Spanish Plantain Recipes

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Pigeon Peas With Plantain Balls

A dish with some interesting Latin flavors brewing in one pot! Its all about the right amount of cooking and seasoning! Vicki take you through the whole video with ease and absolute clarity! - 82.411

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When you have surprise guests, don't you think of a dish which gets ready in a jiffy and tastes good? Here is a video recipe of tostones that you will love to prepare as it uses only one ingredient and hardly takes any time to cook. So surprise your surprise... - 84.5706

Tostones Or Fried Plantains

To start take the plantains and cut lengthwise down the plantain two or three times down to the flesh inside and then pull off the skin with your fingers. Then cut the plantains diagonally about ¾ of inch thick. Next heat up 4 cups of vegetable oil in a... - 98.1499

Twice Fried Plantains

Tostones as they are known as traditional appetizers made from fried plantains! This video is a step by step guidance as how to make these fried delicacies! See the video for more! - 68.8411

Healthy Baked Plantain Chips With Garlic Sauce

Ditch the greasy French fries and beer-battered onion rings! It's time to go healthy with snacks like baked plaintain chips served with zesty garlic sauce. Juan Montalvo shows you how to bake yummy plaintain chips as home that technically speaking, delivers... - 86.615

Skirt Steak, Chimichurri, Rice, Beans, Caramelized Plantains And Bodega Elena De Mendoza

MAKING 1. For the Chimichurri: In a food processor, chop together shallot, garlic, herbs, vinegar and the juice of 1 lemon and process. 2. Continue processing while slowly drizzling in olive oil to emulsify. 3. Finish with salt and pepper and set aside. 4.... - 128.984


This hearty sancocho is a perfect example of all in one dish, as it has meat, vegetables starch and is full of nutrition. Watch the video to see how quick it is to prepare and the best part about this soup is that you can get as creative as you want with the... - 96.7549

Elba's Sancocho-caribbean Soup

MAKING 1. In pot heat water, add in onion, tomatoes, peppers and salt. Boil for few minutes. 2. Add in meat pieces, stir and bring to boil. Turn the heat to medium high. Simmer for 90 minutes. 3. Add root vegetables to the pot – squash, yautia blanca,... - 103.516

Healthy Baked Malanga Chips

If you love to throw cocktail parties at home, then you will always need bite-size appetizers to appease your guests. And what better than crispy, baked malanga chips to tot up as yummy munchies. A good deal of health and whole lot of taste, this lighter... - 77.8683

Nilagang Pata

the sweetness that the ripe plantain gives to this exotic pork trotter broth is simply irresistible! try this exotic spanish-filipino fusion recipe and i'm sure that the kids and the kids at heart would love it! - 43.2433

Filipino Beef Pochero

This video is in Filipino. - 96.3491