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Baking With Sugar And Sugar Substitutes

Most people enjoy sweets. We satisfy our sweet cravings with fruits and honey, and with extracts of grains, herbs, vegetables, tree saps and grasses.   Sweet Teeth Sugar performs many important roles in baking. It provides moisture and... -

Gluten Free Crisps Health Benefits

  Gluten free crisps help in keeping you healthy while allowing you to enjoy your comfort food at the same time. A favorite food of almost every child, the crisps can also come in various categories that make use of nutritious, wholesome... -

How To Make Crisp Dill Pickles?

How to make Crisp Dill Pickle? To get them crisp and right is always a struggle! But don’t you love biting into a crunchy crisp dill pickle? When I realized that it might be more economical if I made these at home, I set about to perfect my Dill... -

How Do You Make Apple Crisp

How do you make apple crisp for your numerous recipes? Have you ever tried making apple crisp? This is one of the easiest tricks of making any dessert tasty. We all make use of apples in cakes , tarts and pies and get bored also with the same taste over... -

Do Muffins Contain More Salt Than A Packet Of Crisps?

The latest buzz amongst the health freaks and dieticians revolves around “Muffins” and the question “ Do Muffins Contain More Salt Than A Packet Of Crisps? ”. To many of us, the question may sound weird and unbelievable. But time of a reality... -

How Do You Make Apple Crisp For Sweet Desserts

Crispy apples can be a real treat and are considered to be the best of baked food recipes. How do you make apple crisp for any sweet dessert? – I often asked this question and searched the internet, but I wasn’t successful in any of these attempts.... -

How To Sauté Sugar Snap Peas

If you want to know how to sauté sugar snap peas , you must read the instructions carefully.   Sugar snap peas consist of edible pods that are not flat but round.The pods of these peas do not open when they ripe, like some other varieties of... -

How To Serve Sugar Snap Peas

  There are numerous ways to serve sugar snap peas.  Sugar snap peas taste great in every way, whether steamed stir fried, sautéed, or raw. These plump green pods are packed with vitamins and minerals and are low in calories and thus a... -

All You Want To Know : Glucose

Commercial glucose is a thick, viscous, clear syrup. It contains dextrin gum that retards the crystallisation of sugar. When it is used in sugar boiling, or making products such as caramel sauce and marzipan, glucose keeps the product pliable, and allows you... -

Top 10 Ramadan Desserts

    The holy month of Ramadan is also a time to share good food with family and friends. The day long fast which is broken in the evening, is a special treat as a   delectable range of desserts and savories are eaten with loved ones.... -

Tips For Planning A Hanukkah Dinner Menu

When you are looking forward to tips for planning a Hanukkah dinner menu,  you need to first think about the age group for whom you are planning the dinner menu. It is best to have a mix of all foods, which can be enjoyed by every member of your... -

Easy Christmas Baking Ideas

  In case you are not an accomplished baker but would still like to bake something special for your family this Christmas, here are some Easy Christmas baking ideas  for you to try.  Brownies ... -


Napoleon A delectable dessert made with crisp layers of puff pastry spread with crème patisserie and either glazed with a thin icing or dusted with confectioners sugar. Napoleons are usually made in small rectangular shapes just large enough for an... -

Kids Easter Cookies

Are you still unsure of what Easter cookies to make for your children this Easter? Here are some delicious Easter cookie recipes for kids which you can prepare easily and your kid will love.  Have a look:   Easter Egg Puzzle Cookies ... -

National Blueberry Muffin Day – Combining Health And Taste

Food days always bring back fun and reasons to enjoy your favorite food and so is 11 th of July, giving you a reason to to bite into those healthy blueberry muffins for breakfast! National Blueberry Muffin day was established so by the U.S. Department of... -

Indian Breads

               INDIAN BREADS ROTI the most basic food of India is a fascinating subject. The Indian bread is made of basic ingredients as grains, salt and water, yet they have tremendous... -

Top 5 Gluten Free Desserts For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving without the traditional, mouthwatering desserts is unheard of. The sweet delights baked without gluten, the harmful protein lurking in grains is even better especially if you happen to be intolerant to it.  A wee bit of imagination and... -

Top 10 Apple Recipes

The days have become shorter, the nip is in the air and newly picked apples adorn the tablescape in most households. To welcome autumn and kick start Fall-o-ween, we have made a list of our 10 Most Popular Apple recipes. Be it a Gala, a McIntosh or a... -

Carb Diet Menu

  Carb Diet Menu is low carbohydrates diet programs restricting consumption of carbohydrates to the body. Carbohydrates are a source of energy to the body, but if not utilized by the body it gets converted to fat and results in obesity.... -

Holiday Lunch Ideas

Ifood offers some exclusive holiday lunch ideas which are sure to leave your guests satisfied and amazed. Check out this unique collection of holiday lunch ideas to indulge in sinfully rich extravagance without any guilt.   ... -

Leftover Treats Your Dog Should Not Eat

It is a common practice to feed leftovers from a festive meal to your pet, be it a dog, cat or birds. However, there are certain festival leftovers, which can kill your beloved pet, especially it is snacks we are talking about. Some of the occasional foods... -

How To Use Honeycrisp Apples

Honeycrisp apple is best eaten raw for its sweet taste and crisp texture but learning how to use honeycrisp apples, will let you enjoy this utterly delicious apple in more than one way. Since honeycrisp apples are available only from September to... -

Four Tasty Preparations Of Green Beans

  Rich in fiber, vitamin C and potassium, fresh green beans is a favorite choice of every mom today. But kids often prefer to stay away from this naturally nutritious food. So here are four tasty preparations of green beans... -

How To Make Wine Sweeter To Taste

Wine making can be very interesting if you know how to experiment with different flavors. However   how to make a wine sweeter can sometimes be very tricky. As sweetening the wine, after its fermenting, if not done properly can spoil the entire taste of the... -

Top 10 Vegetarian Dessert Recipes

There are people who prefer to eat vegetarian for their meals. If you have to serve these people, then here are few delicious vegetarian dessert recipe ideas , which will certainly be tempting for your vegan guests. Top 10 Vegetarian Dessert... -

Chinese Dinner Menu

The Chinese do not compromise with their taste when it comes to food. Prepared with care and precision, authentic Chinese food is delicately flavored with just the right balance of spices and sauces in it. Since Chinese food is so popular... -

How To Carve Ham

A freshly prepared honey-glazed ham is immensely juicy and tender. It is essential to carve ham properly so as to keep the meat tender. It is not easy to learn how to carve ham , but a little guidance and practice can help you do it with perfection.... -

How To Use Peach In Recipes

Peach is a nutritious yet delicious fruit that can be eaten in raw form or cooked form. Do you want to know how to use peach in recipes to increase your daily intake of peaches?   Peach Cake Peach cake is the most popular peach... -

Methods Of Chinese Cooking

  • CHUAN– quick and rapid boiling • SHINAN--- instant boiling and rinsing. • AO----stewing and braising • ... -

Bangkok Foodies

When you think of eating in Bangkok you probably don't think of Indian restaurants, but they for sure are some of the cities' best eateries.  In Little India we often have eaten at a small spot called Standard located down a grungy alleyway, but we -

Top 5 Dairy Free Desserts

  Dairy free desserts become a necessity when your body cannot digest the milk constituents. However, this need not leave you craving for more sweets in your life or make you move earth and heaven to find a solution to your problem. Read on to... -

Home Baked Biscuits

BISCUITS Ingredients :Self rising flour 2-1/2 cups,refined oil or vanaspati melted 3-1/4,chocolate powder 2tsp,some chocobits,1 cup milk , Sugar 1-3/4 cups powdered. Method: Mix all the three  dry ingredient in a bowl. Now in... -

Top 10 Recipes That Use Black Walnut

Those who like black walnuts’ strong, rich and smoky flavor, ifoodtv presents Top 10 Recipes That Use Black Walnut here.   Introduction: Black walnuts are no doubt tastier than ordinary walnuts. But use walnuts only in recipes where you want... -

Wheat Free Desserts

  Wheat free desserts are not that difficult to obtain if you set your mind to it. We, usually, link cakes and other flour based-confections with dessert items, which automatically becomes worrisome once we are diagnosed with ... -

5 Good Reasons To Celebrate Purim Party With Healthy Food

5 Good Reasons To Celebrate Purim Party With Healthy Food   When you party you always tend to gorge on heavy food which tastes yummy but does not do any good to your health. The deep fried snacks, uber sweet puddings,... -

How To Make Royal Icing Poppy Flowers

How to Make Royal Icing Poppy Flowers?   Royal icing poppy flowers lend a beautiful look to any cake. Royal icing consists of powdered sugar, water and meringue powder. Unlike fondant, royal icing hardens to a crisp texture over time. Poppy... -

Reasons Behind Why You Can't Stop Eating

My friend’s daughter is continuously putting on weight and when asked she said I just can’t stop eating. I was  surprised and asked her the reason to which she had no answers. I kept on thinking what can be the reasons behind overeating. How can a person... -

Few Tips To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Taking care of your teeth can prevent expensive dental procedures in the future. And while regular dental visits do play an important role in overall care, small at home remedies can help you get that million dollar smile.   Keep a few simple... -

Top 10 Favorite Holiday Desserts

Do not resist yourself from the impressive and tempting desserts Christmas season brings with it. Here are my Top 10 Favorite Holiday Desserts that you can easily make at home and enjoy them this holiday. Cheesecake: Every single bite of... -

Top 10 Most Pointless Salad Ingredients

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Top 10 most pointless salad ingredients? I can give you a list longer than that but I will stop at 10. These salad ingredients are there right before our eyes, in broad daylight, and yet we have no idea about them. We... -

How To Eat Choux A La Crème?

Recently I had some yummy Choux A la Crème! I have to say that discovering how to eat Choux a la Crème was a pleasure!! The cream puffs are surely a divine invention! How else could, just the taste and texture of this yummy dessert take you to heaven and... -

Ham Carving Ideas

  A freshly prepared honey-glazed ham is immensely juicy and tender. This article has a few  ham carving ideas that will allow you to keep the meat tender. Craving ham is not easy, but a little guidance and practice can help you do it with... -

Easy Holiday Snacks For Last Minute Kid's Party

 As a mother, I know that the last minute preparations for kids party be quite a daunting task. Let me share with you some Easy Holiday Snacks For Last minute Kid’s Party : Fruit Cup : Prepare individual fruit cups for kids. You can use... -

Eat More To Loose Weight!!!!

I know...i know..... (Now dont gimme that look) NO PUN INTENDED..But yet its true.  Blissful..isnt it!! EAT MORE TO LOOSE WEIGHT. NO MORE pills and diets leaving you half full and starving till you finally give up and scum to a nice crisp waffer... -

How To Eat Tortillas? – Knead, Pat, Roll And Bake, The Mexican Way

Whoever discovered the bread, has given mankind a ‘life-saver’ to hang on to. Making up a wholesome breakfast or a snack or supper or a handy food-item,  bread has become a part and parcel of our life. Bread comes in different varieties and makes,... -

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Oat Cookies

Oat cookies don't have to be a no-no for weight-watchers or health food freaks as long as you know how to maneuver the recipe and cut down on the fat content. Oats pack in fibers and good things and make it easy for anyone to stick to their diet.... -

Healthy Pregnancy Snacks You Can Eat

All pregnant women should follow a healthy diet during pregnancy in order to ensure good health for both the mother-to-be and the unborn child. Many a time, you crave for healthy pregnancy snacks you can eat apart from the normal full-sized meals. Pregnancy... -

Lactose Free Lunch Ideas For School

  Packing a lunch for your kid involves a lot of planning and when you do have to stick to a lactose free lunch menu it becomes even more problematic. But it need not be an ordeal every time you have to fix lunch for school. Learn... -

How To Celebrate Hanukkah Food Traditions With Jewish Food

Hanukkah is the festival of lights, revelation and most importantly delectable Jewish food. With the festivity just round the corner, here’s “How To Celebrate Hanukkah Food Traditions With Jewish Food”. But before I jump into the food... -

5 Delicious Jewish Dessert’s For Your Purim Party

Purim is the Jewish festival celebrated annually on 14th day of the Hebrew month, as a day which commemorates the win of Jews over their enemies. Jews love to celebrate this day amidst fun, good friends and exchanging gifts amongst friends and relatives.... -

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Bread

Did you know that the seemingly harmless bread is often high on fat and can do more harm than good to your body? Agreed, nothing really beats the delight of gorging on a crisp toast topped with a dollop of butter or jam. However, most of the store-bought... -

Chinese Food For Kids

Chinese food is usually easy and fun to make. In this blog you will find various Chinese foods for kids which you can prepare in a very less time. Ranging from wontons to egg rolls, almost all the Chinese dishes are unique and simple enough to... -

Cinco De Mayo Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

Kick-start your Cinco De Mayo celebrations with feisty, flavorful, mouth watering, Mexican desserts that are sure to get you reaching out for more. However, to make you celebrations diabetic-friendly, we suggest you skip the sugar and replace it with more... -

What Are The Uses Of Rose Hips Syrup?

Rose hips, the tangy berry like fruits, have been popular in UK since the WW II. However, the US has just recently awakened to this versatile fruit, which is filled with medicinal and nutritional virtues. If you are new to this fruit thatn reading this post... -

How To Make Rosettes In A Fry Daddy

Here is all about How to Make Rosettes in a Fry Daddy.   Rosettes are delicious, airy fried cookies. They are usually prepared during holidays. Rosette iron is the tool which is used for making rosettes in a Fry Daddy . The best part about the... -

Spell Autumn With Apple Recipes

Nothing spells autumn as deliciously as apples. Be it the red, green or any other variety of apples, this fruit definitely brings out the best of this season, especially if you cook it in the following recipes –   1. Roasted Pink... -

Top 5 Party Wines - Pick Your Glass

Wines that are economical and delicious can be served with a wide range of food items. They are what I call great party wines. And to celebrate this festive season, I will share the top 5 party wines with you. Ecco Domani 2008... -

Healthy Holiday Cookie Recipes For The Kids!

The holiday season is upon us and that means delicious and sometimes not so healthy treats. Laurel Hudson, culinary instructor at Wellspring Academies ( has created several tasty cookie recipes that the family will love.   ... -

Best 10 Grilled Chicken Recipes

Chicken on the grill sounds perfect for a hot day. The meat cooks quickly and grilling brings out the best flavor in the meat. It is also less greasy which makes it a healthy alternative to other chicken dishes.Marinating the chicken with sauces, spices and... -

Asparagus Menu

  If you are planning to create an asparagus menu for your family or holiday guests, you will be happy to know that asparagus is very easy to work with. This vegetable is also healthy, and tastes delicious. Asparagus makes a great side for... -

How To Eat Granola

  Before knowing how to eat granola , let’s have a look on its food advantages; Granola, is high in vitamin E content low in cholesterol count. This healthy food is made with toasted honey... -

Side Effects Of Eating Chips

Crunchy and crispy chips(also known as crisps in UK) may be perfect snacks. But are you aware of the side effects which munching on chips might cause? Apart from the increased calorie count, there are many other negative effects caused by these snacks on your... -

September- The Month For Scrumptious Biscuits

Nothing can beat the humble biscuit when it comes to a great snack as well as a comfort food. Scratch the surface of one and you are liable to find a homemade cook who weaves magic with flour, fat and a bit of liquid. A fitting tribute to both the body... -

Easter Foods

  Easter is all about  Easter foods  and the spirit of Easter celebrations with family and friends. Easter food is also special since the winter just elapsed and lent just got over so savoring good food during Easter became a primary means... -

How To Serve Pickled Herring?

Pickled Herring , an oily fish rich in vitamin D, Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, is more of a European delicacy than an American one. Different regions like Baltic, Scandinavia, Germany, Eastern Slavic and Jewish cuisine have different ways of serving... -

Plum Menu

  A plum menu will contain the most delectable of dishes.You would think that dishes in a plum menu would be all dessert but you will be surprised to know that there can various main dishes that can be made with this luscious... -

Hot ‘n Sweet: Chocolate-covered Jalapenos

This one is going to top the list of weird foods very soon and it combines two of the most loved flavors, albeit in different categories. The chocolate-covered jalapenos are nothing short of an oxymoron, a contradiction as far as flavor groups go. One is... -

Four Recipes To Be Made With Roasted Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin seeds have been widely acknowledged and recommended by health gurus because of its numerous health benefits. The seeds can be consumed as a snack or may be sprinkled over salads, soups etc. Discussed below are the four recipes to be made with... -

Paleolithic Diet Menu

Paleolithic diet plan  is loaded with animal proteins, healthy fats, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and is apparently the best diet to lose weight and avert the risk of degenerative diseases, all in a healthy way. Paleolithic diet menu is planned in... -

How To Convert Sour Pickles To Sweet Pickles

Sweet pickles are my husband’s favorite especially when it is made from sour pickles. If you also love sweet pickle, then you definitely need to learn “ How to Convert Sour Pickles to Sweet Pickles ”.  It is a fairly easy process and all you need is... -

Quick Holiday Appetizers For Last Minute Holiday Parties

If you desperately need some quick holiday appetizers for last minute holiday parties, then, I would invite you to go through my list of super-fast and super-delicious recipes. These quick holiday appetizers will not only please your guests but also make you... -

How To Can Garlic

Before knowing how to can garlic ,  it is better to know what are essential ingredients required for the process and what are the utensils required for the canning process.   The essential... -

Tips To Bake Mardi Gras Cookies Quickly

Decorate cookies with the Mardi Gras colors of purple, gold, and green in honor of Fat Tuesday. Tweak your creative side to make cookies that would be served during the Mardi Gras celebrations. Most of the foods served during the occasion are healthy and  in... -

Cuban Appetizer Ideas

There are many exotic Cuban appetizers which are my favourite. With the help of this article I would like to share few Cuban appetizer ideas with you.   Cuba is one of the largest and beautiful Caribbean islands which attract many... -

The Art Of Baking Or Science Of Baking?

Cookies, cakes, and pies , nothing materializes without spending a good amount of time by your oven door. But the art of baking is surely something more emotional than measuring out the ingredients, mixing them perfectly with the... -

How To Eat Crumpets?

Crumpets are most loved snacks in B ritain and Scotland. Eating crumpets is like tradition in Europe and British people like to have crumpets stacked with butter and jams besides a satisfying cup full tea. Well if we observe the ingredients used in... -

10 Easy Apple Starters

  Apple starters are treats for your eyes and taste buds. ifood presents an exotic collection of apple appetizers, which are very versatile. Delve deep into this write-up to know more about the delightful apple starters...   ... -

Top 10 Popular Potluck Dessert Recipes

Are you going to attend a potluck party? Then here you will find few easy potluck dessert recipe ideas , which can make delicious desserts without much difficulty. Top 10 Popular Potluck Dessert Recipes Ice Cream Dessert Use cookies... -

10 Great Ideas For Spring Party Menu

Spring comes when the snow melts and trees start showing up new leaves – a time when you feel like calling friends and relatives to party. Here are 10 Great Ideas For Spring Party Menu to match the airy mood of the spring season. Spring Green... -

Roasted Sweet Potato And Apple Soup With Nutmeg, Homemade Crispy Baked Beet Chips, And Dry Apricot-hazelnut Bread

  This picture-perfect, crusty loaf will satisfy both the novice and the experienced baker. Use it for breakfast toast or sandwiches.     Ingredients for apricot-hazelnut bread: 300 ml mineral water 1 tbsp... -

Mallika Sherawat Jalebi

  The  Mallika Sherawat jalebi  is making news waves. Did you know that on June 14, 2011, she was in Mumbai making very hot jalebis? Why? Was she planning to save the world, one jalebi at a time? Has she... -

Healthy Snacks For Children Aged 3 To 5

  Healthy Snacks For Children Aged 3 To 5   Usually people think that there is a very limited array available for healthy snacks for children. However, that is not true.  I agree that children are fussy eaters but a few... -

5 Drinks To Boost Your Energy During Catholics Lent

  Catholics lent is the season of fasting and praying. The word Lent, that roots from Lenten, literally mean spring time. And no wonder the fasting and prayer you do these forty days can be made simpler and... -

Cherry Menu

    What can be more fun that creating a cherry menu . One thing to remember while working with cherries is that if you use the fresh kind, the dish ill obviously will taste better. Cherries however are a summer fruit as... -

How To Bake Apple Crumble

  Apple Crumble, also called Apple Crisp was introduced to the world in the year 1924. Since then the delicacy has been an American and British tradition especially during autumn season when apples are available in abundance. If you haven’t... -

How To Make Fondant Using Marshmallows

When My friend dreamt about the wedding cake for her daughter’s wedding, she obviously had no idea that making a fondant out of marshmallows was even possible. The cost factor made fondant  look great  but horrible to taste was not what she wanted. So,... -

Food Diet Plans

Planning a diet seems to be very simple but it actually isn’t! Most often,  we make a diet chart in which almost every day we have the same menu. After a period of time, this plan and the same food on a daily basis becomes boring and soon enough our... -

How To Cook Dried Black Beans

Black beans are one of nature’s best cholesterol-reducing agents. In addition to lowering cholesterol levels, they also keep blood sugar levels intact. Black beans are either canned or dried while storing. However, before cooking dried black beans, you... -

Best 5 Vegetarian Hanukkah Food Ideas

  If you are baffled what to serve your vegetarian guests for this Hanukkah day, here are the Best 5 Vegetarian Hanukkah Food Ideas that never go wrong! With these savory vegetarian Hanukkah recipes, you are sure to please the eminent... -

Stress Can Make You Fat

If you are wondering why you are piling on the pounds in spite of a regular exercise routine and eating healthy, may be it is the stress. Stress can make you fat , claim scientific studies . A new gene has been discovered that makes you crave for... -

What Can You Make With Boiled Broccoli

A versatile vegetable, broccoli, can be relished in many ways. Boiled broccoli, stir-fried broccoli or sautéed broccoli; broccoli always tastes amazing. But among all, I prefer boiled broccoli the most. Dishes made with boiled broccoli are mostly easy to... -

Canadian Gift Basket Ideas

A Canadian gift basket is a thoughtful gift for any occasion, like Canadian New Year or Christmas. It will be one of the most memorable gifts for those who love Canadian cuisine. Find out about any specific preferences or dietary limitations of the... -

Properties Of Golden Apple Fruit

Native to the Caribbean Islands, golden apple is known by several names, like June plum, dew plum, and pommecythere. The properties of golden apple fruit are many. The fruit is approximately the same size as a traditional plum and it is grown in clusters... -

How To Store Picked Sweet Corn

Sweet corn consists of high sugar content and it is grown in the fields during summers. This blog mainly concentrates on techniques which will tell you as  how to store picked sweet corn .   It has to be stored in the right conditions so as to... -

Polish Appetizer Ideas

  Are you inviting your friends from Poland for dinner? Well, not a problem, even if you are not a Pole yourself. This blog will help you plan a wonderful Polish dinner with great appetizer ideas. The Polish cuisine does shares... -

Cookery Terms - B

BABA A rich rum or kirsch-soaked Polish yeast cake studded with currants or raisins. The traditional baba is baked in a tall cylindrical mold but the cake can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes; called savarin when baked in a large ring mold. ... -

10 Ways To Spice Up Pumpkin Seeds

  With winters setting in, pumpkins are in full swing and in comes the season of pumpkin pie, pumpkin tarts, pumpkin lattes, Jack-o-lanterns and the super-crunchy snacks made from pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are a great snack, especially when roasted... -

Top 10 Valentine Cookies

Our local cookery club organized an essay competition prior to the cookery show; where the contestants were asked to write about top 10 Valentine cookies . The winning entries from this essay competition were considered for the cookery show. I also... -

‘bella’ Gives Up Food For ‘edward’

Kristen ‘Bella’ Stewart has given up food for her boyfriend Robert ‘Edward’ Pattinson after she was caught cuddling with director Rupert Sanders, behind his back. Poor Kristen is passing through a very bad phase of her life, as a result of which she... -

Tips To Prepare Fun Holiday Desserts For Kids

I am dashing out some tips to prepare fun holiday desserts for   kids . Preparing desserts for kids can be real fun if you know some shortcuts to capture their attention.  As we all know that kids are very choosy when it comes to food, so making them... -