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Stackerware To Jazz Up Kitchen Storage

Finally, all your kitchen storage woes are going to be addressed, in style! Stackerware, a practical but good looking set of containers is here. You can use these containers to free valuable drawer space and remove the chaos of plastic containers from your... -

Know The Shelf Life Of Common Foods!

  How often have you stashed some food inside your refrigerator and completely forgot about it? You would probably find it after several months, wonder if it is still safe to eat, and finally throw it away in the bin. If this is... -

What To Do In A Food Emergency

The world today is full of food items of all imaginable variety. Be it the fast food restaurants, loaded supermarket shelves or farmers' markets, we can see, touch, smell and buy food in every shape, size and flavor. And keep it stocked in our pantry... -

Survive Hurricanes Tastefully With Foods That Last

Hurricane Irene is knocking at the doors and quite a few States in the country,  including New York, are preparing to face the nature's wrath, once again. Only yesterday, the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection... -

Helping My Local Food Bank

Cache Valley Food Pantry I feel like I've been so blessed working with Shelf Reliance that I want to turn around and help someone else.  The biggest shelving unit they ha -

How To Store Pomegranate

How to store pomegranate? The question is as juicy, and hearty as the fruit itself is. Pomegranate appears to be a deseeded adaptation of tomatoes; however, lot of seemingly different properties separates the two. Pomegranate can be stored, either as a... -

How To Store Salmon

How to store salmon? This is the most delicious, and mouthwatering question which needs some good liberal answers. Salmon is fresh water born fish which migrates to ocean waters for dwelling. Touted as most healthy and scrumptious fish all over the world,... -

How To Store Crab

How to store crab? This is bit tweaked question, but carries some straight forward nifty tips on storing crabs. Crabs are popular part of many, Mexican, and Mediterranean cuisine. Being the oldest water resident, crabs prefer moist environment to thrive. It... -

How To Store Figs

How to store figs? Figs are one such fruit which finds its sacred place in bible. An age old adage, says that “a man is judged by his fruit, either they gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles”. Figs are naturally mushy, sweet flavored, and... -

How To Store Vegetable

How to store vegetable? This could become the most discussed topic of the day in any of our kitchen. Vegetables are next staple food stuff after cereals and grains. They are generally bought in batches, in large amount, or are home grown. In either of the... -

How To Store Lobster

How to store lobster? This can be a challenging task for tyros in this field. Lobsters are popular and expensive coastal dish, which has gained popularity due to low fat content, and high Omega-3 fatty acid content in comparison to its meat counterparts.... -

How To Store Pineapple

  How to store pineapple is the most sought after question for a pine apple aficionado. However, if you are also pineapple fanatic, then take stride down the words for more information. Pine apples are high in antioxidants, and... -

How To Store Turkey

  How to store turkey is common lunch and brunch question which could be the part of your menu left over, if you are an avid turkey fan. Turkey is popular meat in many American dishes. You have it stuffed as sandwiches,... -

How To Store Egg

How to store eggs to retain the same freshness and taste for long is not a difficult question to answer. Eggs are naturally stored inside the protective shells of their own. However, the fear of breakage and spoilage always exist for eggs, as they are the... -

How To Store Wheat

How to store wheat? A million dollar question which sways in all those houses, which have surplus supply of wheat kernels and wheat flour, is here to be answered. Wheat is indubitably the most staple grain across the globe. For those, who have confined... -

Tips To Store Parsley

How to store parsley ? Though not a very challenging question, but may exasperate you if you are planning of adding greenish tinge to your meals with sprinkled parsley. Parsley belongs to herb category of basil, and cilantro. All these herbs need to be... -

How To Store Butter

Butter is the one of the favorite spreads on toasts and great cooking base in yummy recipes. In order to cater to our needs, we often end up buying more than required butter blocks, and therefore, it becomes necessary to know how to store butter  ... -

How To Store Gnocchi

How to store gnocchi ? This is one of those household questions which itches the Italian minds, whenever it’s time to store gnocchi. Gnocchi are delicate and scrumptious versions of vintage pasta. The difference here lies in cooking style, which could vary... -

Basics Of Storing An Apple

How to store apple? This may not be an easy question to be answered but not that boggling too. Apples are hearty delight of winter time, which are enjoyed as pies, cakes, sauces, juice, and the fruit as whole. The most tempting feature of apple is that it is... -

How To Store Icing?

  How to store icing is the usual question which puzzles many people who love cake and cookies baking. Icing is made up of butter, cream, sugar and milk. Sometimes, egg whites are also used to bring about stiffness in... -

How To Store Pasta?

How to store pasta? The most sought after question in the minds of all the pasta lovers out there is here to find its most convincing answer. Pasta comes in umpteen variety and forms. The way of storing them is not distinct and you can store the uncooked... -

How To Store Squash?

How to store squash? The question pops the mind of especially those who have surplus amount of squash available year round. Squash is an evergreen vegetable, and comes in two broad varieties: the summer squash and the winter squash, of which the later keeps... -

How To Store Chocolate?

How to store chocolate and enjoy the raving taste for weeks to follow? Not a very twisty question, but the answer could be pretty technical and nifty. The chocolate connoisseurs would never wish to see their chocolate chunks all melting and denting. We all... -

How To Store Ginger

Being a healthy rhizome and an essential ingredient of numerous Asian and Mexican dishes , knowing how to store ginger will be handy .  Ginger is aromatic rhizome belonging to the family of zinziber. Ginger is famous for adding spice, zing, and... -

How To Store Syrups?

Let’s scour through kitchen essentials to learn about how to store syrups especially if you have a kitchen cabinet, which simply puffs up with its weight-age.   If you don’t store syrups properly they either get crystallized around the... -

How To Store Fiddlehead Ferns

  Even though it is advisable to use fresh fiddlehead ferns, you can store fiddlehead ferns for future use also. You need to store fiddlehead ferns at the earliest to prevent them from perishing. Rinse the picked fiddlehead ferns thoroughly... -

How To Store Noodles?

How to store noodles whether it is in dry form or the cooked ones? Not a big deal, if you stick to proper noodles storage methods, you will always be on way to enjoy the bunchy noodles with same taste, flavor and texture.The question of storing noodles in... -

How To Store Popcorn

  Crunchy, crispy bites of popcorn is great way to enjoy the evening show but one always wish to enjoy more of it, which needs the knowledge of how to store popcorn  in the proper way. Popcorn comes in two styles, one is... -

How To Store Pudding

  Along with preparing puddings,  it is also essential to know how to store puddings . Puddings are vulnerable to air contamination and bacteria quickly make their nasty way to puddings if it is not stored properly. However,... -

How To Store Soup?

Soups are prepared in  woks and pans, which calls for knowing about the hygienic methods of how to store soup .  It is always fine if you have prepared the soup which gets consumed  on the same day, but if you are struggling with storage of... -

How To Store Meringue

One of the biggest drawbacks of the sugary food is how to store meringue . Thanks to the perishable ingredients used in meringue, that makes it stale very soon. It never last for more than two days. You need to know some common steps for storing meringue. ... -

How To Store Sauces

To enjoy the relishing dishes topped up with sauce; get into some coaching session on how to store sauces .  Different sauces require different sort of storage conditions, and we should adhere to their methods of storing; otherwise you may only expect ill... -

How To Store Candy

Knowing how to storing candies is a good way to keep them fresh and enjoyable for long time ahead. Let us take a sneak peek at some of the ways on how to keep candies fresh for long by proper storage. Storing Candies ... -

How To Store Pizza

In case you face the challenge of storing the leftovers, you are keen to know how to store pizza read on... The initial crispy and tasty morsels of pizza might not be guaranteed when you consume it in second phase, but by storing it... -

How To Store Muffin

The main concern for mothers who are into regular practice of baking muffin is how to store muffin for that long time freshness both in taste and flavor. Improper storage practice makes the muffins  soggy, squelchy and quite mushy. The biggest enemy of... -

How To Store Ice Cream

How to store ice cream ?  Ice cream can be prepared at home or directly bought from commercial markets, however, storing home made ice cream is messy because they are freshly processed and do not contain any stabilizers or preservatives like their... -

How To Store Salads

We are often baffled by the instant wilting and nasty appearance of freshly bought salads, and end up questioning ourselves on how to store salad for an extended time. Most of them if stored improperly become bruised and stinky.Salads increase our life... -

How To Store An Apple And Enjoy The Juiciness For Long

Wondering how to store apple ?Worry not for here is an easy guide on storing apples at home. It is always beneficial to learn tips to store an apple for a long term (say three to four months). This will aid you in saving the valuable apple dollars (no pun... -

How To Store Hummus?

People find it difficult to understand how to store hummus for long especially with grocery bought hummus. Storing hummus plays key role in allowing you enjoy the freshness of hummus. Hummus can be stored by some quick fix methods which we will learn... -

How To Store Jelly

The thought on how to store jelly , drives you crazily to the refrigerator and you end up scooping out some of the jelly pulps on the morning toast or slice of bread. However, once you are over with your jelly tasting session, you get curious on how to... -

How To Store Food In Plastic Bottles

The topic of how to store food in plastic bottles seems very trivial, but the importance of storing perfectly has its own values. Imagine that your favorite cereal has been attacked by pests or the ckickpea the you were planning to use in hummus has... -

How To Store Goose Fat

  How to Store Goose Fat... many may not really bother with this question, but in my case it wasn't so. You will always find goose fat in my kitchens - I couldn’t do without it! But then storring goose fat is... -

How To Store Angel Food Cake?

  How long can you store Angel Food cake in your pantry or in the store shelves? Well, the foremost thing that you need to remember for storing Angel food cake will include how you are going to buy this from the pantry, is this... -

How To Refrigerate Avocados

    Refrigerate avocados to retain the nutrition and flavor of the fruit. There are many health benefits associated with avocado, its antioxidant properties makes it a super fruit for heart and liver. It’s... -

How To Store Pasta In Mylar Bags

  Pasta is well-liked for its unique taste and it is the taste which needs to be preserved while you are storing pasta. Storing pasta in mylar bag keeps the pasta fresh for 10 or more years. If you are looking for an inexpensive and simple way... -

Storage Facts To Store Your Food Properly

People who have large families or shop o n a budget often buy in bulk. The tricky thing about buying in bulk is how to store the excessive stuff. If you are in the habit of storing food or want to start, here are some great storage facts... -

How To Store Hot Food To Avoid Contamination

Most of us are confused as to how to store hot food in order to avoid contamination. Storing hot food needs special care and attention since bacteria and other disease causing organisms thrive at temperatures that are above 40 degrees Fahrenheit... -

How To Prevent Mold On Strawberries In Storage

Those of you, who love strawberries but are at your wits end trying to figure out how to prevent mold on strawberries while in storage, might find this article useful. Now, mold growth is a problem not restricted to strawberries alone but occurs... -

How To Store Sweet Sorghum

  Sorghum is a cereal grain grown and harvested by farmers for a variety of reasons. Primarily it is used as grain and syrup, also sweet sorghum syrup is added as ingredient in various syrup preparations. Like honey, crystals are formed in... -

How To Stock A Basic Vegetarian Pantry

Stocking a vegetarian pantry isn’t tough – you just need to know how to do it properly. There is a very little difference between the way you stock a vegetarian pantry and a non vegetarian pantry – it is just that you are replacing some specific food... -

How To Store Fresh Green Vegetables

  It can be a little difficult to figure out to store fresh green vegetables with all the varieties available in the grocery store today; especially, if you buy them when they are in their prime state or a little past it.  Salad... -

How To Store Dried Medjool Dates

You must have used medjool dates at some time or the other in your cooking! How do you store these dates? This is one of the common problems of many homemakers who love to use these dried dates, but do not know the right way of storing them. The... -

How To Store Your Favourite Condiments

  You can store your favorite condiments in appropriate containers and labeling them saves a lot of time and money. This blogs talks about how to store your favorite condiments and to increase their shelf life. ... -

How To Store Crumbled Blue Cheese

  If you are wondering how to store crumbled blue cheese here is an easy way and some tips on storing blue cheese.  Blue cheeses like French Roquefort, English Stilton, Italian Gorgonzola or American Maytag have... -

How To Store Wheat Germ At Home

You can now store wheat germ at home. Before you toss your wheat germ with puddings, treat it with dollops of yogurt or mash it with flour, you must be aware about the storage tips of wheat germ.Generally purchased from local grocery shops, wheat germ are... -

How To Store Cooked Potatoes For Later Usage

  Whipping up a full meal from scratch takes a lot of time, and seems to be a bit of a bother, particularly when you are short of time. Thankfully, it is possible to store cooked potatoes which give you the ability of saving time, thereby putting... -

How To Store Smoothies While Travelling

  Store smoothies while travelling as it refrains you from biting into a cheeseburger. Smoothies are made from fruits, vegetables or greens and sometimes have chocolates in them. They usually contain yoghurt or milk. Currently, many prefer... -

How To Store Bar Supplies

The right bar supplies go a long way in deciding the quality of service in the bar. Thus the bar supplies in a bar gains prime importance but how to store bar supplies without hampering the appearance of the bar. If you store bar supplies ... -

How To Store Food With A Vacuum

You should learn how to store food with a vacuum because this is a way in which you can keep your food fresh. If you learn how to store food with a vacuum , you will be able to preserve food for a much longer duration. In other words, foods stay fresh at... -

How To Store Popcorn In A Refrigerator

  Popcorn is America's favorite snack that everyone loves. But how would you store it i n a refrigerator when you make more than you can consume.   Storing it in such a way would allow you to savor it the... -

How To Store Smoothies At Home

  Smoothies are usually made blending natural ingredients like fresh fruits or frozen fruits. You can  store smoothies  in case you have prepared excess of it. The fruits you add to them determine the nutritive value of the smoothies.  It is a... -

How To Store Raw Almonds For Later Use

  Store raw almonds for a tasty power snack. You can store raw almonds  that are good sources of protein, vitamin E and fiber to be used as your snack. This healthy food can be eaten raw or sliced and sprinkled on various foods, soups and... -

How To Store Bread Crumbs In Your Kitchen

  People find it difficult to store bread crumbs and keep it fresh for longer. Not only storing bread crumbs for longer is a problem but storing other ingredients is also difficult sometimes. Whether you buy ingredients or make them freshly at home ... -

How To Store Fresh Whey At Home

Ever wondered what can you do with fresh whey? Before you do anything with this protein-rich liquid, it is important to store it properly so that it remains fresh for long. Find out tips on How To Store Fresh Whey At Home. What is Whey: If you... -

How To Store Tapioca Pearls

You can use your stock of tapioca pearls for at least a year, if you know how to store tapioca pearls . The tapioca pearls are essential ingredients for kitchen serving various purposes like additives, thickening agent etc other than using in... -

How To Store Minced Garlic At Home

Garlic is an essential ingredient used in varied cuisines of the world. You can buy a jar of minced garlic from your nearby store anytime, but it will certainly not taste as fresh. It is therefore wise to prepare and store minced garlic at home .... -

How To Store Nutritional Yeast Flakes At Home

  There are many ways to store nutritional yeast flakes,  and knowing how to is always important since it’s not an easily available source of ingredient in your kitchen and especially if you have bought nutritional yeast... -

How To Store Dried Cranberries

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } How to store dried cranberries? I do know a thing or two about that. I am a big fan of the cranberries. Any form of the cranberry is a good form of cranberry to me. Except the raw ones, fo course. I mean, the raw... -

How To Pack Homemade Mozzarella Cheese?

The proper packaging makes every single product worth saleable. Here are tips on How To Pack Homemade Mozzarella Cheese . Introduction: If you are packing a food product like homemade mozzarella cheese, irrespective of how you follow the cheese... -

How To Make Sesame Seeds Stick To Breads

  There are several recipes that require you to make sesame seeds stick to a variety of surfaces such as buns, rolls, loaves, cookies and of course sesame sticks. But making sesame seeds stick to the surface is not a big deal... -

How To Wrap Truffles And Keep Them Good For Long

A truffle is a fruiting body of an underground fungus. Truffles are found in Asia, North Africa, North America and Europe. There are also poisonous truffles, which are called false truffles and these truffles resemble the edible ones.  Truffles are... -

How To Store Duck Eggs At Home

Eggs from a chicken are more common than those obtained from a duck. However, it is easier to store duck eggs on account of their thick shells which are not as brittle as that of a chicken. Duck’s eggs are also known to be richer in nutrients with a yolk... -

How To Store Ginger Root At Home

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } How to store ginger at home? I can think of four popular ways. But if you can think of some queer, ingenious ways to store ginger root, gimme a holler. My mother always used to say that a bite of ginger is like... -

How To Store A Picnic Roast Properly

Picnic Roast (shoulder or pork) is an ideal picnic food . Picnic Roast is easy to prepare for a large group of people and can be pre-prepared and stored for almost two months. You can easily use left over roast meats to prepare quick sandwiches, salads and... -

How To Store Food In Plastic Buckets

Many of us store food in plastic buckets. Plastic buckets or containers are one of the ideal ways of storing food. Be it a kitchen shelf, freezer or the kitchen store, plastic buckets and containers can be found everywhere. But one should not store food in... -

How To Prevent Molds On Strawberries In Plastic Bags

If you know how to prevent molds on strawberries in plastic bags , storing strawberries will be an easy task for you. One of the main concerns of strawberry lovers is how to prevent mold from developing when they are stored for a long time. It has... -

How To Store Cut Potatoes Overnight

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } How to store cut potatoes overnight? The world can't do with or without the potatoes. It is a very versatile vegetable that can be made in to any dish for any course of the meal. Really, it is that versatile.... -

How To Store Homemade Cheese

Making cheese at home requires a lot of time, so to ensure that you enjoy your homemade cheese a couple of weeks you will need to learn how to store homemade cheese. After all, you should get the most out of your homemade cheese and this is possible when... -

How To Store Your Garbage - And Save The Environment

All households have Garbage issues such as where to keep it, how to keep it, whether to compost or not, etc. Here are a few tips on How To Store Your Garbage – And Save the Environment.   The first and the important step is to reduce the... -

How To Store Fresh Food In The Kitchen

Knowing how to store fresh foods in the kitchen is very important. By storing the food properly, we can protect ourselves from many food-borne infections. Besides, proper storage also ensures a longer life for our food products. Different foods... -

Long Term Food Storage Made User Friendly

Just SOME of the Benefits...!   Neoprene Seal  - The lids have a neoprene seal to seal out air, moisture and water.  This Grain Bucket is top quality!       -

How To Store Picked Sweet Corn

Sweet corn consists of high sugar content and it is grown in the fields during summers. This blog mainly concentrates on techniques which will tell you as  how to store picked sweet corn .   It has to be stored in the right conditions so as to... -

How To Store Fresh Truffle Mushrooms For Longer Durations

  Truffle mushrooms is often referred to as haute cuisine for its taste and of course their price, it’s worth more than its weight in gold. So if you have got some fresh truffle mushrooms which you do not intend to use immediately, then,... -

How To Store Vanilla Pods At Home

Vanilla pods, or beans, are the most commonly used flavoring agent in pastry kitchens, and you can easily store vanilla pods at home. Vanilla beans or pods, though mostly used in preparation of cakes and other sweet confectionary items,  can be... -

How To Store Lemon Water For Long

How to store lemon water for long is one of the frequently asked questions by those who are in love with lemons. This small yellow fruit has an amazingly tangy taste and wondrous benefits and thus people want to store the lemon water for long. Before I spill... -

How To Store Squash In Freezer Bags

Squash grows in plenty and all of them ripen at the same time, making it difficult to consume all in a given period of time. While we have innumerous squash recipes to suggest, we would first recommend learning how to store squash in freezer bag, so... -

How To Store Vanilla Pods For Later Use

Learn how to store vanilla pods for later use when you need them for cooking some of your favorite recipes! You need to store vanilla pods just like spices because just like all other cooking ingredients, these too have a very short shelf life. If... -

How To Store A Rum Cake At Home

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Santa baby, just bake a rum cake for me! Santa cutie, how to store a rum cake at home, tell me. Yeah, I can't help but feel that Christmas spirit. But I have to stop myself from trying to imitate Eartha Kitt.... -

How To Store Fresh Green Tomatoes

Here are certain tips you must read to know  how to store fresh green tomatoes .    It is not usual to have an abundance of green tomatoes when the harvest ends in the fall. One must store green tomatoes properly until they turn red and can... -

How To Store Fresh Flounder At Home

How to store fresh flounder at home , so that it is completely fresh when you choose to cook it? Flounder is a common flatfish which is usually found on the ocean bed and is loved as seafood for its brilliant taste and flavor. Learn to store fresh... -

How To Store Cake Yeast

It is important to know how to store cake yeast , especially for those people who use yeast in their recipes very often, but do not have the time to rush to the market every time to get cake yeast. Learn to store cake yeast in the right way so that... -

How To Store Oysters At Home

So you got a big catch of oysters and you cannot eat them all in one day, then the best way is to learn how to store oysters at home so that you can enjoy them for few more days. You can keep oysters at home for about a week without the risk of... -

How To Store Spring Water At Home

Spring water is the purest from of water as it has essential minerals and is not processed like the distilled water. Since this water has many health benefits, you must aim at drinking this water only, and I can help and guide you on How To Store Spring... -

How To Store Granulated Sugar

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } If you are wondering, how to store granulated sugar, then let me tell you this. Storing sugar is not rocket science and you certainly do not need a Ph.D in Molecular Biology to do it yourself at home. You just need to... -

How To Store Spanish Cheeses

Spain has more than 100 varieties of cheeses, from fermented and blue-veined to fresh and cured, and each one of them has its own specialty depending on the region it is produced. But the storage technique is more or less the same. This article will talk... -

How To Store Leftover Barbecues?

It is always better to smoke extra meat in advance, especially if you are arranging barbecue parties, since barbecues never allow you to cook at the last minute. But many of you may wonder what to do with the leftover barbecues. Hence, here are the tips on ... -

How To Store Fresh Juice

When you prepare fresh juice at home, you can easily customize it to suit your personal taste, but you must also know how to store fresh juice .   Storing fresh juice is as important as creating a new flavor. In order to create a flavor of... -

How To Store Ghee

Ghee or clarified butter is an essential element of Indian cooking. It is believed that daily consumption of one spoon of ghee can increase the nutrients’ absorption into the body. Hence, it is important to know How To Store Ghee. Ghee never... -

How To Store Hot Peppers In Refrigerator

Many of my recipes require hot pepper as I like to eat dishes that are hot and spicy. Since I cannot do without them I prefer storing hot peppers in refrigerator to avoid rushing to the supermarket before I start cooking. Earlier my hot peppers would rot... -

How To Store Wine Yeast

Homemade wine can be as good and flavorful as commercially produced wine. People willing to make wine should properly store wine yeast at home , because it is the freshness of the wine yeast that decides the taste and flavor of homemade wine.   ... -