurant is purely vegetarian. It serves the local cuisine along with other Indian delicacies.
  • Panchvati Garden restaurant – This eating joint is situated at Sultanabad Dumas road in Surat and it is famous for its authentic surti dishes along with other Gujarati specialties.
  • Hira Mistan restaurant – Along with savory Surat Food, this restauarnt is also famous for its sweets that are quiet popular

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