Steak Medallion Recipes

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Steak Medallions

MAKING 1) In a large frying pan, saute the onions and green peppers in 2 tablespoons of the butter or margarine until soft, then remove and keep warm. 2) In the same frying pan, saute the steaks for 2 minutes on each side or until done. 3) Split and open the... - 39.7054

Steak Medallions

MAKING 1) Trim excess fat from the steak. 2) Cut the meat into 1 1/2-inch squares. 3) Dip in flour and coat well, then lay on a floured cutting board. 4) Using a wooden mallet or a rolling pin, pound each piece of meat, adding flour as required, till the... - 44.3114

Steak Diane

classical French dish. - 44.7108

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Beef Medallions With Wilted Collard Greens And Tobasco Onion Rings

MAKING 1) In a bowl, mix flour, cornstarch, cumin, chile powder and salt. Toss the onion rings in the mixture and dust off the excess. 2) In a saucepan, add enough oil for deep frying and heat it to 350 degrees. Add in the rings in batches and fry till... - 41.8421

Easy Filet Mignon Medallions

Are you looking for a simple way to prepare a great cut of meat? Here is an excellent video that shows how to make a simple but terrific and elegant filet mignon medallions at home. The video is so well explained that you can easily make this great dish for... - 97.6608

Medallions With Balsamic Onion Relish

This video showing a unique bacon wrapped steak recipe that is just perfect for a cozy dinner party. The amazing blend of the dark rich sweet taste of the balsamic onion relish with the bacon wrapped perfectly cooked filet mignon medallion is quite literally... - 110.002

Medallion Of Veal Princess

Pound the veal lightly with a meat mallet to flatten. Heat a heavy skillet which has been sprayed with a noncaloric vegetable spray and brown the veal on both sides. Remove veal and set aside. Deglaze the pan with the wine. Add the mushrooms and saute. Cut... - 35.4887

Meat Stuffed Veal Medaillons

–  Preheat oven to broil. –  In a heated skillet, fry bacon and ham at high heat and stir gently. –  Degrease skillet, add small amount of chicken stock and let mixture simmer for 4 minutes. Add rest of chicken stock and let boil for 1 minute. Season... - 32.016

Three Pepper Veal Medaillons

–  Prepare noodles and sauce according to package directions, and keep warm. –  Make small cross-wise cuts on both sides of the meat, and baste with steak sauce. –  In a large skillet, melt butter and sear the meat on both sides. Reduce heat, season... - 27.4252

Seared Fillet Filet mignon Steaks With Maytag Blue Cheese Butter And Red Wine Sauce With Chive Potato Towers

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the oven to 300 degrees. 2) In a mixing bowl, whisk together blue cheese and butter. Place in the fridge to set. MAKING 3) In a saucepan, heat butter, saute onions for 3 minutes till they turn soft and transluscent. Add in... - 44.4031

Betty's Chimichurri Sauce

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Chimichurri Sauce. This is a relish that originated in Argentina and is great when served with beef steak or roast. My inspiration for making Chimichurri was the trip my husband, Rick, and I made to our alma... - 116.298