Steamed Crab With Ginger Sauce Recipes

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Steamed Crab With Ginger Sauce

1. Place crabs in a large bowl. Slowly run cold tap water continuously over crabs. Add 3 tablespoons salt and let stand for 1 1/2 hours to eliminate the sediment in crabs. 2. Rinse and drain crabs. Steam over high heat for 15-20 minutes. 3. While crab is... - 27.4384

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Steamed Soft Shell Crabs With Ginger Sauce

Drain crabs; then arrange, back sides up, in a single layer on rack. Cover and steam over high heat until crabs are just opaque in center; cut to test about 8 minutes. Meanwhile, stir together vinegar, onion, ginger, and sugar in a small bowl. Transfer crabs... - 28.4242

Steamed Dungeness Crab With Asian Style Vegetables And Gingered Citrus Soy Sauce

1. To prepare the sauce, combine ginger, lemon juice, lime juice, sambal and soy sauce. Set aside. 2. Place bok Choy and water chestnuts in the bamboo steaming baskets. Lay crabs on top. Cover with layers of carrots, shiitakes, green onions and pickled gi - 22.493

Dip For Steamed Crab

Dip For Steamed Crab can be tried along with many other dishes like steamed fishes, steamed tofu, .etc. But, this Dip For Steamed Crab is best with steamed chicken. Try it! - 14.1778

Steamed Cracked Crab In Spicy Tamarind Sauce

Want to wow your guests with a recipe that looks and tastes very impressive but is easy to cook? Then watch this video and prepare to be amazed, and amaze! This recipe will yield a yummy crab cooked in a spicy, delectable sauce. Everyone is sure to love it! - 116.211

Steamed Dungeness Crab In A Spicy Indonesian Sauce

If you want to surprise guests with your amazing kitchen skills the next time there is a get-together, then this video is just the thing for you. Watch and learn to make the perfect steamed crabs that are served in a spicy, tangy Indonesian sauce made with... - 127.848

Steamed Marinated Crabs With Glutinous Rice

Anyone of you out there who would like to know how to make a Steamed Marinated Crabs With Glutinous Rice, can try out this one. The Steamed Marinated Crabs With Glutinous Rice recipe is easy and all you got to do is to follow the steps below. Enjoy this... - 35.9235

Crabs With Steamed Rice

These Crabs With Steamed Rice makes a truly satiating dish for a famished soul ! Try out this savory crab and steamed rice dish for your next meal and if you think you've cooked out a masterpiece, you can think of impressing your guests for your next party ! - 42.4237

Steamed Crab And Pork Balls

1. To make filling, place pork, crab meat, lemon grass, galangal or ginger, fresh coriander, lime leaves, garlic, ground coriander, cumin, egg white and fish sauce in a food processor and process until smooth. 2. Steam or microwave spinach leaves until they... - 35.9881

Chinese Cooking: How To Cook & Steam Live Blue Crabs

Struggling to cook live blue crabs? Well, now it's not so difficult. Watch this video and learn few simple ways to cook and steam live blue crabs. - 105.668

Steamed Chicken And Crab With Mushroom And Onions

Put the chicken in boiling water and wash. Wipe the chicken well and rub soya sauce mixture. Leave aside for 20 minutes. Prepare a large steamer and place the chicken in the centre and place ginger and onion on top. Cover and steam for 40 minutes. Clean wash... - 34.2564