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Gazpacho is a cold tomato soup that is deliciously fresh! It is made in a snap and is great as an appetizer or as a light meal. It is also quite healthy as it has no fat and is loaded with fresh veggies. - 136.065


Gazpacho is a refreshing tomato soup that is served ice cold during the hot summer months. It comes from southern Spain in the region of Andalucia and is enjoyed everywhere, including right here in North America. In my recipe, I'm taking some of the... - 127.182

Garden-fresh Gazpacho

Chock-full of veggies fresh from the garden or farmers' market, this easy-to-make chilled soup will cool you off on a warm summer's day. - 123.486


Hot summer days just call out for cold soups and Gazpacho is the perfect solution for keeping you and the kitchen cool! Originally Gazpacho was made using a mortar and pestle to mash each ingredient separately; time consuming for sure! This Gazpacho recipe... - 121.497

Summer Gazpacho

It's hot in the check out this cool, refreshing tomato-based soup for a summertime meal. - 113.833

Hatteras Style Shrimp Gazpacho

GETTING READY 1. Clean the shrimps under running water, keep it aside. 2. Roughly chop the cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions and garlic, keep it aside separately until needed. MAKING 3. In a large stock pot combine beer and water bring it to a... - 113.179

Gazpacho With Grilled Shrimp

Gazpacho with Grilled Shrimp is a quintessential summer soup is one of Spain's most successful culinary exports. Topped with shrimp, it is the heartiest and best of all the soups as it takes only minutes to prepare in a food processor. Try out this wonderful... - 111.273

Avocado Gazpacho

GETTING READY 1. Cut all the vegetables. MAKING 2. In a blending jar take green onions, cucumber, red bell pepper, and chili oil, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and water. Blend for few minutes. 3. Add in avocado and basil; blend again for a few... - 104.382

Peach Gazpacho

Watch Chef Melissa prepare a refreshing peach gazpacho, delicious! - 103.613

Summer Special Gazpacho

Refresh yourself in this summer season with a bowlful of Gazpacho. The Classic Spanish cold soup never fails to impress as an appetizer. The recipe is packed with the goodness of vegetables and definitely scores high on flavor as well. Give it a try. - 82.5869

Spanish Gazpacho

MAKING 1) Take a large bowl and crush the chervil, parsley, chives and the garlic together. 2) Add the tomatoes and green pepper to it and mix well. 3) Now add the olive oil gradually and mix by stirring constantly. 4) Onion, lemon juice and pepper should be... - 47.9903

Chilled Spanish Gazpacho

MAKING 1 In a bowl, place the tomatoes and pour boiling water over them. 2 Allow to stand for a minute or two, after which the skins will loosen and slip off very easily. 3 Halve the tomatoes, scoop out and discard the seeds and roughly chop the... - 47.6759

Red Spanish Gazpacho

Red Spanish Gazpacho has a fine taste. Red Spanish Gazpacho gets its taste from vegetables juice mixed with bread crumbs and flavored with vinegar. Red Spanish Gazpacho is inspired by many chefs all over the world. - 42.7608

White Spanish Gazpacho

White Spanish Gazpacho has a fine taste. White Spanish Gazpacho get its taste from cucumbers mixed with sour cream and vinegar. White Spanish Gazpacho is inspired by many food chains around the world. - 41.4657

Cold Spanish Soup (gazpacho)

1 Peel the cucumber with a potato peeler. Dice it. Bring a saucepan of salted water to a boil. Add half the diced cucumber and leave to simmer for 10 minutes. Sprinkle salt over the rest of the cucumber to draw out some of its moisture. 2 Drain the cooked... - 36.6272

Spanish Gazpacho

Mix all ingredients together except bread crumbs; refrigerate for at least 1 hour or overnight. Grind in food mill; add more salt, if needed. Add bread crumbs just before serving; pour into soup bowls. Place 1 ice cube in each bowl; serve with croutons,... - 32.9631

Spanish Gazpacho

In a bowl combine the tomato juice, finely chopped cucumber, finely chopped celery, finely chopped green pepper, finely chopped green onion, wine vinegar, olive oil, snipped parsley, salt, Worcestershire sauce, freshly ground pepper, and minced garlic. Cover... - 32.6609

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