Southern Style Turnip Recipes

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Cajun Style Turnip Greens

No Cajun meal could be complete without turnip greens that make a staple part of Southern Cajun food. Beryl Stokes shares with her viewers a simple turnip green recipe a la Cajun style that is supercharged with both health and taste. A healthy, tasty way to... - 103.542

Southern Style Meaty Collard Greens

Southern-comfort luck food. A fine video to make smoky flavor collard green loaded with meat. Excellent seasoning gives a rich and smoky flavor to this southern wonder dish, tender in texture and delicious in taste. If you like greens or meat, you will love... - 120.369

Fresh Greens, Southern Style

GETTING READY 1) Wash your choice of greens thoroughly under running water and drain them. 2) Get rid of the thick stems and gently shred the leaves into medium-sized pieces. MAKING 3) In a large saucepan, heat oil, add the red pepper flakes, beef bouillon... - 39.6463