South Indian Coffee Recipes

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South Indian Coffee Making Made Easier

Coffee is a major social institution of South Indian and can be described as being an icon of Kannada culture. It is a revered tradition in most households. One sip of this delicious drink will make you understand why filter coffee is such a revered beverage... - 76.7142

South Indian Coffee

South Indian Coffee is a delicious taste. South Indian Coffee gets its taste from coffee mixed with milk and flavor cardamom powder. South Indian Coffee is inspired by many food joints worldwide. - 39.4144

Filter Coffee

This is a concentrated decoction of coffee that is later either mixed with milk or served as it is. It is usually sweet and has a strong flavor. - 31.6464

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South Indian Breakfast - Green Peas And Tomato Upma

Upma is an easy South Indian breakfast recipe, which is good for your health. I served this with some tangy pickles; you can choose sambhar or coconut chutney. - 25.3286

South Indian Style Gobhi Manchurian

It is a yummy preparation of Chinese Manchurian with a touch of South Indian tempering. This is one of the most popular snack items to be had with a cup of evening coffee. - 23.7532

Kai Murukku ( Famous South Indian Snack)

Murukku is made with rice flour,urad dhal flour, butter, salt, cumin seeds,asafoetida.This snack is to be fried in oil. - 31.1913

Muruku ( Snack) Making Made Easier

Murukku is probably the most popular and favorite festive snack made in every South Indian home a week before Diwali. While there are many versions of this crispy crunchy snack, the sweet-savory golden brown ones are traditional. The video shows an easy way... - 93.7806

Homemade Masala Vade

These indian fritters are made for special occasions in the indian household. There are different types of vada's and this is one of them.Tasty and crunchy !! - 46.2471

The Leftover Idly Snack

This is a savory and very tasty snack. It is a lot like upma but made with left over Idly. It is very filling and a very good use of the breakfast item. - 42.5003


A mouthwatering deep fried snack made of rice flour. You can serve it with tea or coffee. - 128.298

Quick Potato Bajji

Who doesn't like a hot potato bajji with coconut chutney for a evening snack? It is such a refreshing item to have with your evening tea or coffee and energizes you in an instant. This recipe comes with a slight change than the regular bajji. However, this is... - 38.4027

Aaloo Bonda

Bonda is a typical South Indian Snack. It is made of gram flour. In each region it is made differently. This is my take on this simple snack. It can be enjoyed warm on a rainy day or winter evenings. - 45.2413

Crispy Parippu Vada (lentil Fritters)

Paripu vada ia a typical South Indian snack. This is a very filling snack. It is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. - 44.6721