Steamed Lentil Recipes

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Lentil And Rice Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Stuffed cabbage rolls is a great party item. Rich in protein and fiber, this dish to delicious to taste and great to look at too! Made with lentil and rice, these cabbage rolls are really filling too. Watch Katherine as she prepares these rolls and then you... - 124.207


Once considered the poor's meal, mujadara has come of age and now being eaten even in palaces I the Arab world. This dish has gained so much popularity due to it high nutritional value, simple flavors and ease of preparing. - 109.511

Indian Lentils With Spinach Part 1 - Preparing The Lentils

Spinach is known for its health values and gets even better when cooked with lentils. Watch chef Aarsi as she shows how to cook spinach with lentils, masala and seasonings. In the video the chef begins with the preparation of lentils. Watch the following... - 85.7255

Arabic Mujadara

Arabic Mujadara is a pilaf made with lentils and burgul flavored with caramelized onions. Watch and learn this delicate side dish from this video. You will love it if you like Mediterranean flavors. Bon App├ętit! - 84.2298

Red Lentil And Bulgur Salad With Cashews And Corn

GETTING READY 1. In a pot of boiling water add the 1 teaspoon salt and gradually stir in the bulgur. 2. Remove the pot from the heat, cover it tightly to allow the bulgur to steam for 20 minutes such that it is tender. 3. In another pot place the lentils,... - 43.7843

Gujarati Khaman Dhokla -steamed Lentil Cakes

1. Soak the grams together for 6 hours. 2. Grind finely in a round stone grinder, to allow it to froth up. 3. Add ground ginger, green chillies, salt, asafoetida, turmeric, soda bicarbonate and sugar. 4. Heat oil. Pour into the mixture. Mix well and keep for... - 43.2342

Bisi Bele Huliyana Sambar Bhath

1. Cook red gram till very soft. 2. Soak tamarind and extract juice. 3. Fry spices, coconut and other gram in a little fat and grind to a soft paste. 4. Add the spices, garam masala, curry leaves and washed rice to cooked gram. Add salt. 5. Add sufficient hot... - 42.4854

Golden Lentil

Pour the oils into a hot pressure cooker, add the onion, ginger and garlic and fry for 30 seconds. Add the lentils, herbs and water, stirring to make sure nothing is sticking to the bottom of the pan and every lentil is scraped from the sides. Fasten the lid... - 37.1527

Moong Dal Dhoklas

1. Soak the moong dal for 2 hours. Drain. 2. Add the green chillies and a little water and grind in a mixer. 3. Add the gram flour, curds, asafoetida and salt. 4. When you want to serve, add the fruit salt and mix well. 5. Pour the mixture into two thalis of... - 37.1006

Lentil And Bulgar Wheat Salad

1. The evening before, put the bulgur wheat in a heatproof bowl and pour over sufficient boiling water just to cover. Set aside until the water has been absorbed. 2. If you want to give a fluffier finish to the bulgur wheat, transfer it to a steamer and steam... - 34.9105

Togari Nucchin Unde - 3 Rd Method

Soak all dal together in water for 4 hours or until soft and drain excess water Grind coarsely with the remaining ingredients (not fine paste and do not add water) Shape the mixture into small balls, oval shape or oblong Arange them in idli stand or cooker... - 33.8379

Veg Dhokla

1. Soak the green moong dal for 4-5 hours in water. 2. Then take the moong dal and add very little of water and grind this together with green chillies and hing and salt. 3. Take a thali. 4. Spread that moong dal batter on the thali. 5. Put this thali in a... - 30.4796