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Burnt Sugar Frosting

MAKING 1) In a large non-stick pan spread sugar in the bottom. 2) Simmer very slowly until sugar melts and turns deep golden. 3) Gently stream in water, stirring constantly. 4) Heat until sugar dissolves completely in water. 5) Raise the heat to boil the... - 36.8199

Burnt Sugar Frosting

Combine water, cornstarch, and fructose in a saucepan. Stir to dissolve cornstarch. Cook and stir over medium heat until mixture is very thick, about 4 to 5 minutes. Remove from heat. Stir in flavoring. Allow to cool slightly Beat in frosting mix. - 27.0786

Burnt Sugar Frosting

1. Spread granulated sugar in a large heavy skillet; heat very slowly until sugar melts and starts to turn a deep golden color, stirring constantly; add water slowly. Continue heating, until melted sugar dissolves completely in water. Boil syrup rapidly,... - 25.3373

Burnt Butter Frosting

Melt butter in a medium saucepan, and cook over medium heat until browned. Remove from heat. Add the remaining ingredients, adding additional milk if necessary. - 19.7155

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Fudge Frosting With Powdered Sugar

Melt chocolate with cream in small heavy saucepan over medium heat, stirring until chocolate melts completely. Remove from heat; beat in powdered sugar and vanilla. Spread over cookies while frosting is still warm. - 22.2248

Powdered Sugar Frosting

This powdered sugar frosting is a fun frosting that can be used on sweet buns, cakes or any other dessert of choice. made with powdered sugar, milk and vanilla for flavor, the powdered sugar frosting is mixed together with butter to use. - 24.6638

Confectioners Sugar Frosting

This Confectioner's Sugar Frosting makes a perfect cookie spread. Try this buttery and milky vanilla flavored sweet spread on your other desserts too. Your suggestions for this Confectioner's Sugar Frosting are welcome. - 23.7026

Maple Sugar Frosting

Combine all ingredients in a medium-sized heavy saucepan. Set over low heat and stir until sugar is dissolved. Increase heat and bring to boiling. Set candy thermometer in place and cook without stirring to 238F (soft-ball stage); during cooking, wash sugar... - 29.0919

Brown Sugar Frosting

This Brown Sugar Frosting makes an ordinary cake exceptionally tasty ! Try out this Brown Sugar Frosting on your favorite cake and tell me if you like it! - 21.544

Eggless Maple Sugar Frosting

The maple sugar frosting is a simple cream and maple sugar frosting recipe. The maple sugar in the frosting gives this frosting all its taste. prepared with fresh cream, this simple frosting is awesome over dessert rolls and cakes! - 32.7279

Easy Powdered Sugar Frosting

Mix powdered sugar, milk and vanilla until smooth and of spreading consistency. - 18.9243

Maple Sugar Frosting

This maple sugar frosting is a cooked frosting recipe made with egg whites. Cooked and made with syrup from the maple sugar, the maple sugar frosting can be used with baked desserts of choice like rolls and cakes or sweet buns. - 32.1623

Brown Sugar Frosting

MAKING 1. Cook brown sugar in water until it reaches a soft ball consistency or a candy thermometer inserted registers 236° F. 2. Beat egg whites until stiffen. Gradually, add sugar, beating thoroughly after each additions. Beat until peaks form.... - 24.9838

Confectioners Sugar Frosting

1. Combine confectioners' sugar and vanilla extract. 2. Add just enough milk or cream to make a frosting that will hold its shape when forced through a pastry bag and tube. - 20.2145

Sugar-cinnamon Mix

In a bowl combine sugar, cinnamon and margarine. Sprinkle over batter. Bake as directed in muffin recipe. HINT: Keep muffins hot longer by lining your basket (under the cloth or napkin) with a sheet of foil. - 24.6995

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