Steak Fajita Mango Salsa Recipes

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Barbecued Steak Fajita

GETTING READY 1) Marinate the steak in Love Potion #9 for about 90 minutes. MAKING 2) Mix together the green chillies and barbecue sauce. Add some Potion #9 to the mixture. 3) Spoon the mixture all over the marianted meat. 4) Spoon the meat onto the tortilla... - 104.427

Love Potion #9 And Steak Fajitas

This is a fantastic recipe to make on any occasion. Love potion #9 is a versatile drink, which can be used for making various dishes and desserts. Just check this recipe. - 96.8844

Quick And Delicious Tuna Tacos

Sara prepares a quick and colorful taco from tuna steak, greens, mango and avacado. - 115.435