Spanish Tortilla

Spanish Tortilla also referred as Tortilla de patatas, Tortilla espanola, or Spanish omelette, is a delicious dish often enjoyed as a dinner, breakfast, lunch, or snack. The main ingredients of spanish tortilla are potatoes, eggs and onions. Many variants of the tortilla recipe are made by adding some ingredients such as green peppers, chorizo, courgettes, aubergines, mushrooms, or diced ham. Spanish tortilla tastes great whether it is served warm, cool, or at room temperature. Tortilla is best served as an accompaniment to bread and pickles such as olives and gherkins.

Spanish Tortilla Blogs

What Is Tortilla?

What Is Tortilla? On : 20-Apr-2007 By : Ruben

A   tortilla is a kind of thin, unleavened flat bread , made from finely ground maize (corn) or wheat flour . The maize version is the original North American tortilla and is regarded by many as the ...

Most Popular Spanish Breakfast Foods

Most Popular Spanish Breakfast Foods On : 22-Oct-2010 By : foodiefreak

Desayuno is breakfast in Spanish, is the lightest meal when compared to mid-day meals and dinner. Most popular Spanish breakfast foods are therefore made in a fizz, eaten with hot chocolate or a cup of strong coffee. While most of the...

Spanish National Foods

Spanish National Foods On : 26-Aug-2011 By : The Hungry Soul

  Spanish national food consists of freshly prepared dishes made with locally produced and fresh ingredients such as extra virgin olive oils, wines, cheeses, chic peas, rice almonds, garlic, saffron, and fresh fruit. Add to these more olive...

Spanish Appetizer Ideas

Spanish Appetizer Ideas On : 14-Jul-2011 By : healthy_food

Appetizers are always the center of attraction for any party. Spanish appetizers takes a course of meal a step forward as they are colourful, tangy, and varied. So why not take a look at some of the best Spanish appetizer ideas which you can prepare...

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