Special Cottage Cheese Roast Recipes

Enjoy our collection of special cottage cheese roast recipes submitted, reviewed and rated by ifood.tv community. Meet people who are looking for special cottage cheese roast recipes.
CCP - SEF: 4
Kadhai Paneer - Indian Vegetarian

Kadhai paneer is a special vegetarian recipe filled with crunchy vegetables covered with spicy chatpata tomato sauce and creamy paneer. It goes well with any soft Flat Indian Bread. - 113.23

Show Stealer Paneer Lababdar

How about making aromatic spicy Indian flavoured gravy? Paneer Lababdar is one of those recipes which are rich in flavour and color. It’s an ideal dish to serve in any special occasion. - 34.4463

Paneer Pudina Tikka

Paneer Pudina Tikka has a lovely taste. Paneer Pudina Tikka gets its taste from cheese mixed with chat masala and flavored with lemon juice. Paneer Pudina Tikka is inspired by many restaurants across the globe. - 38.6159

Paneer Paratha

Paneer Paratha is punjabi dish made from flour cheese paneer. Specially great for holiday kids. - 32.9656