Spicy Japanese Recipes

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Oriental Hot Kakiage Soba

Looking for something to prepare on a cold winter night? You have .hit the correct page because this video has just the correct recipe. This traditional Japanese soup with noodles and vegetable immersed in it make for a great dish. Watch the video now and... - 144.163

Authentic Spaghetti Napolitan

Want to try something different today? You have hit the correct page. This video has an Authentic Spaghetti Napolitan recipe which is an absolute delight. Watch the chef prepare this Japanese delicacy almost effortlessly and there are some tips as well to... - 142.838

Summer Special Pork Shogayaki

Looking for a great summer recipe? This video is just right for you. Watch the chef prepare this Japan's staple Pork Shgayaki which is a great blend of authentic Japanese ingredients with tender pork. The recipe is just perfect for summers. Watch the video... - 142.575

Geek Week: Jabba The Hutt's Spicy Tuna Rolls

GETTING READY 1. Prepare a sushi mat by lining it with plastic wrap. 2. Prepare a bowl of water. MAKING 3. In a bowl combine mayonnaise and sriracha, stir to mix. 4. Mix this mayonnaise mixture with the tuna, set aside. 5. Place the nori sheet on a worktop,... - 127.19

Sweet And Spicy Edamame

When ever you are looking for a healthy snack, try this edamame. It is simple, super delicious and healthy too. Watch the video to learn more about the recipe. - 123.954

Spicy Scallop Crunch Rolls

GETTING READY 1. Prepare the sushi rice base. 2. Cook spicy scallop, and tempura bits. Set aside. MAKING 3. Lay spicy scallop mixture, cucumber, and avocado slices on nori facing side of sushi base. 4. Grab the bamboo mat, and roll as shown in the video.... - 119.367

Japanese Spicy Dulse Salad

How about a great refreshing start with a healthy and delicious dulse salad. Watch this great informative video that shows an amazing recipe for a unique salad. See the video to try out this easy salad, enjoy and keep fit. - 119.134

Spicy Tuna Sushi Rolls

GETTING READY 1. Prepare sushi rice base. 2. Chop tuna, and avocado as shown in the video. 3. Squeeze lime juice between avocado slices, and on the plate to prevent it from browning and sticking to each other. Set aside. 4. In a small bowl, add chopped tuna,... - 118.232

Teriyaki Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger Recipe by Saloni. It is a mouthwatering delicious Chicken Teriyaki Burger. These are a delicious, Japanese-inspired meal that is a perfect snack to kill that hunger. The recipe can be used with many other meats, but my personal preference is... - 117.514

Seared Tuna Crusted With Wasabi And Sesame Seeds

GETTING READY 1. Using a pestle and mortar, crush the toasted sesame seeds. 2. Season both sides of the Tuna with some salt. 3. Apply some wasabi paste on both sides of the Tuna. 4. In a platter lay the crushed sesame seeds, and press all the exposed surfaces... - 114.645

Wasabi Guacamole Japonés (japanese-style)

This is not your ordinary avocado dip. Surprise your guests with this zingy Japanese variation of the Mexican classic. This fusion dip recipe is just in time for the game season. Serve it with chips, use it in sushi, summer burgers, taco or just about... - 113.732

Classic Yakitori

For all the fans of Japanese cuisine, here is a simple yet delicious Japanese dish - yakitori. You must have tried this grilled chicken several times, at the Oriental restaurants. With this recipe video guide, now you can prepare them in your own kitchen to... - 113.19

Low Carb Hot And Spicy Tuna Sushi Rolls

MAKING 1. In a bowl add the cauliflower, cayenne, salt, ginger powder and cream cheese. 2. Mix until the ingredients are well incorporated and sticky. 3. On a bamboo mat, place 1 nori sheet. 4. Place 3 tablespoon of the sticky mixture and spread until a... - 112.505

Thanksgiving Tebasaki Chicken Wings

These Chicken wings are made in a Japanese sauce. They are so delicious that you must try it once! This serves as a perfect appetizer. - 111.526

Spicy Sauce For Sushi Rolls

MAKING 1. In a small bowl, combine mayonnaise, chilli oil, sesame oil, and chilli paste. 2. Drop cucumber and mix it well. Taste and adjust. SERVING 3. Serve spicy sauce with sushi. - 110.397

Japanese Sashimi

Take a look at Chef David Banks as he cuts fresh rockfish and serves it raw as sashimi. The video is outstanding and the chef shares great slicing skills to make a perfect sashimi. So if you like to eat your rockfish raw and spicy, them make this delicious... - 110.121

How To Make Sushi - Happy Spice Rolls

Please watch the video for direction. - 105.406

Three Spicy Beer Snacks Part 1

If you want to party, party the right way with three delightful snacks. Before you grab the beer mug stir fry delicious snacks as a accompaniment. Your evenings are surely going to be more fun now. Just try frying some at your kitchen for yummy munchies any... - 104.127

Spaghetti Recipes Japanized Spaghetti Recipes Wafu Pasuta

I don't know anyone who doesn't LOVE spaghetti recipes! This is a wafu pasuta or wafu pasta recipe a subset of spaghetti recipes that hails from Japan. These European additions to the Japanese style of cooking is called "Yohshoku" or "Youshoku" or "Yoshoku."... - 103.837

How To Make Spicy Tempura Rolled Sushi

Here is a recipe that is yummy to taste and look as well! Spicy sushi rolls is a Japanese recipe of sushi roll with shrimps. It owes its colorful layers to rice, sesame seeds, nori, tempura and avocado. Watch this video for more details! - 103.226

Easy Spicy Sauce For Sushi

MAKING 1.In a bowl, combine mayonnaise and sriracha sauce. Mix to spread evenly. 2.Taste, and add more sauce if required. SERVING 3.Serve sauce with sushi roll. - 102.549

Classic Teriyaki Sauce

Have you been looking for the Classic Teriyaki Sauce recipe? Look no further. Watch the chef prepare this Classic Teriyaki Sauce in this video. We bet you would want to make this Oriental recipe again and again. - 100.416

Ahi Poke And Spicy Ahi Chirashi Platter

MAKING 1. In a large mixing bowl, pour the poke sauce. 2. Add the Ahi tuna pieces. 3. Add half a teaspoon of green onions. 4. Sprinkle in a pinch of the spice blend and half a teaspoon of shichimi. 5. Mix well to get everything incorporated. 6. On a large... - 98.4669

Daikon Crackers

The other day I made a snack which could possibly be the most delicious snack ever made. It’s very easy to make. - 97.5346

Stir Fried Pork And Cabbage In Spicy Miso And Sake Sauce

Stir-fried boneless pork and fresh crisp cabbage with a spicy-sweet miso-sake-ketchup sauce when served over rice makes a makes a stirring combination. 'It's a quick-fix dish when unexpected company arrives or when you just don’t feel like cooking on those... - 96.9387

Three Spicy Beer Snacks Part 2

Munch some different kind of snack with beer and feel refreshed every time. Try these easy to make snacks, the variety which would give you a chance to team up something different with your drink every time. Next time you are ganging up with your friends for... - 96.7013

Hanapa'a Sushi Company - Spicy Ahi Crunch

MAKING 1. On a plate, pat down the sushi rice in an even layer. 2. Layer the spicy creamy Ahi mix on top of the rice. 3. Drizzle in the fire cracker sauce and the unagi sauce. 4. Top with the mini norimaki, iso peanuts and the wasabi peas. SERVING 5.... - 94.9364

Spicy Tofu Chickpea Sushi

Vegetarian nori rolls can now be made at home! Here is a simple recipe to making these! A really simple mix of chickpea and tofu, make the filling for this roll. Both are healthy ingredients and taste great together. A simple recipe and definitely worth a try. - 91.6615

Carrot Sticks With Spicy Miso Paste

Today I decided to cook with carrots. I made some carrot sticks with spicy miso paste. - 90.1206

Learn How To Make Spicy Teriyaki Mini - Burgers In 7 Steps

What's a backyard bash without yummy snacks and burgers? You don't have to toil hard to prepare one. Chef Bhal Dave teaches you how to make spicy teriyaki mini-burgers in 7 easy steps. Just gather your pots and pans and get hold of the ingredients to get... - 88.5064

Chicken Teriyaki Part 1 – Introduction & Preparation

For all those Japanese cuisine fans, here is an excellent traditional chicken teriyaki recipe for you. The chef has divided the videos in 2 parts – Here she provides ingredient details and also shows how you can start preparing the chicken right from the... - 74.4328

Chicken Teriyaki Part 2 – Finishing

This is part 2 of chicken teriyaki video series. Here the chef showcases how the grilled chicken turns out and also provides some quick tips in Filipino. All said, but entire preparation and presentation on one video could have been better. - 70.6045

Stir Fry Japanese Dinner From Bag

If you have always got enchanted with the restaurant Japanese dishes, try Bhal Dave Japanese recipes! He guides you to make an addictive Yakisoba stir fried noodles and soy cutlets. He mentions each step in detail for your ease. Now you and your family can... - 69.7917

Fried Chicken In Chili Sauce

This video is in Japanese - 66.4348

Baked Spicy Tofu With Bean Thread Noodles Corn And Mango

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 450°F. MAKING 2. In a small baking dish, whisk marinade ingredients. 3. Chop drained tofu into ½ inch cubes. 4. Add to marinade and using a spoon, turn gently for even coating. The tofu should be close to each other.... - 46.2435

Spicy Vegetables With Tofu

MAKING 1) In a skillet, heat oil and sauté the onions, red peppers, celery, garlic, ginger and chilli peppers for 5 minutes. 2) Stir the mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, and peas until combined 3) Add the tofu, stock and soy sauce. 4) Cover and cook for 3... - 42.3008

Marinated Spicy Fresh Water Smelts

MAKING 1) Prepare the smelts, rinse well and pat dry; season with salt and pepper, dust lightly with the flour. 2) In a suitable skillet, deep- fry the the fish in 3 inches of vegetable oil at 340 Deg F until golden... - 38.7942

Chicken Hekka

An incredible Asian stir fry. One of my personal favorites. - 36.8401

Japanese Okonomiyaki

Japanese style dinner 'pancake' integrating cabbage and meat for a delicious meal. - 35.4358

Shrimp In Spicy Sauce

Heat oil in 10-inch skillet until hot. Cook and stir shrimp, onions, garlic and red pepper until shrimp starts to turn pink, 2 to 3 minutes. Stir in remaining ingredients. Simmer uncovered until shrimp is tender, about 5 minutes. - 34.5001

Spicy Tofu Bake

Slice tofu into 1 to 1 1/2-inch thick slices. Place a thick layer of newspapers on a flat surface. Cover with several paper towels. Position tofu slices in a single layer on top of paper towels. Cover with additional paper towels. Place a flat object, such as... - 32.7963

Miso Braised Pork

Japanese comfort food! The smell will draw you in. - 32.6547

Spicy Fried Pork N Vegetables

In 12-inch nonstick skillet heat oil; add garlic and saute until browned (be careful not to burn). Using a slotted spoon, remove and discard garlic. Add onions and mushrooms to skillet and saute until lightly browned; add pork and chilies and stir to... - 32.5434