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Mango Punch

Fruit extracts and juices are great over any occasion and here is a Tropical recipe to make a punch. Check out Farah along with Talat how to make cool Mango Punch. Great to have after lunch or dinner. - 74.9989

Wine Punch

MAKING 1) Combine all ingredients, except ginger ale. 2) Keep the mixture in refrigerator for about three hours. 3) Before serving, strain and then mix in ginger ale. 4) Fill a punch glass with lots of crushed ice and pour this mixture over it. SERVING 5)... - 46.7348

Simple Punch

MAKING 1. In a cocktail shaker, combine the lime juice and sugar syrup. 2. Shake the bitters into the mixture. 3. Add the rum and stir thoroughly; add the fresh fruit. 4. Refrigerate the mixture for 3 hours. 5. Fill a lowball glass with crushed ice and,... - 46.3937

The Grenada Punch

MAKING 1. In a cocktail shaker, pour the fruit juices and sugar. 2. Shake the bitters into the mixture. 3. Blend the grenadine, rum and fresh fruit; stir thoroughly. 4. Refrigerate the mixture for 3 hours. 5. Fill a lowball glass with cracked ice. 6. Pour the... - 45.5317

Hot Punch

GETTING READY 1) In a deep casserole, pour in boiling water to combine with whole allspice, whole cloves and cinnamon sticks all packed in a cloth. MAKING 2) Microwave at HIGH for 5 minutes. 3) Remove the spice pack. 4) Pour in punch, orange juice and... - 44.0678

Witch's Brew Won't Do New Year's Punch

GETTING READY 1) Cut few orange slices. 2) Arrange a punch bowl. MAKING 3) In a saucepan, pour cherry juice and add cinnamon stick and cloves. 4) Cook on low heat for 10 minutes. ... - 43.1652

Bubbling Jade Punch

GETTING READY 1.Follow the instructions on the package and prepare spinach. 2.Once done strain the excess water and keep in bowl. MAKING 3.Take a saucepan, heat butter and saute garlic in it. 4.Once the garlic is brown, remove it and add spinach to th epan... - 42.5301

Loganberry Punch

MAKING 1. In a jug, combine all the fruit juices and loganberry syrup. Give a good stir. 2. Refrigerate until required. SERVING 3. In a large punch bowl, add the fruit. 4. Pour the chilled juice over the fruit. . 5. Top with soda. 6. Stir and ladle into... - 39.934

Sour Punch

MAKING 1) Into a punch bowl, add in the ice. 2) Add in the orange juice, lemon juice, sugar and whisky over the ice. 3) Stir well. SERVING 4) Garnish the punch with fresh fruits. 5) Just before serving, add in the soda water. 6) Garnish with orange slices. - 39.5613

Dubonnet Punch

MAKING 1) Into a punch bowl, add in the ice. 2) Add in lemon juice, Dubonnet and gin. 3) Stir well. 4) Add in the iced water. SERVING 5) Serve the Dubbonet Puch garnished with lemon slices and mint leaves. - 38.5744

Punch Cups

Whiz or shake the first six ingredients together in a blender or juice shaker. Pour into a freezer tray and freeze until mushy. Beat egg whites and sugar together to form a stiff meringue. Slowly beat in partially frozen juice mixture and pour into two... - 38.4093

Padre Punch

In slow-cooking pot, combine orange juice with water, cider, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Cover and heat on low for 4 to 6 hours (or longer). Garnish with orange slices. Keep hot and serve punch in slow-cooking pot. Makes 7 to 10 servings. Recipe may... - 38.3861

Orange Punch

MAKING 1) Into a punch bowl, add in the ice. 2) Add in the orange juice, sugar, curacao and gin. 3) Stir well. SERVING 4) Serve the punch garnished with orange slices. 5) Right before serving, splash in a siphon of soda water - 38.0569

Grapefruit Punch

MAKING 1) Into a punch bowl, add in the ice. 2) Pour in the grapefruit juice, vermouth and gin. 3) Stir well. 4) Add in iced water. SERVING 5) Serve the Grapefruit punch garnished with sliced lemons. - 37.7518

Lime Punch

MAKING 1. In a boil add boiling water and dissolve gelatin in it. 2. Add remaining ingredients and stir. SERVING 3. Serve over ice. - 37.7464

Red Apple Wine Punch

Mix together sugar, water, lemon and orange slices, cloves and cinnamon. Bring to a boil over low heat and simmer 5 minutes. Add the orange and apple juices and reheat. Add the wine and reheat but do not boil. Strain and serve at once. If you serve from a... - 36.97

Artillery Punch

MAKING 1) Into a punch bowl, add in the ice. 2) Add in lemon juice, sugar, bitters, medium dry sherry, claret, brandy and whisky. 3) Stir well. SERVING 4) Let the punch rest for a while before serving. - 36.7658

Plantation Punch

MAKING 1. In a blender, add all the ingredients and blend; another option is to add them to a cocktail shaker and shake till well blended 2. Strain into a fourteen ounce glass and fill it with cracked ice SERVING 3. Garnish mint sprigs and pineapple spear... - 36.6523

Fruited Tea Punch

Put first 4 ingredients and 2 cups of the water in blender; blend till combined. Pour mixture into a pitcher. Add remaining water; stir. Serve over ice in tall glasses. Garnish with lime slices and cherries. - 36.4957

Banana Punch

My friends like this banana punch recipe. This recipe was given to me by one of my uncle. It is truly delicious. Whenever we organizing any party at home, this mixed drink is surely included in party menu. It makes the party more enjoyable. If you also wish... - 35.8025

Banana Punch

Boil 4 cups sugar and 6 cups water. Cool for 5 minutes. Mash 5 ripe bananas. Mix sugar water, bananas, pineapple juice, orange juice and lemonade together. Freeze mixture. When ready to use, thaw a little and add a large bottle of ginger ale. - 35.5085

Wikiwiki Punch

MAKING 1. In a large bowl, mix lemonade concentrate, ginger ale, quinine water and grenadine syrup; add lots of ice to it SERVING 2. Float threaded lemon and lime slices and sprigs of mint on top and serve in paper cups - 35.4956

Rosy Punch

Combine rhubarb, sugar, and water; cook till rhubarb is tender: strain. Add fruit juices. Tint with coloring. Chill. Add ginger ale last minute. Serve over crushed ice or ice cubes. - 35.4312

Rosy Punch

MAKING 1) Add sugar to boiling water and dissolve. 2) Allow cooling and pour in cranberry juice, lime juice and orange juice. Combine together. 3) Place inside refrigerator and chill. SERVING 4) Add ginger ale during the time to serve. Garnish with a slice... - 35.1258

Frosty Punch

MAKING 1) In a punch bowl, add in ice. 2) Add in the Pernod, wine and gin. 3) Stir well. 4) Add in the iced water. Stir once more. SERVING 5) Let the Frosty Punch rest for 15 minutes before serving. Serve chilled. - 34.6435

Hot Punch

MAKING 1) Combine all the ingredients placing the cloves and cinnamon stick in cheese cloth. 2) Cook on low heat or simmer for 45 minutes. SERVING 3) Remove orange slices and cheese cloth from the mixture before serving. - 34.4737

Mango Pawpaw Punch

Mix all ingredients except the soda water. Chill well. Put in a bowl and add fruit slices. Add soda water just before serving. - 34.2522

Padre Punch

MAKING 1) In a slow cooker, add the orange juice, water, cider, nutmeg and ginger; in a small cheesecloth bag, tie the cinnamon and cloves and put into the cooker. 2) Cook, covered on LOW for about 4-6 hrs ; remove the cheesecloth bag. ... - 34.2377

Picnic Punch

MAKING 1) In a punch bowl, add in ice. 2) Add in the fruit and spread it over the ice. Pour in wine, rum and gin. 3) Stir in the mixture. SERVING 4) Let the cocktail rest for 10 minutes before serving. - 34.202

Cardinal Punch

Pour 1/2 cup boiling water over tea bag; let stand 5 minutes. Remove and discard tea bag. Meanwhile, in saucepan combine the sugar and 3 cups water; bring to boiling and stir till sugar dissolves. Remove from heat. Add orange juice, lemon juice, and the... - 34.1672

Club Punch

Mix fruit juices and grenadine in large bowl. Add whiskey and let stand 20 minutes. Just before serving, pour over a large block of ice. Add sparkling water slowly and serve at once. Add fruit to decorate. 16 servings. - 34.094

Double Strawberry Coconut Punch

Reconstitute juice in large punch bowl according to directions. Place 2 cups strawberries, cream of coconut and bananas in blender. Process until smooth; stir into juice in punch bowl. Process remaining 2 cups strawberries in blender until smooth. Swirl into... - 33.9833

Ginger Punch

Boil water, sugar, ginger and ginger sirup for twenty minutes. Cool. Add fruit juices and charged water gradually. - 33.9769

Popular Punch

MAKING 1) In a large bowl or pitcher, combine orange juice concentrate, lemonade concentrate, and cranberry juice cocktail. 2) Stir well and place inside refrigerator to chill. FINALIZING 3) Stir in ginger ale to the fruit juice mixture just before... - 33.761

White Christmas Punch

Combine sugar and water in a saucepan; cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until sugar dissolves. Remove from heat. Stir in evaporated milk and almond extract; let cool. Chill until ready to serve. Combine milk mixture, ice cream, and carbonated... - 33.7245

Rhubarb Punch

Cook rhubarb in water until very tender. Let drain through cloth-lined colander or strainer. Add sugar; stir to dissolve. Add lemon juice. Chill to serve. This recipe makes a delicious soft pink punch. - 33.5314

Grape Punch

Combine ingredients, add ice, chill and serve. This recipe makes 4 1/2 cups. For Sirup allow 1 cup. sugar to 1/2 cup. water and boil 5 mins. Variations— ... - 33.4427

Wine Punch

Stir fruits and sugar together. Let stand until sugar melts, then add lime juice and 1 bottle of Riesling. Chill until needed. Pour over an ice block in a large punch bowl. Add second bottle of Riesling and champagne just before serving. Fills 30 punch cups. - 33.1788

Ruby Wine Punch

In saucepan, combine water, sugar, stick cinnamon, cloves, and salt; bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes; strain; chill syrup. Combine syrup, wine, and cranberry-apple juice. Pour over ice in punch bowl. Float lemon slices. - 33.081

Planter S Punch

Combine the orange, pineapple and lime juices, the grenadine and rum in a glass measure. Stir well and pour over ice cubes in an on-the-rocks glass. Garnish with 1/2 orange slice, if you wish. For a tall drink, pour the mixture over ice in a highball g - 32.6689

Pink Punch

Combine sugar, mint leaves, and boiling water; let stand 5 minutes. Add raspberries and concentrate; stir until thawed. Strain. Pour into punch bowl. Add water. Chill thoroughly. - 32.6346

7-up Red Satin Punch

This 7-Up Red Satin Punch is a delicious blend of apple and cranberry juices. Don't miss out on this tasty fare when you're with your friends on a hot summer afternoon. Do you have any thing to say about this 7-Up Red Satin Punch ? - 32.6333

Cherry Cherry Punch

Dissolve gelatin and sugar in boiling water. Add pineapple juice, concentrates and cold water; mix well. Freeze. Just before serving, add ginger ale and mix well. - 32.5898

Minted Strawberry Cantaloupe Punch

If fresh mint leaves are not available, make an infusion by pouring 1 cup boiling water over peppermint tea and allowing to steep 5 minutes. Strain and use instead of water. Combine pineapple juice, mint infusion or water and strawberries in electric blender... - 32.5799

Brunch Punch

In a punch bowl, stir together coffee and sugar until sugar dissolves. Stir in vanilla and spices. In a separate bowl, beat heavy cream until soft peaks form. Blend cream into coffee. Break ice cream into pieces with a spoon; add to coffee mixture. - 32.1357

Ginger Punch

Cut pineapple into 1-inch chunks and whirl, a portion at a time, in a blender with 2 cups of the water. Pour puree through a fine strainer into a large bowl, squeezing pulp to remove all juice; discard pulp. Whirl ginger in blender with remaining 2 cups... - 32.1184

Patio Punch

Combine first 3 ingredients. Add water; stir to dissolve. Add concentrates. Chill. Pour over ice cubes. Pour ginger ale slowly down side of container. - 32.1088

Cranberry Cherry Punch

Dissolve gelatin in boiling water. Stir in lemonade concentrate. Add cold water and cranberry-juice cocktail. Place two trays of ice cubes or molded ice ring in large punch bowl. Pour punch over ice. Resting bottle on rim of bowl, slowly pour ginger ale down... - 32.0632

Refreshing Grape Punch

Combine fruit juices, sugar and orange rind, and chill. Just before serving, add carbonated water, and pour into glasses filled with cracked ice. - 31.9421

Orange Punch

MAKING 1. Peel the oranges and throw the white pith away 2. Cut it into thin slices, remove the skin and seeds 3. Add it to a punch bowl, sprinkle some confectioner's sugar, pour in white whine and chill for almost half an hour SERVING 4. Add champagne and... - 31.6303

Plantation Coffee Punch

Combine hot coffee and sugar, stirring until sugar dissolves. Cover and chill thoroughly. Combine chilled coffee mixture, ice cream, milk, and vanilla in a punch bowl; stir gently until ice cream melts. Top with dollops of whipped cream; sprinkle with shaved... - 31.5551

White Christmas Punch

Combine sugar and water. Cook until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat; add milk and almond extract. Chill until ready to serve. Combine milk mixture and remaining ingredients. - 30.9638

Holly Berry Punch

Blend apple and cranberry juices together. Boil together the water and sugar. Cool. Add the juices. Just before serving add the ginger ale. - 30.9296

Sparkling Yuletide Punch

Sparkling Yuletide Punch are simple and easy to prepare. Try this Sparkling Yuletide Punch; I bet, you would love to sip it again and again! - 30.9094

Cardinal Punch

Press raspberries through a fine sieve, then measure 1/2 c of juice. Boil sugar and water together 5 min. Add raspberry and lemon juices, cool and strain. Freeze in a 1 qt crank freezer, using 8 parts of crushed ice to 1 part of ice cream salt, until half... - 30.4561

Berry Punch

MAKING 1. In an electric blender container, add the strawberries, orange-flavor instant drink, and water. Blend well with ice cubes. 2. Pour into juice glasses. SERVING 3. If you wish to make a cocktail from this, add the alchohol of your choice and serve as... - 30.4273

Reception Punch

Combine sugar, water, and aniseed in a saucepan. Bring to a boil and cook for 5 minutes. Cool. Stir sugar syrup into grape juice. Just before serving, add beer and pour over ice. Stud lemon slices with cloves and float over the top of the punch along with... - 30.3956

Bubbling Holiday Punch

Pour water into ring mold to depth of one inch; freeze. Arrange berries and lime slices around mold; add enough water to anchor fruit to ice. Freeze. Fill mold with water; freeze solid. In punch bowl, combine daiquiri mix and rum. Carefully add ice ring. Pour... - 30.3673

New England Punch

In large saucepan or Dutch oven, combine lemon juice and syrup; heat just to boiling. Stir in whiskey; heat just till hot. Do not boil. Serve immediately in small mugs or heat-proof glasses. Sprinkle with ground nutmeg and garnish with lemon slices, if... - 29.668

Vodka Punch

Mix ingredients. Pour over ice in punchbowl. Serves 50. Good for Christmas. - 29.2352

Sparkling Yuletide Punch

If using raspberry juice, it may be prepared by defrosting, crushing and straining 2 packages frozen raspberries, or crushing and straining canned raspberries. Pour all ingredients over a large block of ice in a punch bowl. Garnish with fruit slices or thin... - 28.7504

Wikiwiki Punch

1. Combine lemonade concentrate, ginger ale, quinine water and grenadine syrup in a large bowl. Add Clear Ice Ring or several trays of ice. 2. Garnish with lemon and lime slices and sprigs of mint; float on top. - 28.3036

Grape Punch Cups

Heat grape juice and stir in the jelly powder until thoroughly dissolved. Remove from heat and add the wine. Drop grapes into 6 compotes. Pour in wine jelly and chill. Should set in 30 minutes. - 28.048

Minted Rye Punch

Combine rock and rye, vermouth and lemon juice in large bowl, blending well. Refrigerate. Shortly before serving, place block of ice in punch bowl. Add rock and rye mixture and ginger ale and stir gently until blended. Garnish with mint. - 27.9946

Cherry Punch

1. Empty 1 tray of Lemon Ice Cubes into a large pitcher. Stir in the cherry-flavor tropical fruit punch, lemon-lime soda, white wine or ginger ale and corn syrup; blend well. 2. Thread a long skewer with the nectarine wedges; place in the pitcher and use as a... - 27.9121

Easy Picnic Punch

Pour tea and defrosted lemonade over ice. Stir well. Add chilled ginger-ale just before serving. - 27.8986

Currant Punch

Combine the sugar and water, simmer for 5 min., then cool. Meanwhile combine the currant juice, orange juice and lemon juice. Add sirup, chill and serve. If currant jelly is used, whip 2 cups, to a froth, add 1 pt. of boiling water, 1/4 cup. of sugar, the... - 27.7978

Lemon Punch

Combine sugar and 2 cups water; heat, stirring constantly, till sugar dissolves; cool. Add 2 cups water, lemon peel and juice; chill. Pour into chilled punch bowl; add scoops of sherbet, stirring till partially melted. Pour ginger ale down side of bowl,... - 27.761

Summer Punch

Summer Punch is a delicious beverage that you will simply love to serve to your loved ones. I am sure, once you try this Summer Punch, you will always crave for some more. - 27.4256

Grape Punch

Place all the ingredients, except the grapes, in a large pan over a medium heat for 20 mins. Add grapes and heat for a further 5 mins. Remove the cloves and serve immediately. - 27.0384

Sarasota Punch

About 30 minutes before serving: 1. In small saucepan combine sugar, 1/2 cup water, and mint; simmer 5 minutes; strain and cool this syrup. 2.Mix syrup with citrus juices and divide among 8 tall glasses. Add ice cubes and fill to top with ginger ale. Garnish... - 26.8033

Summer Punch

1. Empty the lemon juice into a large pitcher and stir in the syrup. 2. At serving time, add the ginger ale and ice cubes. Mix well and serve immediately. - 26.3207

Grapefruit Punch

Combine ingredients, add ice, chill and serve. 1.Use lime juice for all or... - 26.2111

Double Berry Punch

Place chilled cranberry juice cocktail in a punch bowl. Slowly pour in carbonated beverage. Top with raspberries. Stir gently with an up-and-down motion to mix. - 25.735

Fruited Wine Punch

In a large pitcher or bowl, combine orange juice, orange liqueur, white zinfandel, and sugar. Stir to blend well; add orange slices. Refrigerate until chilled. - 25.2566

New Orleans Milk Punch

New Orleans Milk Punch has a grand taste. New Orleans Milk Punch gets its majestic taste from crème de cacao with milk and topped with nutmeg. - 24.2762

Cherry Punch

Reconstitute lemonade according to directions in large punch bowl. Stir in remaining ingredients. - 24.1393

Fruits Of The Forest Punch

Pour the fruit juices into a serving bowl and mix well. Stir in the fruit. Ladle both punch and fruit into cups to serve. - 23.4686

Lemon Punch

Mix fruit-juice, sweeten to taste with sirup, add water and crushed fruit. Garnish with very thin slices of orange. - 23.4339

Peach Berry Punch

Sieve raspberries; discard seeds. In a punch bowl stir together sieved raspberries, pineapple juice, peach or apricot nectar, lemon juice, and carbonated water. Float frozen peach slices in bowl. - 23.283

Lime Punch

Dissolve gelatin in boiling water. Stir in remaining ingredients. Serve over ice. - 23.2244

Refreshing Picnic Punch

Refreshing Picnic Punch is every easy to make. Refreshing Picnic Punch gets its taste from lemonade mixed with orange and grape juice. - 22.4621

Planter S Punch

In punch bowl or large pitcher, combine all ingredients except ice:; stir. - 22.4456

Plantation Coffee Punch

It is quiet surprisingly different from the conventional coffee flavor but however this plantation coffee punch suits your entire family. This is a delicious and detailed recipe on how to prepare plantation coffee punch. Get ready to serve! - 22.2307

Yuletide Punch

Mix all ingredients in large bowl and garnish with seasonal fruit slices. - 21.8979

Fruit Glow Punch

In large punch bowl, combine concentrates and apple juice. Stir in ginger ale. Spoon sherbet into bowl. Serve immediately. - 21.8706

Vodka Punch

In punch bowl combine juice and vodka. Slowly pour in ginger ale; stir gently. Add ice cubes or ice ring. - 21.8265

Rose Punch

In large punch bowl, combine wine, grenadine syrup and lemon juice. Stir in ginger ale. Serve immediately. - 20.8953

Lime Punch

In large pitcher, combine all ingredients. Serve at once. - 20.8605

Apple Punch

Combine all the ingredients in the container of an electric blender or food processor and blend or process until smooth. - 20.5633

Puerto Rican Punch

Combine ingredients and serve in an 8-ounce highball glass mostly filled with crushed ice. - 19.9427

The Original Cape Fear Punch

Serve in large punch bowl with 1 large lump of ice. - 19.4765

Ruby Red Grapefruit Punch

Combine all ingredients in a large punch bowl; stir well. - 16.4662