Sugar Cream Pie

Sugar cream pie is a single crust pie that is also known as Indiana cream pie, Hoosier sugar cream pie or Indiana cream pie. It is a pie that contains layers of creamed butter along with maple or brown sugar, little bit flour and vanilla-flavored cream.

How to make a sugar cream pie?

Cream and sugar is added to a mix of flour and sugar and it is then kneaded to create a creamy texture. Vanilla extract is also added to this mixture and it is then baked for about an hour till the pie is completely ready. The key in creating the perfect sugar cream pie recipe is to not over bake as that can harden even the center of the pie. Sugar cream pie recipes are easy to follow and make, as the ingredients required are pretty basic, though one can always get imaginative and add additional ingredients too. The origin of this recipe can be traced back to 1850s when in Indiana, the Shaker and Amish communities were the ones to invent this recipe.

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