Spicy Japanese Vegetable Recipes

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Japanese Spicy Dulse Salad

How about a great refreshing start with a healthy and delicious dulse salad. Watch this great informative video that shows an amazing recipe for a unique salad. See the video to try out this easy salad, enjoy and keep fit. - 119.134

Three Spicy Beer Snacks Part 1

If you want to party, party the right way with three delightful snacks. Before you grab the beer mug stir fry delicious snacks as a accompaniment. Your evenings are surely going to be more fun now. Just try frying some at your kitchen for yummy munchies any... - 104.127

Classic Teriyaki Sauce

Have you been looking for the Classic Teriyaki Sauce recipe? Look no further. Watch the chef prepare this Classic Teriyaki Sauce in this video. We bet you would want to make this Oriental recipe again and again. - 100.416

Three Spicy Beer Snacks Part 2

Munch some different kind of snack with beer and feel refreshed every time. Try these easy to make snacks, the variety which would give you a chance to team up something different with your drink every time. Next time you are ganging up with your friends for... - 96.7013

Stir Fry Japanese Dinner From Bag

If you have always got enchanted with the restaurant Japanese dishes, try Bhal Dave Japanese recipes! He guides you to make an addictive Yakisoba stir fried noodles and soy cutlets. He mentions each step in detail for your ease. Now you and your family can... - 69.7917

Chicken Hekka

An incredible Asian stir fry. One of my personal favorites. - 36.8401

Japanese Okonomiyaki

Japanese style dinner 'pancake' integrating cabbage and meat for a delicious meal. - 35.4358

Miso Braised Pork

Japanese comfort food! The smell will draw you in. - 32.6547