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Spanish bread is a term that refers to the bread variants of Spain. The bread is integral part of every Spanish meal and it is served during all three main meals of the day. The Spanish are fond of having different types and forms of bread. The breads are distinguished by their regional variations. Special types of breads are baked on occasions and they differ from the regular breads in terms of choice of ingredients like polvoron which is a kind of Spanish short bread that is eaten during the Christmas dinners.  The classic baguette bread is regularly found all over Spain.
Spanish Bread Recipe: Ingredients and Method of Preparation
The traditional Spanish bread is known as pan basico. This basic bread is prepared using the regular ingredients like white flour, warm water, active dry yeast, granulated sugar, salt, egg, and unbleached white flour.  The flour and water ratios are varied according to the weather conditions. The dough is prepared by combining the ingredients and baked in a regular oven and is either shaped like baguette or barra. They are served sliced.
Spanish Bread Variants

  • Pan de Leche: These are sweet bread rolls which are often served during the breakfast or as a snack for afternoon tea. The bread is halved or splitted and topped with sugar before serving. The bread is served along with marmalade or quince membrillo or butter depending on the occasion on which it is served.  

    The bread is prepared using ingredients like dry yeast, lukewarm milk, softened butter, egg, granulated sugar, vegetable oil, and unbleached white flour.


  • Rustic Spanish Bread: This is  a very basic Spanish bread and is commonly baked in all Spanish homes with very little efforts. It is served as a side meal or an appetizer. The Spaniards ate this bread with green olives in the times of financial turmoil. The variants of this bread are found in Asian, European and Middle East food cultures.

    It is prepared using ingredients like dry active yeast, unbleached white flour, butter, water, egg, and salt. At times, the unbleached white flour is replaced with regular grain flour or eight grain flour, and butter is replaced with oil.


  • Polvorón: This is a soft and heavy shortbread which is prepared in Andalusia and served during the Christmas. The variations of this bread are enjoyed throughout the ex-Spanish colonies and Latin American Countries. Many food experts believe that the bread originated in Levantine regions. It belongs to the category of Mantecado which is often confused with polvoron. This bread is also served in Philippines. The recipes vary largely from country to country.

    The Polvorón is prepared using the ingredients like sugar, all purpose flour, melted butter and powdered milk. At times this Spanish bread variant is flavored using the cinnamon and chocolate. 

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