Strawberry Lettuce Salad Recipes

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Citrus Romaine Salad With Strawberries

Citrus Romaine Salad With Strawberries - kids just adore this berry treat. This Citrus Romaine Salad With Strawberries is packed with everything ideal for a royale treat. Just check out the recipe of Citrus Romaine Salad With Strawberries. - 35.1794

Lettuce And Fruit Salad

Using whisk, mix vinegar with oil, sugar and lemon juice-, season well and set dressing aside. Place endives and watercress in salad bowl. Tear lettuce leaves into smaller pieces and add to bowl with yellow pepper and strawberries. - 32.0613

Betty's Springtime Salad -- Easter

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Springtime Salad. This is a colorful, healthy, and tasty addition for an Easter table. - 121.167

Fruit And Lettuce Salad By Tarla Dalal

A salad brimming with vitamin c and fibre from assorted fruits and lettuce. With an additional vitamin c from the lemony dressing, this salad qualifies to meet almost 3/4th of your daily requirement for vitamin C. - 118.609

Strawberry Banana Salad

Thaw and drain strawberries, reserving juice. To this juice, add enough water to make 3 cups of liquid. Bring to a quick boil and pour over jello, stirring until dissolved. Add strawberries, crushed pineapple, pecans and bananas. Pour 1/2 of this mixture in... - 42.4228

Mesclun Lettuce With Feta Cheese

This Mesculin of lettuce recipe is an absolutely delicious appetizer. A combo of crunchy lettuce leaves, pears, walnuts and topped with herbs, the recipe is just what you need to show off your culinary expertise. Be prepared for all the wonderful compliments... - 49.6008

Sunflower Strawberry Salad

In a bowl combine chopped apple, halved grapes, sliced strawberries, sliced celery, and raisins; toss gently. Fold in the lemon yogurt. Cover and chill. Just before serving, stir in sunflower nuts. Serve on lettuce-lined plates. - 29.2906

Strawberry Yogurt Salad

Drain pineapple, reserving syrup. Soften gelatin in the pineapple syrup. Stir over low heat till gelatin is dissolved. Stir into strawberry-flavored yogurt with dash salt. Add thawed strawberries including syrup and drained pineapple. Mix well. Pour into... - 40.5074

Sunflower Strawberry Salad

In a large bowl, combine strawberries, apple, grapes, celery and raisins. Stir in the yogurt. Cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Add sunflower seeds and toss; serve on lettuce leaves if desired. - 31.8174

Strawberry Salad

Love strawberries? Then you will love this Strawberry Salad for sure. The recipe makes use of strawberries, sour cream and gelatin. This is a chill and serve recipe and can be prepared in a jiffy. Give this Strawberry Salad a try! - 34.0676

Cantaloupe Strawberry Salad

Cut cantaloupes into crosswise halves and remove seeds. Using a melon ball cutter, scoop the cantaloupes into balls. Tear lettuce into small pieces. Toss lettuce with yogurt in a large bowl. Arrange cantaloupe balls and strawberries in alternate circles on... - 25.4056

Fruit Salad With Strawberries And Cream

To make dressing, in blender, puree enough of the strawberries (about 1/2 cup) to make 1/4 cup puree. Reserve remaining strawberries. In bowl stir puree, mint and honey into sour cream to blend. To assemble salad, line individual salad plates with... - 27.1055

Romaine Strawberry Salad

Romaine Strawberry Salad is an easy yet delicious side dish recipe. Try this Romaine Strawberry Salad; I am sure you will get a lot of compliments. - 21.5627

Strawberry Salad

Wash strawberries and remove stems. Make a bed of lettuce on each individual salad plate. Then make a layer of chopped nuts, next a layer of whole strawberries and finally a layer of chopped celery. Combine remaining ingredients and pour over salads. Chill... - 35.4323

Strawberry Chicken Salad

In large bowl mix mayonnaise, chutney, lime peel, salt, curry powder and lime juice. Add chicken, celery and onion; toss, cover and chill. Just before serving, slice 1 pint of the strawberries and gently toss with chicken mixture. To assemble salad, line... - 38.1059

Frozen Strawberry Salad

In medium bowl, blend cream cheese until smooth and creamy. Add mayonnaise; mix well. Beat in lemon juice and strawberries, 1/4 cup at a time (so mixture will not curdle). Fold in whipped topping. Pour into 8 inch square pan, ice tray or individual molds;... - 29.4907

Shrimp And Strawberry Salad

This Shrimp And Strawberry Salad is a lovely way to tell your guests how much you've toiled to make their meal special ! A bit heavy for a salad, this rice shrimp, rice, strawberry and vegetable platter can be eaten as it is as a meal ! You'll try this ... - 41.9027

Sunflower Strawbeny Salad

In a bowl combine chopped apple, halved grapes, sliced strawberries, sliced celery, and raisins; toss gently. Fold in the lemon yogurt. Cover and chill. Just before serving, stir in sunflower nuts. Serve on lettuce-lined plates. - 36.8859

Honeydew And Strawberry Salad With Cooled Cucumber Dressing

MAKING 1. Line 4 salad plates with shredded lettuce. 2. Halve the melon lengthwise and then slice each half into half to get 4 equal slices. 3. Remove the seeds and fibers and thinly slice off the skin. 4. Dice the melon slices into 1-inch pieces. 5.... - 48.0032

Strawberry Pineapple Salad

On each individual salad plate, place a lettuce leaf and a pineapple slice on top. Arrange strawberries, petal fashion on top of pineapple and top with a whole berry. Serve with Honey Lime Dressing, made by blending the ingredients together. Makes 4 servings. - 34.1756

Fruit Salad With Strawberry Dressing

Slice 1 cup of the strawberries and set aside. Place remaining 2 1/2 cups of berries in a blender or food processor with the mint, honey, and sour cream or yogurt. Puree. Toss reserved sliced strawberries with blueberries and navel orange slices. Line 6 salad... - 30.1119

Strawberry Nut Salad

Dissolve jello in boiling water. Add strawberries with juice, drained pineapple, bananas, and nuts. Put 1/2 of mixture in rectangular glass dish; refrigerate until firm. When congealed, spread sour cream overtop of this layer. Pour balance of jello mixture... - 35.2429

Polynesian Salad

Chill all fruits and lettuce thoroughly. Cut midsection of cantaloupe into 6 rings. Remove seeds and rind. Remove rind from end pieces of cantaloupe and cut into thin spears. Cut roots from heads of Bibb lettuce leaving heads in one piece. To assemble salads,... - 39.6839

Strawberry Melon Salad

Cut melons in half and remove seeds. Use a melon bailer to scoop out pulp. Line melon shells with leaf lettuce. Divide melon balls among lined shells. Mound a generous 1/3 cup cottage cheese in center of each. Place 1/4 cup strawberries around each mound. - 28.0388

Strawberry Spa Turkey Salad

In small bowl whisk chutney, yogurt, mayonnaise and lime juice; season with salt and pepper. Line platter or 4 individual serving plates with lettuce; top with turkey, strawberries, grapes, celery and onion. Drizzle with chutney dressing. Garnish with mint. - 36.4824

Strawberry Souffle Salads

Drain strawberries, reserving syrup. Add enough water to syrup to make 3/4 cup liquid. Dissolve- gelatin 'and 1/4 teaspoon salt in boiling water. Stir in reserved syrup and lemon juice. Beat in mayonnaise or salad dressing. Chill till partially set. With... - 40.3418

Strawberry Begonia Salad

1. In a wide shallow bowl, mix vinegar, honey, and lemon peel. 2. Place lettuce in bowl. Cut strawberries in 1/3-inch-thick slices and scatter over lettuce. Top with begonias and tarragon. 3. Mix salad and season to taste with salt and pepper. - 24.1194

Frozen Strawberry Banana Salads

Stir together pie filling, softened ice cream, and lemon juice. Stir in bananas and nuts. Turn mixture into 8 individual molds. Cover and freeze till firm. - 29.3812

Simple Strawberry And Pineapple Salad

In a small mixer bowl beat cream cheese till fluffy. Beat in yogurt and sugar till smooth. Stir in pineapple and celery. Line 6 muffin cups with paper bake cups. Spoon about 1/3 cup yogurt mixture into each cup. Freeze the filled cups for 2 to 2 1/2 hours or... - 40.8889

Asparagus And Strawberry Salad

MAKING 1) Take 2 serving plates. Arrange half of the endive leaves onto half of these plates, each. 2) With lettuce leaves, mushrooms and asparagus, top the leaves. 3) Onto the empty side of each plate, arrange half of the strawberries each decoratively. 4)... - 42.5227

Chickpea Strawberry Mango Salad

Place lettuce in individual serving dishes and top with 1⁄4 of the chickpeas, mango chunks, strawberry slices, cranberries, almonds and mint. Dress with Cinnamon Vinaigrette. NUTRITION INFORMATION PER SERVING: 254 calories, 7 g total fat, 1 g saturated... - 21.2494

Strawberries And Cream Gelatin Salad

MAKING 1) Drain the strawberries and set aside, preserving the juice. 2) In a medium saucepan, bring 3/4 cup of the apple juice to boil; remove from heat. 3) Add gelatin, stirring until well dissolved. 4) Mix in the remaining apple juice and the reserved... - 46.7789

Pineapple, Strawberry & Apple Salad

Cut peel and eyes from pineapple. Slice off top third of pineapple; cut out and discard core, then chop fruit. Place chopped pineapple in a medium-size bowl and set aside. Cut remaining pineapple lengthwise into 8 wedges; cut off and discard core from each... - 37.6404

Strawberry Salad

Combine the strawberries, chopped nut meats, and celery cubes. Marinate in the dressing, arrange on lettuce, and top with whipped cream and whole nut meats, or a sprig of fresh mint. - 24.1493

Strawberry, Cantaloupes And Blue Berry Fruit Salad

If you are look for a healthy treat, fruit salads are the way to go. Cathy tosses up a healthy, nutritious fruit salad using the freshest of berries and fruits and yummy mayonnaise dressing. What better way to enjoy healthy servings of fruit even while... - 113.753

Twinberry Salad

GETTING READY 1) Dissolve gelatin in boiling water. MAKING 2) Combine cranberry juice with lemon juice and let it chill until partially set. 3) Stir in apple and celery. 4) Take a dish, turn the mixture, and let it chill until set. 5) Beat cream and fold in... - 43.5848

Strawberry Cream Layered Salad

Dissolve gelatin in boiling water. Mash bananas and combine with thawed strawberries and their juice, pineapple, and nuts. Add gelatin mixture. Pour half the mixture into an 8-inch square baking dish; cover and chill until firm (about 1 1/2 hours). Cover... - 40.5851

Jellied Strawberry Cheese Dessert Salad

Cut the 2 c strawberries into thin crosswise slices and add the sugar. Soak the gelatin in the cold water 5 min., dien add the boiling water and stir until gelatin is dissolved. Add lemon juice, salt, pineapple, and sugared berries. Chill until it begins to... - 39.2231

Jicama Fruit Salad

MAKING 1) Take a small bowl and combine together all dressing ingredients in it. Blend nicely. 2) Take a medium bowl and combine together strawberries, pineapple and jicama. 3) Pour the dressing over fruit mixture and toss lightly. SERVING 4) Line 4 salad... - 40.6296

Jellied Strawberry Cups

MAKING 1) Drain and reserve 1/2 cup syrup from the pineapple. 2) Drain and reserve the juice from the strawberries, level up with the boiling water to 1 cup. 3) Stir with the gelatin to dissolve, then blend in the lemon juice, salt and pineapple syrup. 4)... - 43.6274

Jellied Strawberry Cups

Drain pineapple, reserving 1/2 cup syrup. Drain sweetened berries (be careful not to mash them), and to the juice add enough boiling water to make 1 cup; pour over gelatin and stir to dissolve. Add pineapple syrup, lemon juice, and salt to gelatin... - 40.3826

Waldorf Crown Salad

Dissolve the two packages of gelatin in the boiling water. When fully dissolved, stir in the cold water. Refrigerate until slightly set — about the consistency of unbeaten egg whites. Remove from the refrigerator and fold in the diced apple, sliced... - 45.274

Mixed Greens With Strawberry Mustard Dressing

Combine first 4 ingredients in container of an electric blender; cover and process until smooth. Cover and chill. Combine romaine lettuce and next 4 ingredients in a large bowl, tossing well. Arrange greens evenly on individual salad plates; top greens evenly... - 37.2398

Minted Melon And Strawberry Cocktail

Cut the melon in half and discard the seeds. Cut the flesh into 1 cm/1/2 inch cubes or scoop into balls. Place the melon in a bowl with the strawberries and cucumber. Mix the orange rind and juice with the chopped mint, then pour onto the salad and mix gently... - 35.9057

Fusilli Fruit Salad

Cook pasta according to package directions, omitting salt; drain and set aside. Drain pineapple, reserving 2 tablespoons juice. Combine pasta, pineapple chunks, canta- loupe, and grapes in a medium bowl; set aside. Combine yogurt and reserved 2 tablespoons... - 33.9774

Fruited Chicken Salad

MAKING 1. In a large bowl, place the chicken and the rest of the ingredients and toss lightly. Set aside to chill SERVING 2. Serve this chilled on greens garnished with strawberries. TIP Use pineapple slices with watercress and Bibb lettuce as a garnish - 33.2428

Fruit Pasta Salad With Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing

If the macaroni is still warm, rinse it under cold running water until cool. Drain well. In a salad bowl, combine the macaroni, lettuce, pears, strawberries and celery; set aside. In a small bowl, stir together the yogurt, orange juice and poppy seeds. Add to... - 35.451

Grapefruit Avocado Salad

MAKING 1 Thaw the strawberries in the package and drain. 2 Using a sharp knife, peel the membrane and skin from the grapefruit. 3 Remove sections from the membrane. 4 In a bowl, combine 1/4 cup grapefruit juice and about 1/3 of sections to... - 43.414

Chip And Chicken Salad

Planning a part for the little ones? Then be advised to add the Chip And Chicken Salad to your party menu. This Chip And Chicken Salad is rich with the flavors of mayonnaise. Green pepper and boned chicken. Check out the recipe of Chip And Chicken Salad. - 28.0696

Tropical Chicken Salad

Prepare the Tropical Salad Dressing. Combine the chicken, celery, grapes and nuts in a large bowl; stir in 1 cup of the dressing. Cover and refrigerate to allow the flavors to blend. Mound the salad on a platter or individual plates lined with lettuce... - 32.0395

Fruit Medley Salad

Arrange prosciutto, melon balls, peach slices, and strawberries on lettuce-lined platter. In small mixing bowl combine sour cream, mayonnaise or salad dressing, blue cheese, and milk. - 31.3288

Hula Chicken Salad With Orange Poppy Seed Dressing

Combine salad dressing, mustard, orange peel, water and poppy seeds; mix well. Reserve. Rub chicken tenders with jerk seasoning. Skewer chicken and grill over medium-high heat until no longer pink, about 5 minutes per side. Arrange lettuce and fruit on salad... - 29.6788

Bouillabaisse Salad

MAKING 1. Combine fish and shellfish and arrange over salad greens in a shallow serving bowl or small platter SERVING 2. Garnish with melon balls, strawberries or other fruit and serve with wafers or crackers 3. Pass the Louie Dressing - 35.824

Fruit Salad Bowl

Slice, pare, core, and cut the pineapple in wedge-shaped pieces. Wash and hull the strawberries. Prepare orange segments. Arrange the fruit in a salad bowl with the chicory and lettuce, broken into pieces, and toss lightly together with about 1/2 c of the... - 28.9082

Healthy Fresh Fruit Salad Tossed With Salad Greens

When mercury rises and appetite drops, something as light, filling and healthy as fresh fruit salad can keep you going. In this recipe video, Betty shares her all time favorite fruit salad recipe that makes for a refreshing change to all the mayo laden raw... - 98.7059

Fruit Salad (frozen)

Blend cream cheese with 2 tblspns, cream. Add mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt and sugar. Chop glace cherries and add cheese mixture, together with other prepared fruits and nuts. Fold in whipped cream. Pour into freezer tray and freeze without stirring. Cut in... - 38.4731

Pineapple Chicken Salad

Cut pineapple including crown into quarters using curved knife, cut pineapple away from shell, leaving half-inch shell. Remove core and discard; slice each section into chunks. Toss chicken with mayonnaise and curry powder. Dip banana in lemon juice. Arrange... - 32.9081

Fruit Salad Bowl

Salads are always welcome at home, but this typical Fruit Salad bowl is the all-time favorite. Here's an extremely simple recipe for Fruit Salad Bowl. Do try it and enjoy it! - 37.2677

Fresh Fruit Salad

Come taste this Fresh Fruit Salad, now with a refreshingly new twist in its flavor. Follow this simple and easy to prepare recipe for Fresh Fruit Salad and enjoy! - 43.1446

Festive Chicken Salad

Combine all ingredients except cereal and garnish in large bowl; mix well. Chill. Just before serving, stir in cereal. Serve in pineapple boats or on lettuce leaves. Sprinkle with additional cereal and garnish with orange slices and strawberries, if desired. - 33.2106

Calypso Fruit Salad

1. Mash 1 banana with a fork and blend in the sour cream, rum, sugar, ginger, salt, and lime juice. Refrigerate at least 1 hour. 2. At serving time arrange a bed of lettuce on a large serving platter. 3. Slice the remaining bananas lengthwise and lay on the... - 42.0149

Hearts Of Palm Salad

Drain the hearts of palm and cut into small pieces. Peel the grapefruit, remove the sections and separate from the membrane with a sharp knife. Cut the sections in half. Peel the kiwis, halve them lengthwise and slice thinly. Wash and dry the strawberries and... - 44.1623

Holiday Fruit Salad

This holiday fruit salad is a lovely gelatin fruit salad. Made with strawberry, pineapple and bananas with strawberry flavored gelatin, the holiday fruit salad is made with added cream cheese to it. With added sour cream, this holiday fruit salad is chilled... - 47.0574

Cantaloupe Salads

Pare each cantaloupe. Cut off about 1 inch from ends of each cantaloupe. Cut up end pieces; mix with strawberries and grapes. Remove seeds from cantaloupe. Cut each cantaloupe into 3 even rings. Place rings on lettuce leaves on each of 6 plates; cut each ring... - 37.2669

Fruited Pork Salad

This Fruited Pork Salad tastes incredible ! This deliciously seasoned strawberries, grapes, and pork medley makes a heavenly accompaniment to my pasta dishes ! Just try this Fruited Pork Salad and tell me about how you've liked it ! - 46.6788

Fruit Salad With Melon

1. Split the melon, remove the seeds, peel, and cut in bite-sized pieces. 2. Mix the melon with the other fruits in any proportion desired. 3. Blend the fruits with French dressing made with lemon juice and sweetened with a Utile sugar. 4. Serve on lettuce... - 36.189

Cranberry Apple Salad

Dissolve gelatin in boiling water. Stir in cranberry sauce and lemon juice; chill till partially set. Fold in apple and celery. Turn into 13x9x2-inch dish; chill till firm. Whip cream; fold in mayonnaise. Cut salad in squares and serve on lettuce-lined... - 41.8679

Cold Chicken With Fruit Salad

Arrange the sliced chicken on a bed of shredded lettuce. Combine the melon, orange sections, and berries. Blend the yogurt, orange juice, and lime juice together (sweetener may be added here if desired). Combine the yogurt and fruit. Serve the chicken and... - 35.8956

Rhubarb Congealed Salad

Combine rhubarb and water in a saucepan, cover and cook 8 to 10 minutes or until tender. Remove from heat, add gelatin and sugar, stirring until dissolved. Add juice, chill until consistency of unbeaten egg white. Fold in apple and pecans. Spoon into a... - 32.2678

Ginger Berry Spinach Salad

Combine first 3 ingredients in container of an electric blender or food processor,- top with cover, and process until smooth. Chill. Place torn spinach, lettuce, and celery in a large bowl, tossing gently to combine. Pour dressing mixture over spinach... - 29.9411

Prosciutto And Fruit Salad

MAKING 1. For making the dressing in a small bowl, whip the cream until soft peaks form and fold in mayonnaise and blue cheese. 2. To make dressing of desired consistency optionally stir in milk. 3. With cover let it chill until serving time. 4. Using a... - 47.0792

Spicy Cucumber And Fruit Salad

1. Using a small melon-baller, cut the cucumbers into balls. Place in a large bowl. 2. Using the same melon-baller, scoop out balls from the cantaloupe; reserve the rind. Add the cantaloupe and strawberries to the cucumbers. 3. With your hands, squeeze the... - 35.9622

Lobster Salad

1. Cut lobster tails into 1 cm/ 1/2 in thick medallions and set aside. 2. Arrange radicchio and lettuce leaves, sprouts or watercress, orange segments, strawberries and lobster attractively on a serving platter. Cover and refrigerate. 3. To make dressing,... - 35.1405

Poppy Chicken Salad

MAKING 1.Take a medium bowl and beat sour cream, lemon juice, mayonnaise and poppy seed with a wire whisk. 2. Then, add in the remaining ingredients excepting spinahc and lettuce and toss well to coat. SERVING 3.Take a serving platter and line it with... - 46.6269

Summer Salad

Summer Salad is a delicious and refreshing salad. Summer Salad is perfect for anytime of the year. Happy Cooking! - 34.5095

Quick Party Fruit Salad

Combine all ingredients. Chill at least 2 hours. Serve on lettuce leaf and top with a few maraschino cherries. Serves 8 to 10. Easy to fix. Men and children love this. - 40.1327

Summer Fruit Salad With Mozzarella Cheese

In a large bowl combine melons, peaches, grapes, dates, cheese and almonds; toss lightly. In a mixer bowl combine honey, limeade concentrate and oil. Beat until whipped. Add with bananas to fruit mixture; toss lightly. In a salad bowl arrange lining of... - 40.242

Summer Salad With Sour Cream Dressing

Sprinkle gelatin over water; stir over hot water until gelatin is dissolved. Combine cheeses; blend in gelatin. Stir mayonnaise, scallion and Tabasco into cheese mixture until all ingredients are thoroughly blended. Fold whipped cream into cheese. Pour into... - 39.9622

Heavenly Fruit Salad

1. Spoon lemon juice into 1-quart saucepan. Evenly sprinkle gelatin over lemon juice. Let stand 1 minute to soften gelatin slightly. Heat mixture over medium-low heat, stirring, until gelatin has completely dissolved, about 1 minute. 2. Meanwhile, in medium... - 36.2933

Grilled Salmon Salad

1. Thaw fish if frozen. Brush fish with oil; sprinkle with lime juice and Cajun seasoning. Arrange fish fillets in a well-greased grill basket. Grill on the rack of an uncovered grill directly over medium coals 4 to 6 minutes for each 1/2 inch of thickness or... - 35.5219

Frozen Ginger Ale Salad

Soak gelatin in orange juice 5 min. Add lemon juice. Then place over boiling water, and stir until gelatin is dissolved. Add sugar and ginger ale, and stir until sugar is dissolved. Add fruits, and mix thoroughly. Chill until mixture is slightly... - 43.0475

Orange Tailgate Salad

Arrange lettuce leaves on a flat platter. Arrange fruit over lettuce. - 23.8737

Choose A Fruit Salad Platter

If necessary, brush fruits with lemon juice to prevent browning. On large lettuce-lined platter arrange fruits. Serve with Spicy Nectar Dressing and/or Strawberry-Cheese Dressing - 23.1152

Yogi Berry Salad

In a bowl, combine apple, grapes, strawberries, celery and raisins. Toss gently. Fold in yogurt. Cover and chill. Just before serving, stir in sun- flower seeds. Serve on lettuce leaves. - 34.9296

Stuffed Peach Salad Combination

Combine the cheese, peanut butter, lemon juice and mayonnaise. Pile mixture into peach halves and decorate with slivers of cherries. Arrange on lettuce-lined plates. Add mounds of melon balls and fresh strawberries and fingers of bananas dipped in lemon... - 33.8578

Fruit Salad With Orange Almond Dressing

Line large salad bowl with lettuce leaves. Arrange fruit on top; sprinkle with almonds. - 28.67

Poppy Seed Fruit Salad

Combine first 7 ingredients in a large bowl, and toss gently. Add cubed watermelon, cubed cantaloupe, and sliced strawberries; toss gently. Cover mixture and chill at least 2 hours. To serve, toss fruit mixture gently, and spoon onto individual lettuce-lined... - 35.5099

Fruit Salad Plate

1. Drain pineapple, reserving 2 tablespoons liquid; set aside. 2. Arrange lettuce leaves on 2 individual plates. Place 1/2 cup cottage cheese on each. 3. Dip edges of pineapple slices in parsley. Arrange 2 pineapple slices, 3 prunes, 3 strawberries, and half... - 34.8737

Cantaloupe Fruit Salad

Cut off about 1 inch from ends of each cantaloupe. Remove seeds from cantaloupe. Cut each cantaloupe into 3 even rings. Cut up end pieces; mix with strawberries and grapes. Place rings on lettuce leaves on each of 6 plates; cut each ring into 1-inch pieces,... - 36.2766

Mid Summer Salad

MAKING 1. Quarter melon into, remove and discard seeds and skin and with a melon bailer scoop into balls or cut into 1/2-inch cubes. 2. Make thin slices out of strawberries and cucumber. 3. To serve, on a large serving plate or 4 individual plates arrange... - 46.4838

Fresh Fruit Salad

MAKING 1 Thoroughly wash the lettuce. 2 Drain well. 3 Tear into bite-size pieces. 4 On a serving tray or on 10 salad plates, arrange the lettuce 5 Peel the honeydew. 6 Seed and cut the honeydew into thin slices. 7 Arrange on the tray. 8 ... - 45.4482

Rainbow Fruit Salad

Combine cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes, and apple; toss to mix. Combine evaporated skimmed milk and orange juice concentrate; pour over fruit and toss to coat. - 24.8494

Summer Day Salad

Drain cherries; reserve 2 tablespoons juice. Combine melon balls and fruits in lettuce-lined bowl. Blend mayonnaise, reserved juice and poppy seed; mix well. Pour over fruits and melon balls; toss lightly. Serve immediately. - 29.9577

Fruit Salad Bowl

MAKING 1. Take a deep bowl and add lemon juice to it. And dunk banana, avocado and apples into it because it prevents darkening. 2. Take a glass salad bowl and spread lettuce and water cress over it. 3. Spread the bananas and cantaloupe over lettuce bed... - 43.9312

Seafood Cocktail Salad

MAKING 1. For dressing in a bowl stir together Russian Salad Dressing and cocktail sauce. 2. To get a drizzling consistency dressing stir in a little water and if desired with cover let it chill. 3. In a medium bowl toss together shrimp, crabmeat and 3... - 44.8495

Summer Fruit Salad With Blue Cheese Dressing

MAKING 1) Into a small bowl, add in the mayonnaise, herb dressing, blue cheese, milk, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Beat to combine all the ingredients. 2) Cover the bowl and chill till next use. 3) Dip the pear halves into a bowl of lemon juice. 4) Peel the... - 51.1221

Fruit Salad Platter

1. Prepare the fruit and chill it well. Cut the melons into balls or into 3/4-inch cubes, and brush the apple slices with lemon juice to prevent darkening. 2. Cover a large chilled platter with crisp lettuce leaves and lay the fruit in rows on the... - 46.2901

Corinne's Mystery Salad

Dissolve the jelly powder completely in the tomato juice in a large bowl or saucepan. When the powder is fully dissolved, add the remaining ingredients and stir. Pour into individual molds (or one large 2 qt. or 2 L) and refrigerate until set. Unmold onto... - 29.0788

Spinach And Watermelon Salad

Combine first 7 ingredients in a bowl; stir well with a whisk. Set aside. Combine spinach and remaining 5 ingredients in a large bowl. Drizzle dressing over salad, and toss gently to coat. - 36.95

Fruit Salad With Citrus Dressing

MAKING 1) In a medium bowl, combine together the apple and banana. 2) Sprinkle the fruits with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. 3) Add the strawberry slices and toss gently to mix. Set the mixture aside. 4) In a small saucepan, combine together the orange juice,... - 44.5589