Steamed Brown Bread Recipes

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Steamed Boston Brown Bread With Raisins

GETTING READY 1. Great two 1-quart tin cans with oil. MAKING 2. In a large mixing bowl, 3. Combine cornmeal, flours, baking soda and salt. 4. Pour in the molasses and buttermilk and mix, stirring until smooth and well blended. 5. Add in raisins and gently... - 45.5046

Steamed Boston Brown Bread

MAKING 1) Take a mixing bowl and combine all ingredients in it. Blend well. 2) Pour half the mixture (about 1 1/2 cups) in a container of 2 cup capacity, keeping wax paper at the bottom. 3) Cover with plastic wrap and microwave (50%) for about 6-8 minutes,... - 42.3382

Steamed Boston Brown Bread

Combine the dry ingredients. Stir in the molasses and sour milk. Fill a greased or oiled 2 qt covered brown bread or pudding mold 2/3 full, then cover closely. Set the mold on a rack in a large kettle. Pour in boiling water to half the depth of the... - 37.7101

Steamed Boston Bread

In mixing bowl combine all ingredients, blending well. Pour half the mixture (1 1/2 cups) into 2 cup measure with wax paper in bottom. Cover with plastic wrap to steam. Microwave medium (50%) 6-8 minutes, rotating dish 1/4 turn halfway through cooking. Rest... - 37.4452

Steamed Boston Brown Bread

Mix the flours, cornmeal, baking powder, baking soda, and salt in a large bowl. Add a mixture of the buttermilk, molasses, and raisins; stir only enough to moisten the flour. Pour an equal amount of batter into 3 well greased cans (18 to 20 ounces... - 35.2748

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Steamed Buttermilk Brown Bread

Combine first 6 ingredients in a medium mixing bowl, stir in raisins. Combine buttermilk and molasses in a small mixing bowl, add to dry ingredients, stirring well. Spoon mixture into a well-greased 4-cup mold, cover tightly with aluminum foil. Place mold on... - 37.5314

Steamed Brown Bread

Grease well 7 Calumet baking powder cans. Steam in large pressure cooker for 3 hours. Serve with cheese - 31.0014

Steamed Brown Bread With Orange Zest

Wash, dry and grease well three 20-oz.cans (fruit, vegetables, tomato juice, etc., come in this size). Combine whole wheat flour, cornmeal, salt and soda in bowl. Combine buttermilk and molasses and add to dry ingredients all at once along with orange rin - 26.9414

Steamed Brown Bread

Grease four 16-ounce vegetable cans (4 1/4 x3 inches) or 7-inch tube mold. Beat all ingredients in large mixer bowl on low speed, scraping bowl constantly, 30 seconds. Beat on medium speed, scraping bowl constantly, 30 seconds. Fill cans about 2% full. Cover... - 39.1713

Steamed Sweet Sour Brown Bread

Wash out 4 15-ounce fruit or vegetable cans and grease. Sift the first five ingredients into a bowl and add next five ingredients. Stir in molasses and milk blended together. Spoon mixture into cans, distributing evenly. Cover each with doubled waxed paper or... - 30.14

Boston Brown Bread Using Sour Milk

Mix dry ingredients thoroughly. Add floured raisins and nuts. Mix molasses and milk together; add to dry ingredients. Beat well. Fill buttered molds full. Place 1 cup water and rack in deep €¢ cooker, place cans or molds on rack. Cook until steaming, then... - 40.2109

Steamed Date Brown Bread

MAKING 1. Allow yeast to remain soaked in a mixture of molasses and milk or yogurt. Add sifted dry ingredients to the mixture and mix well. Add nuts, dates and raisins and stir 40 times. Halve the mixture. 2. Take 2 pint cans, oil thoroughly, pour in the... - 41.8355

Steamed Cattail Brown Bread

Mix all ingredients together in large bowl. Fill 3 #303 cans 2/3 full. Place rack on bottom of kettle. Tightly seal cans with aluminum foil secured with rubber bands. Place cans on rack in kettle. Put enough water in kettle to just cover rack. Cover kettle... - 36.1228

Steamed Brown Bread

Grease four 1-pound cans or one 7-inch tube mold. Measure all ingredients into large mixer bowl. Beat 1/2 minute, scraping bowl constantly. Fill cans or mold 2/3 full; cover tightly with aluminum foil. Place rack in Dutch oven and pour boiling water into pan... - 35.8928

Steamed Brown Bread

Sift together the all-purpose flour, soda, and salt. Combine with the cornmeal and graham flour. Mix together the molasses and buttermilk. Stir into the dry ingredients. Turn into a greased loaf tin 9" x 5". Crease a piece of aluminum foil and make a 1" pleat... - 42.4139