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A strawberry cheesecake is a a strawberry flavored cheesecake or one containing the fruit. A cheesecake which is stopped with strawberries can also be called a strawberry cheesecake.

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Top 5 Cheesecakes For Christmas

Top 5 Cheesecakes For Christmas On : 25-Nov-2013 By : sumer

Why not try offering a rich cheesecake to your friends, along with a traditional Christmas cake to celebrate the festival? It is really a good idea, which would delight your guests for sure. There are loads of cheesecakes which can make your Christmas menu...

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Cheesecake

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Cheesecake On : 01-Nov-2011 By : Gourmet_lover

If you think that cheesecake and low fat are two irreconcilable terms, think again! Agreed this decadent dessert packs in a whopping 'fat' punch and borders into the sinful range. However, preparing them at home gives you the liberty to cut down on...

Cheesecake Factory Menu

Cheesecake Factory Menu  On : 29-Jul-2011 By : FitGal

If you want to savor fresh selections made from the premium quality ingredients and of remarkable tastes, the Cheesecake Factory Menu is where you should be looking for. This menu holds 200 plus selections, all of which are prepared using quality standard...

Savoury Cheesecakes

Savoury Cheesecakes On : 29-Apr-2008 By : shantihhh

When you think of cheesecake - what do you envision?  Most of us think of the smooth creamy sweet texture wit a graham cracker crust with strawberry or cherry topping, but here is a real switcharoo for cheesecakes - savoury cheesecakes as a first course. ...

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